Black people aren’t guilty of these crimes

Black people are not Guilty...

11 thoughts on “Black people aren’t guilty of these crimes

  1. Of course we are not inferior. That’s just some bullshit those pasty-faced demons want us to believe. Not a one of those piece of shit ‘whites’ can come anywhere near ‘supremacy’ or ‘superiority’. Those words are most definitely NOT synonymous with ‘whites’. Those depraved, demonic deviants need to do the rest of the world’s people a favor and die already!

  2. If white people were actually convicted for the crimes they do then you would see the stats skyrocket. You will also see interracial crime skyrocket as I am a firm believer that white people are consistently getting away with raping, murdering, assaulting, and stealing from black people. Perhaps black people need to stop forgiving them after being mistreated. BM have gotten convicted of sexual assault by looking at WW and have gotten convicted because WW lied to them but try to report that a white man touched you inappropriate, choked you or tried to sexually assault you as a BW. Absolutely nothing happens. This is why you cant rely on stats

  3. One thing for sure what I noticed at school about them that they don’t like to study History,Geography and Science,they really don’t have no any interest about these subjects!
    They don’t want to have nothing to do with History because for them studying History it is mean get to know something that makes them feel uncomfortable
    about the horrible thing they did in the past.
    When they refuse to know their History it’s because,they refuse also to change their behavior and belief,for them steal and copy history from others is better solution about their shame!
    Don’t worry because they will always blame their ancestors what they did to other cultures around the world,because how they say today “I don’t have nothing to what happened in the past!” but “you have your privilege thanks what your ancestors have stolen!”.
    They don’t want to know anything about Geography because like History are connected,Geography show the maps and places around in the world where they have been,history,culture and population wiped out like this because they were nullity for them!
    I wonder if they understand why today some of their ex Colonies like magic how they speak their European language?

    They don’t like Science in general as long as speaks about them about
    how physical they are so perfect,gorgeous,superior and blabla
    I never understood what they have to hide from the whole world their true heritage?
    I mean if how they claim to be superior,most gorgeous,smart,cleaver,technology and they have invented the most great things in history,why they never ever spook about where they came from? Why the inter world is colored but not them?
    What makes them feel so frightened to curse dark skin?
    We all know the answers but we will never ever hear from their mouths as long as they keep harass us!

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