The White Woman- The Root of it all!


White woman...



19 thoughts on “The White Woman- The Root of it all!

  1. Those creatures are sick, twisted and depraved parasites and they cannot die off soon enough to suit me! How any Black person can get with that is a complete and utter mystery to me. EWWWW and YUCK!!! I am disgusted!

  2. I am not surprise at all,men who sleep with them or are engaged in relathionship with them,they are unconsciously engaged with any kind of monstrosity and evil acts!
    It’s like human being who mate with beast!

  3. Funny thing:

    I get emails and letters all the time from white men who secretly despise their own women. Especially the older ones that have been out through the ringer by them. Cheating, family court, divorce, losing his kids, alimony, etc…

    They all tell me tales of how white women are super spoiled, entitled, demanding, not very bright deviants who “tricked” them into marriage and children just to take their money.

    • Are these older WM who are now looking to fulfill their black fetish? WM and WW are equally evil so how did WW trick WM into marriage as they are saying? Are these WM really saying WW tricked them into putting in work for white supremacy?

      • @ Blu

        Most are older, some are youngish…all are disgruntled. There may or may not be a fetish involved as some are single, some are “done with ALL women, and some are with women of colour now.

        I think they read my posts on white females and felt the need to speak out against how white women are spoiled, selfish, can’t cook, rotten to the core, etc.

        I give white males NO pass but It’s interesting that their own men are admitting via letters, never PUBLICLY, that they really don’t care for their own women.

        A white cop once emailed me to tell me how white girls are willing to give him oral sex in exchange for letting them go on a DUI charge.

        Just sayin’…

  4. It’s usual that the white women are cherished, adored, loved, obsessed about comparing to Black Women. And they get away with it while Black women are “examined” for every small mistake they make or their attitude they portrayed. In my single days, when I get to public places, I don’t get not even a hello from the opposite sex, meanwhile, these chicks with their whoring clothing get all that.

  5. WW are the gatekeepers of RWS. They make up most of your teachers and make up most of the HR depts nationwide. WW make sure to teach you how to not succeed in life and when you try, they block you from succeeding.

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