Lebron James,I Promise School- What if the school was Pan African?


The video(above) is a great podcast.  It’s from the Bitter Medicine Podcast.  It’s a great interview with Onitaset Kumat.  They’re discussing the new school by Lebron James.  There’s a lot of hype about the school.  But I wonder to myself….what if it was African centered?  What if the entire curriculum was about empowering black children.  Do we need our own schools?  Kind of like what Umar Johnson was trying to do.  Listen to the podcast and tell me what you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts.  And be sure to subscribe to Bitter Medicine Podcast and Onitaset’s channel,Pro- Black Perspective.







40 thoughts on “Lebron James,I Promise School- What if the school was Pan African?

  1. Lebron did something that many so-called basketball athletes failed to do. Creating a school for future generations. Learning about their own culture could be a plus, since white people have their own history, law and sadly their stupidity.

  2. Free Tuition at a Public School? I Promise is a Public School. 🙂
    Lebron gave millions to SVSM, Akron Public Schools and the University of Akron for “future generations” yeah. He gave millions of dollars to White people who didnt need it, similar to how Dr Dre gave millions to USC.

  3. I give him a lil credit for trying but we all know this is a controled venture by caucasians,anytime you try to do something to help your people they step in or bring an agent in to undermine it’s progression.This is why Dr Umar’s plan was so important even though it will never see the light of day it is still important for us to try.

  4. His board is filled with white people

    Kushite, you should do a post a beyonce vogue interview and how problematic both jigga and beyonce are.

    • @ Blu I & Kushite Prince

      I post this on comment on amoswilson unveristy page.

      The black masses following behind these black celebrities are going to be the death of them.
      As you all probably heard Beyonce has grace the cover of Vogue magazine again. Negroes are hype because the magazine company finally use a black photographer in Beyonce made the selection of photographers she wanted to use for the cove. Keep in mind many negroes think Beyonce use has control of her on image as well as using her own black star power to hire the photographer she wants. Our people don’t realize is that Vogue magazine gave Beyonce a list of photographer that they selected she can use. What I also found interested he Beyonce statements in the magazine. Beyonce using the black struggle & screaming black power to benefit her on wealth but not teaching the black power to her her children. These are Beyonce words: “ As the mother of two girls, it’s important to me that they see themselves too—in books, films, and on runways. It’s important to me that they see themselves as CEOs, as bosses, and that they know they can write the script for their own lives—that they can speak their minds and they have no ceiling. They don’t have to be a certain type or fit into a specific category. They don’t have to be politically correct, as long as they’re authentic, respectful, compassionate, and empathetic. They can explore any religion, fall in love with any race, and love who they want to love.

      I want the same things for my son. I want him to know that he can be strong and brave but that he can also be sensitive and kind. I want my son to have a high emotional IQ where he is free to be caring, truthful, and honest. It’s everything a woman wants in a man, and yet we don’t teach it to our boys.

      I hope to teach my son not to fall victim to what the internet says he should be or how he should love. I want to create better representations for him so he is allowed to reach his full potential as a man, and to teach him that the real magic he possesses in the world is the power to affirm his own existence.”

      • She’s an agent. Plain and simple.She puts me in the mind of Steve Harvey tryin to use the overcap move to make tou think they still down but not, th ey are the worst agebts because they still think ppl forget because they appeal to most of our intellect at the same time steppin and fetching during the whole process.Most of us can’t see that.

      • @ sungod64
        100% Agreed. On top of that Beyoncé does uses colorism to benefit her but she tries to be slick on the side to cover it up.

  5. Maybe leBron is one of those people who doesn’t want to hurt other people’s feelings especially white people making them feel kind of left out.If we still can’t put our priorities first,our race first we’ll forever be on the bottom of everything.Black kids first No inclusion. How do i subscribe to BMP and Onitaset’s channel?

  6. Lebron James is no different from these other black celebrities. He built a school for black children but put “Non Black Africans” in charge of the school teaching black children. Furthermore I would like to know the real percentage of ownership LeBron have over this school because I got the feeling its another Tidal (Jay-z), Revolt/Cirque (P.Diddy) George Foreman Grill (George Foreman) and other black own suppose too be businesses.

    The book “40 Million Dollar Slave” talks about a similar situation like this one. The charities foundation that these black athletes have doesn’t benefit black children but children from other neighborhoods. Nor do they actually have control order the organization.

    • I also forgot to mention with this as well since, Lebron James has open up his new school it makes his image looks good in the eyes of negroe people. Imaginary is being played a lot with Lebron James image. The media is going to shape Lebron James as the Michael Jordan 2.0 for this generations. The difference between the two is one is being betrayed as openly helping his community, speak out against social changes while the other one did neither but end the end both are being use as tools for white supremacy. For one he has a dark skinned black family, married to a dark skinned black woman in which they both produces dark skinned children. Black men, women, and children love seeing images of black families especially when each member in the family resembles them. I myself enjoy seeing black families as well that resemble my family.

  7. Great topic. We’re actually going to talk about this, this week on our podcast. Also, going to touch on, should we expect superstars to do these type of things and should we expect them to delve into the political realm as well?

  8. I also wondered how many black teachers he will hire and what their curriculum will look like. A public school has to go by the state guidelines, so you have a school filled with a bunch of black kids who will think highly of people like Columbus and george washington

  9. Testing testing, 123…

    Kushite I haven’t been able to post on your site for some time now. What’s up?

    reality check

  10. I wanted Dr. Umar’s idea/school, so much, to work but after seeing him and others in the “conscious” community visually diss each other like rappers with active social media accounts, I said fuck it. He/they didn’t seem believable anymore. Any plans I had to donate went out the window with my morning spit. That’s no one anyone would want handling a large sum of money/my money. I will say this: Dr. Umar should’ve raised that money in no time seeing that the black church is an annual multi-billionaire business that produces no results externally toward its congregation. One Sunday out of the year not tithing to white jesus could’ve opened Umar’s school easy. But… black folk love them some white jesus/christianity. Sad.

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