Why do so many Black superheroes have electricity powers?


Growing up I used to read a lot of comic books.  And I noticed a pattern with black superheroes.  I noticed that many black superheroes had electricity powers.  As a child I could never figure out why this was the case.  In the video by Big Head Scientist,he gives an excellent analysis on the reason behind this pattern.




17 thoughts on “Why do so many Black superheroes have electricity powers?

  1. Don’t forget the incredible hulk, Prince.

    He changed from a weakling, Dr. Banner, to a hyper-melaninated man ( green like Nature) when exposed to high doses of electro-gamma radiation. In other words, the electricity “ignited” him.

  2. Well done brutha for bringing this to our attention. A serious lack of imagination and diversity in the comic book world is shameful. I have a few friends in the industry and i am sure gonna ask them about these and see what their responses will be.

  3. My people got back to me and all 3 are artist and of the 3 David is also a writer as well.This what was basically explained to me from these bruthas. It seems a lot of others within the industry have no actual answer to the question.
    David says this has been asked for years. He believes the question started with the characters Back Lightning & Black Vulcan. David says thru the years there have been essays & other writings delving into this question. I just found this article, I think it’s well written: https://io9.gizmodo.com/why-do-so-many-black-superheroes-have-electricity-power-1795504279 Seriously anyone who wants to explore the creative meanderings of comic book creators has got to be as crazy as the creators

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