12 thoughts on “The Art of Deception!

  1. That was a big mistake “trust” these evils!
    Kushite you should read about the North Sentinel island,it the only few islands in the world were the outsider aren’t allow to go there!
    The Indian government has banned that island,the Sentinelese reject any contact with other people and they don’t want have nothing to do with outsider!
    Wp on Youtube are upset because this indigenous people don’t want have nothing to do with them or with anyone,they called them savage,uncivilised,”how they will survive without the help from wp!”.
    I understand their hostility,because when the British visited this island,they kidnapped six indigenous and after that they death!
    They just want separation just let them be!

  2. When whites came to Africa we gave them a warm welcome like we do with people who we regard as guests we even taught them survival skills but these evil beings plan was not to make friends they were planning on decieving us and the world is in this state because of them

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