Avoid being a self hating Coon!



12 thoughts on “Avoid being a self hating Coon!

  1. Good Wp will never leave their benefit for your black ass!
    Yeah don’t like our different shades but coons like kiss white ass who don’t give shit about you!
    Love is color blind than why criminal justice isn’t color blind?
    Why police isn’t color blind?
    Why job application isn’t color blind?
    Why racial profile isn’t color blind?
    Yeah if we are racist than why we can’t control the justice,jobs,police,moneys,beauty,school system,world entertainment and etc?
    I don’t mind be the black version of KKK but in the and of the day I have self respect for myself which most don’t have!

  2. There seems to be a growing number of black men admitting that their white girlfriends call them nigger in bed and they like it. Im just….coons are [almost] worse than the white supremacists.
    And just like we need whites to check other whites, self respecting black men need to check these coon ass black men. Black women cant do it, we’ll be called bitter and lonely.

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