Meat is the new Tobacco!


25 thoughts on “Meat is the new Tobacco!

  1. Do you eat meat KP? I attended a presentation a few months ago that delineated the consequences of meat consumption. Very interesting, although I feel like twenty years ago this was not such a normalized conversation–although admittedly this perspective isn’t as discussed or even acknowledged as often as it should be. Thanks for engendering thought about diet!!!

    • Yes it’s getting more popular. I’ve met many more vegans and vegetarians over the last ten years. People are doing more research about the food they’re eating. And families are concerned about the health of their children. I stopped eating pork and beef over eight years ago. It was hard to give up bacon. I grew up eating it so much. But pork is one of the nastiest meats out there. It’s not easy to give up food you’re used to eating so much. I still eat fish sometimes. I like talapia or grilled salmon. But eventually I’ll give that up too. We’re all a work in progress. It’s best to try meatless recipes. I post a lot of that on my health blog. I think the best diet is drink lots of water,eat fruits,vegetables,rice and beans. It’s best to stay away from red meats. Red meats cause cancer after years of eating it. What meats do you eat? What meats have you given up?

      • Yes. I’ve checked out your food blog. Very informative, thanks for your work. Putting it out there at least gets folk to think about what they’re eating. You know I eat no flesh now. I stopped eating chicken, beef and pork a while back, but would eat fish once or twice a year socially. But it wasn’t often enough and I just fell out of it. I found other ways to get my protein via plants and protein shakes. I love it! I look forward to my thirties being completely meatless 🙂 lol 😂 I would like to see the black collective moderate their dairy intake as well. It’s killing us. And salt too. Dairy is something I now I only consume very sparingly. They’ve waged war on our bodies in more ways than one.

  2. Well, you know that I cannot refer to myself as ‘vegan’ since only ‘white privilege’ is ‘vegan’. Those white bastards have been burning up my latest ‘vegan’ post, the sorry ass $#@$$#!

  3. I was thinking Kushite what about white meat is also included?
    How they are mixing animal meat with human flesh or serving on the table just human flesh without you know it?
    They are influencing other cultures to engage in this mess!
    For me words vegetarian and vegan doesn’t make sense especially when it’s coming from cave beast mouth,it’s sound like fart crap!

    • Yes I know what you’re talking about. But we have to eat healthier. Soul food is not good for the soul or body. Regardless if vegetarian sounds European or not. There are many black vegans as well. Eating meat causes cancer. If it causes cancer it’s not food.

      • Kushite, if other countries keep their word to put tariffs on food because of the Donald’s trade war, we might not be having any food to eat. I know that we will have to take the Negress advice & start growing our food. There are some all black vegetable gardens here in LA, even though the city is trying to shut down some of them. Black Family : Do what you you can to keep Black vegetable gardens alive. Remember, whoever controls the money, food & water controls you. GOD BLESS

  4. Yeah you are right about meat and to choose a better life style,and I am sorry my comment wasn’t to insult or disrespect black vegetarian and vegan, I respect their personal choice,but my insult it was to wp!
    I don’t believe that vegetarian and vegan are European life style and I do believe that they stolen this form of living and eating!
    Other cultures for religious, cultural and spiritual reasons have already practice this form of living and eating centuries before them, they didn’t invent anything new, they have simply stolen!
    Being vegetarian and vegan for me is mean be spiritualists, connection with nature, living according to the natural order and above all loving and respecting nature and all living forms that are part of it!
    Why I don’t believe these form of living all natural it doesn’t belong to them,because they aren’t spiritual connect with nature,they don’t love and respect her,they just follow their insatiable selfishness!
    How they can be vegetarian and vegan in the same time,while they like hunting innocent animal and spread poison on natural food?
    When they claim to be these and that it’s a farce!

  5. This meme scholarship thing´s got to go. It´s the epitome of pseduo-nonsense. People in the west don´t get these ailments because they eat meat, they get them because they´re fucking lazy and exercise too little. Next thing you know, you´ll have people saying one should eliminate salt from ones diet (never mind the historical salt trade across the Sahara, or people going to the Etosha Pan to get salt.) .

    • Meme scholarship?? What are you…a comedian? Maybe you need to do a little more research on holistic health. Anyone knows that a alkaline plant based diet is healthier than eating a ton of chicken,red meat and pork! What are you talking about? Spewing a bunch of nonsense. Go read African Holistic Health by Dr. Afrika. Or go read Medisin by Dr Scott Whittaker then come talk to me.

  6. Im having a difficult time quitting pork. I wrote to my friend whose incarcerated, that I want to quit meat and deworm. Even fish have worms (parasites). All meat-eaters have worms.

  7. I posted a different comment earlier and it still won’t show, wonder what that is about, but the jist of it is that I make sure I have lots of fruits and vegetables, and make sure to grow my own stuff. Also I think my earlier comments won’t show is because I put a link in it.

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