Perverting the Minds of Children-Mwalimu Baruti


“The most important targets in this move to escalate the introduction of perverted,insane ideas into our minds are children. You change who a people are through altering their children,gradually generation after generation.  And because of their innocence and impressionability,our children’s minds are the most fertile soil for the introduction and successful implantation of perverted European ideas.  As they grow,those insanities that they have assimilated as normal and natural becomes what they believe they are.”

Quote by Mwalimu Baruti (picture above is actress Charlize Theron and son,Jackson)

36 thoughts on “Perverting the Minds of Children-Mwalimu Baruti

      • Keep in mind black children are the ones that are least likely to be adopted, so it allows others to get more access to them in adopting a child. Black children that are in child protect services aren’t being protected.

    • When I saw this picture it gave me chills! She also has her son wearing a dress at times. That’s what all this cross race adoption is really about. It’s about turning them into Negropeans. This poor child will think this is perfectly normal. God help us!!

      • It’s horrifying to say the least, my brother… Theron is someone whose abusive alcoholic father was shot dead by her mother. As far as I know, she herself has never been married… just briefly “partnered” with actors, including Madonna’s ex. What qualifies her to adopt and raise a precious African soul within her world of make-believe & God-knows-what else?! OMG… Prayers. M

      • Yes very horrifying. I forgot her father was killed by the mother. We can assume that Charlize is not mentally well. She is in position to be raising a child. And not a black one at that. This is clearly a deranged European witch. It’s scary to think she’s the role model for a black boy and girl.
        On a side note,I have a few more posts and I’ll be taking a long hiatus. I’m really burned out. I have some personal things to deal with right now. I need a break from social media. Just a heads up.

      • Asante for the heads up on the planned R&R, king. Rest, rejuvenate, keep positive thoughts & come back stronger than ever. Mother Earth’s ascension energies during this time are taking a toll in many ways, and lots of folks (myself included) are feeling it. Keep the faith and do whatever self-care is needed. Love & Light to you & yours ❤ M

      • Yeah it’s scary. But I guess this is just normal for them. But seeing this gives me nightmares. Charlize has a black daughter too. I’m sure she’ll raise her to be a lesbian and dress like a boy. These children will be so lost. This is the reason we need to be a sovereign nation away from these sick perverts. We have to protect the babies from these monsters. Protect the defenseless and helpless. It’s our responsibility to the next generation of children coming up. This type of perversion has to stop!!

  1. What!That’s a boy poor child as I’ve always tell my friends that whites and blacks are not the same our souls are just different they should not be allowed to raise black kids oh God who could save that child

  2. And people claim this tramp is an Afrikan. So Afrikan people look the other way as she destroys a Black boy more efficiently right in front of our eyes. I want to ask these confused Afrikan people who defend interracial adoption, “How exactly does this help the children?” “Is having your mind destroyed by a foreigner better than growing up in an orphanage?”

    • Europeans are not indigenous to Africa so they can never be African. This albino creature is destroying that boy’s mind on purpose. It’s highly unlikely he decided to parade around like a little girl. I’ve also seen Jackson wearing a dress as well. This is clearly child abuse. This is another reason why whites shouldn’t be adopting black children. This is absolutely deplorable! And I’ve never liked Charlize as an actress. She plays evil characters too well. It seems to come so natural to her.

  3. This is so sick! I feel so helpless when I see innocent black children being perverted by white adoptive parents.

  4. This Tranny Charlize Theron dude is a WHITE MALE. This FOOL played the interracial love interest of Will Smith in the movie Hancock aka Horus, and some black Hebrews on YT arrogantly boasted about this Hollywood homosexual/Interracial script claiming the movie Hancock proved that the white woman is the black man’s natural mate. Then this tranny demon Charlize Theron has the NERVE to adopt black children to turn them out into confused cross dressing freaks! This is Gay Mafia at it’s height!

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