Be the inner voice for your children

Inner voice...

13 thoughts on “Be the inner voice for your children

      • @ Kushite Prince
        Colin Kaepernick’s is the face for “Nike” 30th anniversary for “Just Do It” Campaign. What the popular brand “Nike” is doing is cleaning house due to what happen in South Africa. A couple of weeks ago a “Nike” employee made racist remarks. “Separately, Nike came under fire last month after a South African employee’s husband used an ethnic slur in a video; the brand closed some South African stores as a result.”
        Nike is trying to clean house by using Colin Kaepernick furthermore this isn’t a political gain for black people period its a lost. Nike is a non black own company so losing European customers isn’t going to hurt him because the majority of there money comes from black people. This brand have always made money off the backs of docile black people. Black people are smiling with joy because the brand made Colin Kaepernick the face for Nike but end the end we are the one’s getting laugh out. Nike stock is about to increase double from black people

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  2. Sorry to hijack your beautiful post ,but does anyone in the true movement community know where mind control black assassins is?? Getting worried about him now !! I’ve been trying to look everywhere. I’m not on twitter , fab, instagram etc so don’t know if he’s been active there ??? The same happened to a Brit blog called Coleman experience never heard for a long while site shut down.

    The truth always hurts these demons

      • @ Kushite Prince
        Happy New Year!!!!!
        2019 is already bringing more distractions toward our people. We have them making conspiracy theories videos on the Jordan Peele trailer for the movie “Us” as well as the Netflicks film “Bird Box.” Furthermore a young female black child 7 years old was murder while in the car with her 3 siblings & mother. The suspect is a white male. My main concern is the safety of black children we have seen far too many of them being manhandle by the police, verbally, physically, sexually, and emotionally be attack by non black Africans as well as some of these silly negroes we have in our own race. The attack on black children is getting far more worse, but in 2019 its going to be much more worst. Again black children see that adult black men & women can’t protect them from harm. Our black children see that we can’t protect ourselves as black adults either. This should be an embarrassment to black men especially when the world see’s that they can protect nor provide for themselves as men they are useless toward their very own community. Black men can’t keep constantly putting the blame on black women as a cop out because the world see they fear taking on responsibility as men so they act like cowards an try to run from there problems in which it hasn’t help there issue.

      • Thank you! Happy New Year to you as well. I see your point. It looks like we have a lot of work to do. We have to get on the same page and push forward. 2019 will be a hectic year. But hopefully we’re all up to the challenge. Thanks for the comment.

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