Is the violence in Chicago the Purge films come to life?


Have you seen the latest Purge film?  It’s being called the First Purge.  It’s the fourth film in the series.  The film is about pushing the crime rate below one percent. It’s supposed to be a test of the sociological theory that vents aggression for one night in one isolated community.  This version takes place in New York.  In a mostly black area that has black people killing each other. When there isn’t enough killing to their liking the government sends in hired gunmen to kill citizens. But…this could never happen right?


Or has it already happened before? Sometimes I wonder if it’s art imitating life?


Well in this radio interview(above)  Umar Johnson believes that the Purge films represent what’s going on in Chicago right now.  He says that’s why you have all these unsolved murders throughout the city.  After listening to the interview I must admit he presents a strong case.  Take a listen and let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


6 thoughts on “Is the violence in Chicago the Purge films come to life?

    • That’s so true. There’s so much deception around. Your daily news on television tells you lies all the time. That’s how you know we’re in a synthetic reality. A reality that tells you lies on the news but the truth in movies. Walking dead is the perfect analogy. It seems most can’t think critically anymore. That will be the downfall for most. It’s really sad.

  1. Prince i live in chi,i have been here 4 52yrs.chi has always hated the black population.both daleys father and son didnt like black ppl.this has been goin on for as long as i have been alive. We have an Fbi hq here,we have big data centers here,the military is here,this had nothin 2 do with Olympics,it was about money.daley (the son) cut a deal with a parkin authority 4 a billion $ before he cut a deal with the feds cause they was on his ass 4 all his dirty dealings over his 25yrs as mayor before he left,this deal involved his brother goin 2 da WH in place of rahm(The Rat) o he could get the mayorz job,this would allow Daley to stay out of jail.This eas orchestrated by Obama,Rahm,John and Rich Daley. I have a part 2.i will get to later.

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