Janelle Monae has lost her mind!


29 thoughts on “Janelle Monae has lost her mind!

  1. I’m not surprised Kushite. I was happy to hear Donald Glover to get a role in the Han Solo movie, but behold they said that his character was Pansexual. I’m done with Hollywood. What irks me is that Hollywood admitted to whitewashing black stories & our people still want to participate in this nonsense. Unless I know something beforehand no more Hollywood movies for me.

    • I heard about Glover. He’s a soft little punk. Hollywood loves to promote soft and effeminate black men. And Janelle has proven she’s down with the agenda as well. It’s very disappointing.

  2. After seeing that one video with her dancing. Then observing follow up interviews I noticed that energy and told people she was a lesbian. Nobody believed me. Even after she came out he cellar, people still disbelieved. Oh well…

    • Yeah some people love to bury their heads. Due to celebrity worship some people just pretend they can’t see the obvious. I’ve dealt with this more times than I can count.

  3. Yeah she got turned out ’cause she should know she got no business wearing pink vagina lips if she got to wear some. That’s the wrong color like them pink pussy hats on a sista when they were protesting Trump. As a matter of fact, she stepped out of her usual black and white signature costume that was supposed to be in homage to the Africans before her who had to wear black and white uniforms in service work. Now look at her.

  4. Hello did you hear about Donald Glover? He played young Lando in Solo. A little over a week the writers and Glover said his character was pansexual, confirming the trailer which showed him flirting with Han Solo. In an interview, Glover even said, “How can you be anything but pansexual in outer space?”
    Billy Dee William’s Lando, in the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, had been a smooth man who was straight. Anyway, the film’s box office projections started to really drop after this announcement, which a lot of people found out about. And this weekend, the movie made much less money than the new low-end projections predicted. The film is now going to be a huge flop.

      • @ Kushite Prince

        The (FX) channel having a new show call “Pose” about homosexuals. It looks like to me must of the cast are either black or biracial gay black men. Yes they use real trans women on the show.

      • P.S. when I first seen the trailer for “Pose” I thought they use real women but made there makeup look drag queenish to pass as trans women. I was wrong all the way. I this man here was an actual woman until I did more research on the show.

  5. Longass siiiiigh! I honestly think the Pynk video is hilarious! Hilarious because feminism says women are more than their vaginas and deserve respect! And sexism says we can treat you any way we want/less than BECAUSE of your gender, and here she is exploiting that. This would have gotten NO love it if was a man. The irony.

    Anyway, I agree that she is gorgeous and so talented and creative, but it’s clear that she is literally on some unnatural, other worldly path. I’ve been a fan for a long time and you can tell that she went from speaking about a man in her love songs to speaking about/to a woman. “Am I a freak because I love watching Mary”? YES! “Am I a freak to like the way she wear her tights?” YES! Definitely not what the children need or what she needs..
    Great video!

  6. She seemed so graceful. And she killed it in “hidden figures”. Its just so unfortunate and dispiriting to see a black woman this talented and beautiful come out as anti-sexual. I too thought the video disgusting. Why does the world need giant vagina lip? I bet a jew came up with the idea.

  7. Hetep Kushite Prince.
    You know? I was trying to avoid this convo but you have a point, they are really pushing this ish and very strong. I mean, when was the last time you heard or seen the media talk about an entertainer in a heterosexual relationship? I mean I have tried to avoid the news as much as possible but when I turn it on, the top story is some homosexual relationship? I mean just recently the black girl from hunger games is coming out.
    What I want to know is why are they pushing it? And, it has to be more to it than just wanting ppl to accept it. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    • It’s getting ridiculous Kam! They are spreading gender confusion. It’s confusing the babies. That’s why I speak on it so much. The actress you’re talking about is Amandla Stenberg. Keke Palmer also said she doesn’t like gender labels. Miley Cyrus also came out and said she’s a pansexual. I think many of them are lying. They know that children are very impressionable. This wont work on people like you and me. You and I are older and wont fall for it. But they’re not concerned about us. Their main target is the young ones. Here’s a video I did on Amandla.

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