Author Trojan Pam-Rest in Power(1953-2018)


I recently got some very sad news.  A fellow blogger I’ve followed for many years has made her transition.   Her name was Pamela Harris.  Although most in the blogosphere knew her best as Trojan Pam. She was not only a blogger but also an accomplished author.  And  brilliant one I might add. The first book I bought of her’s was Trojan Horse: Death of Dark Nation.  She went under the pen name Anon.  She later changed it to Umoja.  The book blew my mind!  Pam broke down the wicked nature of racism in America.  She was so intelligent and gave such insight into racism and how it operates. I had spoken to her many times on the COWS radio show. I would call into the host Gus T. Renegade and she was a frequent guest.  I loved the way she was not afraid to challenge white racists.  And she would do her best to wake up black people who were still confused about racism.  She truly was a woman without fear. This is from her obituary:

Pamela Evans Harris was born on Oct. 12, 1953 to Columbia natives Hattye Evans Harris and George B. Harris. She was the niece of Camille and Randolph Howell, Gladys and William Davis and counted many Columbians as a part of her extended family. Ms. Pamela E. Harris passed away in Chicago on Feb. 15, 2018 after a long career as an Electronic Technician, repairing mail processing equipment for the United States Postal Service until her retirement in 2017.

One of Pam’s greatest gifts was her writing: she wrote short stories and novels, and there is a strongly captivating wit and brilliance to her work. In her own words, Pam said “I needed to be gainfully employed, but in my heart I knew that I had to be a writer.

Trojan Pam...

I loved talking to her and exchanging ideas.  She had a brilliant mind.  I respect the fact that she wanted to educate her people in a world of anti-blackness.  She always spoke truth to power.  She had a deep love for her people. She was definitely BLACK and PROUD. She let that be known. I believe we lost a true warrior for justice and liberation.  I never met her yet I felt like I knew her so well.  We really did lose a dear friend.  She will not be forgotten.  I suggest you all go out and buy her books.  She was kind enough to send me autographed copies.  I really did appreciate that. I don’t think I ever told her I much I admired her. Now I wish I had. Her hard work will not be vain.  My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.  Thank you Pam.  Rest well my friend.


In memory candle background

In memory candle background

39 thoughts on “Author Trojan Pam-Rest in Power(1953-2018)

    • The news hit me pretty hard. Pam was such a generous and kind person. She truly wanted to educate her people on racism. She did an excellent job in my opinion. We lost a real warrior. I truly will miss her.

  1. Rest in power, Sister! I enjoyed The Interracial Con Game thoroughly. That book is definitely a game changer.

    • I love that book! I have all four books. Dark Nation is a classic. I put it up there with Isis Papers or Yurugu. It’s that good! She had such an analytical mind. She understood all the nuisances of racism. I recommend all people confused about racism should buy her books. I loved talking to her on the Cows podcast. She had such great insight. I really admired her. Pam was a champion for justice.

  2. I hate to hear this news. I purchase 3 of her books as well as post on her blog. I was wondering what happen to her because it’s been a long time since she posted. I remember commentor Timothy & Courtney H from her blog.

    • @Shanequa

      She was certainly a legend. Yet, this is me Timothy. I’m not a crying man all of the time, but this news is truly sad.

      • @ Timothy

        The news is very sad. We all was wondering what happen to her back then because she just stop making post & replying to her blog.

    • @Shanequa

      I wondered as well. Now, she or Sister Pam is in Paradise with the ancestors. She is one of the most brilliant people that I have known in my life. She was very heroic.

  3. I am so sorry about Pam! Those racist whites make sure that Black people don’t even live long enough to collect money we put into Social Security. This beautiful Black woman worked all her life and as soon as she retires, she dies. That is just too convenient. I don’t want to be disrespectful here since we are all paying our respects to our dear departed sister, but I sincerely think she is gone TOO soon.

    Prince, thanks for posting this tribute to Pam. However, it is very upsetting to know that this beautiful Black woman, did indeed, die too soon because what is the retirement age? 65? And here this lady is dead before she even sees her 65th birthday. It’s a tragedy which seems to happen more frequently to Black people. We pay into a system and they make sure we don’t collect.

    • That’s the sad truth Shelby. No one ever takes into account the mental and psychological stress of racism. We have to deal with this on a daily level. Pam was a true warrior for her people. I admire the fact that should spoke truth t power. She was really unafraid to speak her mind. That’s how our people need to be right now. We are being attacked on ALL fronts! She is a shining example for black men,women and children. I’m really saddened by this news. We lost a real TRUTH speaker! May the ancestors embrace her with love. She served her duty with honor against a racist and corrupt system.

  4. I never cried in a long time, but I’m in near tears. She was a legend and taught us greatly about love, black unity, and black liberation. She was a righteous black woman who desired freedom for our people. She always communicated with us with earnest and patience as one of the brilliant human beings that I have ever known in my life. No one is like her.

    Rest in Power Sister Trojan Pam.

    • I understand your pain. She was willing to speak honestly to her people. Her blog is a gold mine of information. Her books are treasures! I agree that she’s special. I feel your pain.

      • @Sister Shanequa

        I agree with you. She was a legend and her life certainly motivates us to continue in the cause that she so greatly fought her, which is complete black liberation. It’s great to here from you as well. Events going on now validated concretely what Sister Pam spoken in her lectures.

