Robert Mugabe exposes the hypocrisy!

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32 thoughts on “Robert Mugabe exposes the hypocrisy!

  1. Mugabe was spot on. This why the traitors in Zimbabwe ousted him and are now trying to reestablish ties with their masters. Weak-minded coons love European definitions because, just like poor white southerners in the USA, they think that if they continue to support these Europeans, then one day they will be made rich by them too. It is a dangerous delusion they hold.

    • Yes that’s true. It still amazes me so many of them still think that way. Which reminds me. I have a neighbor that’s Nigerian. She told me she was so excited about the recent “royal” wedding. She told me this was a big step in ending racism. I looked at her like she was crazy! How is Megan Mulatto marrying into that family ending oppression? And this is coming from an educated woman. But this proves many of our people see the acceptance by Europeans as progress. This mentality has to change. I was dumbfounded when she said that.

  2. I don’t even know what to say about this, except that every word is TRUTH! I just wish that those African leaders were not so corrupt because maybe they would be better able to come together and put on a united front and throw those Europeans and Asians out of Africa. That needs to happen and Africa needs to stop using its revenue to pay slave taxes to France. This is just beyond ridiculous!

  3. Hi, bro KP. I strongly disagree with the broke-sounding bottom line tho’ – “the world has failed Africa.” How should we expect any different from a world that has used such double-speak [psyops] as part of its colonial/enslaving programming?!!! Where would the western world be without having traumatically conditioned Africa’s compliance for a relationship the parasite needs to even breathe? IMHO, we’ve had enough time to study the nature of the beast & have a right to demand accountability from African leaders who’ve failed us.

    • You are absolutely correct! At this stage in the game we should know what’s up. Don’t we know the nature of the beast at this point? Do we think the beast will change? Speaking of which, I’m curious to know your thoughts. What do you think of the recent nuptials in England? I’ve seen black people celebrating on social media. As if it’s some type of achievement. I’m sure you see the bigger picture.

      • My short answer, king, is that an ugly institution [the British monarchy] is trying to re-brand itself and stay relevant. For those who aren’t into the Disney-esque glitter of the British taxpayer-funded affair, it’s kinda like putting lipstick on a pig – at least to me. I heard Markle’s gown was embroidered with a flower from each of Britain’s 53 (?) commonwealth countries, and now “the firm” [monarchy] is requiring her to attend a British Duchess training program. Royals past have left the monarchy for love… this, to me, is complicity with a system that doesn’t want real change.

      • I think you’re right. I also think this marriage is arranged. Not to mention they are also cousins. I think this was a political move more than genuine love. That’s why they’re making such a big deal about him marrying a “black” woman. They want to get back into Africa again for resources. William has also said there are too many people in Africa. He said it need to be depopulated. Marrying this woman was a way to seem like allies to Africa. And will make naive Africans let their guard down. Harry visits Rwanda and Botswana a lot. He took Meghan there last year. This is all a stage play. There’s nothing authentic about it. The media has hypnotized the masses of black people. They don’t yet realize the evil plans they have in store. I’m very concerned for the well-being of black people worldwide.

      • Plus the newlyweds are actually blood-related through the white ratchett side of Markle’s family. It’s a blackface soap-opera of epic proportions, so I guess the new Duchess of Sussex is in her element as an actress as you suggest… all for continued access to African resources. [*sigh*]

      • I understand your frustration. It’s a sad state of affairs. And Oprah and Idris Elba were as well. Nothing but window dressing. The illusion of inclusion. You can’t fight racism and oppression by joining your oppressor. Anyone with common sense knows this.

      • That’s very fitting. Once she gets to know the family I’m sure she’ll feel like she’s suffocating. On a side note,the wedding took place on May 19. Which just happens to be the birthday of Queen Charlotte. The queen they said had some African lineage. Was the date chosen as a tribute to Charlotte? I don’t believe in coincidences. Although I realize it also overshadowed Malcolm’s birthday as well.

      • LOL, bro KP… That’s real, but better late than never to recognize the choke-hold you got yourself into! Plus the lion is native to Africa… so they’ve colonized it as the British symbol of male royal power. Yeah, weird confluence of dates with these so-called royals and their feast-days. Remember we mentioned that same point when Prince [“Purple Reign”] crossed-over on April 21st, 2016 – same date as QE2’s birthday? Maybe there’s some metaphysical reasoning behind it all… almost as if the monarchy demonically feasts off of African energies [symbolized by the African lion]. I hate to think it, but when you’re dealing with such a parasitic beast, things can get real like that. Yikes!

