Black beauty and Self Acceptance




9 thoughts on “Black beauty and Self Acceptance

  1. Yessssss! I love what you said about your mate being a reflection and representation of you. AND you made me realize I reached 10 years (returned) natural this year! I need a post like this.. might borrow your beautiful video ❤︎

  2. Beautiful black women you always post here I hope you don’t mind me downloading these pics I usually post them on whatapp and sometimes my friends don’t like it they like european beauty too much I like fraustrating them lol

  3. Something isn’t right… There’s is this video about “admiring” Black Beauty, but the reality is that it is too little and too late to admiring Black women when they’re old than admiring, appreciating, treating them like “Queen” when they’re born. Many Black Women are full of trauma, full of rejection, full of brokenness. And that’s not only in society but from our own families! Women experienced mental, physical and sexual abuse and without the proper means to reverse and heal this trauma, it turns out to be the catalyst for oversexualizing their bodies, low self-esteem and self-hatred of themselves and wants to be something they’re NOT.

    Start, raising our daughters like princesses, to then turn them into queens who respect themselves and their community.

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