Complete Blasphemy(Mentacide)


32 thoughts on “Complete Blasphemy(Mentacide)

  1. All that melanin. Fine, well built, well structured, educated melanated sisters on “The Continent” and he picks up the fattest piece of chalk… I’m a gasp, befuddled, riddled w/Ritalin at thought of eeeeeeeem consummating with that beluga, land-whale, porky pig great-grandma looking, mayonnaise on err’thang cooking ass. Shun him. Sad.

  2. WHAT the hell is wrong with our people, some of us are just completely out of our minds . Please tell me why these people not so long ago about 50 years ago were still lynching us from trees. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


  3. Yeah Kushite the the buffoonery spreads at will!

    This WW on this video she is living nightmare drug addict vampire demonic creature,I can feel her nauseating breath that comes from the screen and looking her teeth I just want to puke! My God!

    Than here we go,a coon with his pasty face Jabba the hutt ,flaccid trailer park pink hippopotamus girlfriend! That is really gross to watch!
    I don’t have word to describe all these mess shit,I believe all these black men are victims of some sorcery or some voodoo,because I don’t have another explanation about this madness!

  4. The Black Man has become so stupid and senseless to the point of being diagnosed as ”BrainDead”.This fool should know that too affilliate with these monsters will further domesticate him out of his culture. These white women must have some Area-51-Supernatural Alien type pussy-because these black men are hooked like a crack habit!

  5. Unfortunately, that could be my son in the second video, he is THAT nasty! That is exactly the type he dates. He only wants to date and marry and impregnate beached white whales. I just found out that he has ANOTHER baby by one of those gelatinous mass of putrid pasty-ness. We are NOT speaking and I have yet to see this latest half and half! I am too through!

  6. His “African Queen” that is funny but actually sad that guy is nuts leaving all beautiful African women for an ugly white women just because she has pale flesh but I’m glad most of our black men here are not that interested in interracial dating if they were I can imagine how horrible it would’s bad enough that guy chose a white women over black women but wrapping her with a garp meant for African women is taking it too far.

      • l don’t know why people especially blacks keep doing all these interracial things it creates a lot of confused people l had a conversation with a biracial(coloured) woman a year ago it was heritage day and she asked me what I am l don’t know what she meant about that was she asking about race or tribe and l just said well i’m African as you can see me and she almost ate me alive saying”what do you mean about that just because I’m mixed doesn’t make me less African than you I’m African as you are”I just walked away.l avoid race chats in public now.Thank you.

  7. Black men & women who are in interracial relationships are a joke to other races. It’s well known by other Non Black African people that Black Africans will accept the rejects or anything from other races that they don’t want.

  8. I learned that lesson a long time ago. I had a one-year relationship that ended in unspeakable tragedy for me. But I open my eyes to who should I spend the rest of my life with. But the question is where I could find someone my equal, with no drama or children (because I don’t have any), who has a job, who is the provider, defender of the household? Only God knows! This whole interracial relationship isn’t beneficial for other races, it is damaging because of cultural, race-related issues that could end in loss of their own and their children’s identity.

  9. You would think these swirlers would get better mates since they claim being open to other races means more options. As you see in your lives, perhaps daily, this does not ring true. I always said its the opposite, those who open up themselves to others have a smaller dating pool. This is why you see BW with very old nasty WM who are way past their prime and BM with ugly fat obese WW who stink. Nobody wants to talk about this. BW generally dont divorce WM, why? If they do, they wont have any options. I know quite a few BW married to WM who are extremely abusive. BM and WW have a high divorce rate but who wants to deal with a BM with mixed kids?

  10. Is anyone following the Mcclure drama? That photo in the OP is exactly whats going on. A nigerian woman who is married to a super racist WM who feels that her racist white man is only talking about black americans and not her.

    • Yes I saw that story. It’s been all over social media. That man is a clear racist! And she’s a fool for marrying him. She’s just making sad excuses. She is pathetic! And she actually reproduced with that maggot???? Disgusting!!

      • The twins have a different white father who abandoned them while the mom was pregnant. The boy belongs to him. I dont want to make them the focal point of this post but the father absolutely hates BM yet has a half black son. He sold this fantasy story to the masses about how he saved her from aggressive black men when they met when in reality, that never happened. He consistently write post about how BM are unruly, unintelligent, ghetto and aggressive yet he is a 4x felon, unemployed, uneducated drunk. His own mother, when they first met the twins said “i hope they arent black” right before he introduced them to his mother. ill end it there unless you make a post about it because it really shows you the true nature of whites.

  11. @Kushite the Mcclure father isn’t only racist because of his racist tweets,he calls so many times his half black son “King Kong”,can you believe call your own son ape?
    Also he calls his adoptive twins daughters “Afro n.1” and “Afro n.2″ which insane person would produce or have kids with these evils? Of course self-hatred coon!
    I can imagine that disgusting man,he used the n-word in behind the doors,when no anyone see him,but of course his insane black wife,she will allow everything he says
    because he doesn’t talk about her but other blacks!
    The mother she was the best when she posted a video saying ” I am Africa not black,I don’t want identify as African America,I have my own culture and traditions!
    Yeah because African America and other blacks don’t have any cultures and traditions,so they don’t deserve to be respect!
    WOW what a damn fool she is,her husband no only he made racist comments on black people in general and also on black women,WOW!
    He said that “these tweets were jokes I did about race,gender about when I was from the South,I was very insecure person,years therapy, because he lost his job, so he insulted black people only just for fun! Can you believe on this shit?
    This is a classic low self esteem WM that WW doesn’t want,so he justice his insecurity date and marry a BW who is a coon,and her self-hatred makes feel him better than her! These two deserve each other!

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