        @Brother Kushite Prince

        You’re right. Trojan Pam was a woman, whose books that I brought and enjoyed, was the total representation of a compassionate, wise black woman. She understood greatly the viciousness of racism and the demented nature of white racists. She gave wisdom as an elder to not only tell us what we wanted to here, but what we needed to hear. She was honest and firmly stated the truth. You and and so many others are carrying that torch.

    • Most definitely! She dropped some classic passages in that book!
      “Agrees that we live under a global system of people who classify themselves as white, and are dedicated to abusing, and or subjugating everyone in the known universe whom they classify as not white.
      Agrees that the biggest problem on the planet is racism/white supremacy
      Makes some effort by his or her thoughts, speech, and actions to eliminate the system of white supremacy
      Is “black-identified” — meaning they view the world through a “black perspective” that validates self, respects self, and promotes self AND group interests
      Does not confuse “assimilation/integration” with whites as “black progress” or “racial equality”
      Understands that blacks “assimilating” into a white supremacy system is “subjugation”.

  5. RIP Pamela.

    That woman dropped truth bombs like there was no tomorrow. She had such a gift, I was constantly blown away by the things that she wrote. She was so passionate; I loved her frequent use of upper case.

    As a tribute, the following are some of my favorite quotes from her…

  6. Only a people who want to lose a war would share their strategies with their enemies!
    Trojan Pam

    Its time to relax and STOP TRYING to convince white people of ANYTHING period.
    Trojan Pam

    It will always be the minority that will choose the less traveled road, seeking truth and justice as best they can.
    Trojan Pam

    It is NOT white people that need to change. They won’t. Haven’t we figured that out by now? This is as GOOD AS IT GETS.
    Trojan Pam

    Most people are followers and will follow blindly wherever the masses are going – and the masses will always follow wherever their masters lead them.
    Trojan Pam

    The descendants of 400 years of chattel slavery (most of the black people in the U.S.) have to stop looking for outside validation (from whites and other non-blacks) and start to validate EACH OTHER.
    Trojan Pam

    When you think about it, white people were the ones who started calling people ‘red, black, brown, and yellow.’ Before white people, Asian people weren’t walking around calling each other “yellow people” nor were Africans calling other Africans “black people.” No one was obsessed with skin color because they were cool with the skin they were in. The only people who are obsessed with skin color are the people with the LEAST amount of melanin, and that speaks for itself. The absence of “color” and the inferiority complex it created also created the desperate need to dominate and mistreat people who had a surplus of it.
    Trojan Pam

    White people are the ONLY PEOPLE on the planet, in the history of the planet that created a SYSTEM and a JUSTIFICATION for dominating and oppressing non-white people BASED ON SKIN COLOR ALONE there has NEVER been a “system of red supremacy” or “brown supremacy” or “yellow supremacy” or “black supremacy” where those red, brown, yellow, or black people went all over the world and taught people who looked different that they were ugly, and stupid, and worthless, and DESERVED to be mistreated.
    Trojan Pam

    If we saw an INDIVIDUAL person manifesting the same behaviors in our workplace that many whites manifest toward black people, we would say with absolute CERTAINTY that that individual was “jealous” why would a supposedly “superior” person spend so much time trying to make another person appear to be inferior? Why would that inferior person be so threatening to that superior person? It doesn’t make sens e to explain that behavior as “ignorance” It can only be one thing; That supposedly “superior” person ACTUALLY feels INFERIOR to that supposedly “inferior” person there is NO OTHER EXPLANATION POSSIBLE.
    Trojan Pam

    All non-white cultures — especially black and African cultures– have been robbed of our traditions, cuisine, political system, dress, dance, arts and entertainment and those contributions have been RENAMED and appropriated by the white culture. like the food created by AFRICAN SLAVES (who did ALL the cooking for whites) is called “Cajun” and “Southern” cuisine but not a single word of recognition for the ORIGINAL CREATORS of that food because there NO respect for the contributions of anyone who is not white.
    Trojan Pam

  7. A very fitting and touching tribute to Ms Pamela Evans Harris aka Umoja aka Pam aka Trojan Pam. I also had the opportunity to talk with her and it was very productive The best part of her was how she would speak on self reflection. She’d often ask people How are you responding and have realized your mistakes. For that and other attributes I will remember Pam.

  8. Rest In Purpose Pamela Evans Harris….Am Feeling Some Type Of Way That Eye Hadn’t Tuned In Before The Elder Transitioned, But Will Be Adding Her Works To My Collection. Thank You Much Kin Kushite For This Beautiful Post & Tribute!

  9. Kushite Prince, thanks for making us abreast of Pam’s passing. I am very saddened about this. I am just finding out about this. I wondered what happened because I had not received a notice of a blog from her in a long time. I decided to do a search for her on the web and found a couple of links mentioning she had passed. I have been responding to her blogs for a long time and purchased 3 of her books. I am so grateful that I received all the valuable information she gave to us as it has helped me in my daily walk dealing with racism white supremacy. She was a rare jewel and will be really missed

  10. @Kushite Prince
    Thank you for linking me to this beautiful tribute to Trojan Pam. I’ve was wondering what has become of Pam because she hasn’t posted in a while and I just figured that she was busy, however I was shocked and saddened to learn that she has passed away. I really enjoyed her commentary, discussing social issues and justice, and I brought all of her books, which were so enlightening and well written. I aspire (inspired by Pam) to write a book or two someday. My condolences to her family, she will be soooo missed. Is her blog still up?

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