      • That’s very true. Once you study the occult,symbolism and sacred numerology,you will see dates and numbers coincide all the time. It’s everywhere. Even Nina Simone passed away on April 21. You just to know what’s numbers to look out for and you’ll see the correlation. They believe there’s power in certain numbers. That’s why the same numbers keep coming up. It takes years to be able to decode this stuff. I’ve gotten better over the years. You see symbolism in films and television shows. It’s all hidden in plain sight. But since most people are not well versed in it they’ll never figure it out.

      • Kushite, as Dr.Umar said, it’s the reverse of Obama being in the WH. Dr. Umar called the Royal Wedding “The setup for the setback”. When Al Sharpton said this wedding will end racism I laughed. Well Congress just passed 2 Bills that again will be detrimental to us, this is why I no longer listen to him. Malcolm X once said black people should never ask for rights that is already in the Constitution. Some of our people are still asking for those rights, I’m not interested in wp acceptance. GOD BLESS

      • Kushite, now I will deal with Meghan. Yes a lot of bw are bragging about the Royal Wedding. That is fine but bw need to realize one thing, you can claim her, but SHE DOES NOT CLAIM YOU. Meghan wrote a article a few years, saying she is bi-racial. I’m confused, the issues that effect bw everyday, she has never spoke out against or never addressed their concerns & if she does it just a photo op. She goes on to say that whites are victims of stereotypes in the media. I’m sorry, but I will never identify with somebody who wants to give wp a pass for the evils they created. Meghan must not understand MSM, because the media demonizes MS-13, they demonize BM for black on black crime, they demonize us when we living our everyday life & don’t commit any crimes. But, yet everytime a wm shoots up a school, the media tries to make him out a to be a victim. Understand 2 things about ir dating with wp, with us it’s about love, with them it’s strategic. They want access to our bodies, while still reserving the right to committ genocide against us.Prince William has no problem depopulating the African continent, but I want to rape the African continent from which I benefit greatly. That is a person with no soul. GOD BLESS

      • Kushite, here is something to ponder just in case we’re not woke. The planet as a whole spends more money to eliminate the black race than save the planet. For every $1 the US government spends earmarked for the black community they spend $10 to lock us up in prison. I hardly even watch TV, because the object of putting black people on tv is put blacks on that are going to make wp comfortable. Have a great Holiday Weekend GOD BLESS

      • @ Kushite Prince

        The royal wedding was full of bulls***! For one Megan is biracial, not a black woman. Furthermore, she has no social interaction or relationship with black people, just look at the people she interact & surround herself with on a regular basis . Also I hate fact how black women are praising this biracial woman as hope that your little black girl can marry a prince too. On top of that if Harry was a dark skin black man marrying a racial ambiguous biracial woman, black women will be screaming he’s colorstruck. Negroes are calling this royal wedding as change but y’all biracial princess Megan only invited one member from her mother black family. The royal family is a joke just like the royal wedding.

    • @ malaika mutere
      “we’ve had enough time to study the nature of the beast & have a right to demand accountability from African leaders who’ve failed us’

      The problem is our people refuse to study our history to learn from our past failures & mistakes. “If you don’t know your history you’re bound to repeat it,” and that is exactly what we are doing. I have a black female coworker made a statement she doesn’t care about the past what do that shit have too do with us today. Again this is the mentality our people care.

      • You’re so right @ Shanequa. We have it in our power to break negative karmic cycles by learning those lessons of our history [personal & collective], and then anchoring, building and emancipating ourselves from that new space of consciousness. Deceptive programming is coming at us fast and furious, all to keep us stuck in the status quo that only benefits the elite at our expense. One way or the other, we can’t ignore the past… painful though it may be. Be well, M

  4. I hear you, king. The fact that it’s all “hidden in plain sight” is a scary testament to the depth of our induced sleep-state. That’s prolly the best reason for each of us to stay prayed-up & watchful, honor our ancestors, elevate our African consciousness & ground game, and don’t get sucked in by the shadow-system’s hyper-programming [e.g. the royal wedding]. Power ❤ M

  5. I saw right now a group of Zimbabwe people with stand and flags,they were doing a charity to help free Zimbabwe from the corruption in their country!
    You guess which people were stopping?
    I couldn’t help myself to shake my head!
    When blacks will free themselves from the sickness call white validation?

    • Yah I hear you guys Zimbabweans think things are going to get better now that Mugabe is not at power and as a South African I feel very sad for them because they are so ignorant they think the western countries care about them Mugabe was the person who kept whites away and expropriated land from them and for that he was seen as a person who didn’t want progress for the in South Africa there is a heating debate about expropriating land from white people and whites are convincing the whole world that we are planning their genocide I feel very sad when l see black people everyday who live in shacks in my community and I feel so much anger at the system. excuse my English guys but I don’t usually use it

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