Ancient Symbolism(Nothing new under the Sun)

Wakanda Symbolism..

4 thoughts on “Ancient Symbolism(Nothing new under the Sun)

  1. Love it ❤ Images often speak louder than words, king. It's like a gesture of protecting the heart chakra – some ancient figures with the additional "rod and staff" [later attributed to Jesus as the "divine shepherd"]; + the lower right figure with the ankh [Afrikan "key of life"] symbol of the divine feminine & masculine, which later removed the "feminine" oval on top and became the Christian crucifix.

    • Thank you! I knew you of all people would appreciate this post. You know your symbols very well. Yes I have heard the same thing about the ankh as well. I have heard that symbol represented the phallic symbol entering the womb(oval). And it was later removed to create the crucifix. As I got older I started to see the crucifix as a symbol of death and the ankh as a symbol of life. I’m not sure everyone sees it that way though.

  2. I always keep the Luxor Temple proverb in mind, bro KP: “Men need images. Lacking them they invent idols. Better then to found the images on realities that lead the true seeker to the source.” Our ancients provided these images so the true seeker can distinguish between “truth/substance/source” and the plagiarized “chaos/shadow/idol” distortions of elite cabal programming… often the difference is life vs. death as your consciousness has testified. I’ve been encouraged by hearing Chadwick Boseman attribute the “Wakanda” salute used in the Black Panther movie to these same ancient African sources. Power ❤ M

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