Do we need an African World Order?

New World Order...

They look pretty organized to me.  Really look at this list.  They have England,China,America,Australia and Israel all working together.  Do you notice something?  It seems Africa is not involved in this global partnership.  That means that we need our own “new world order”.  We better do something because you can see what we’re up against.  They’re all working together controlling everything from politics,entertainment,education and religion.  That’s why it’s so easy for them to brainwash the masses to hate black people worldwide.  They put out the negative images of black people through television,magazines and films.  This is how they spread anti-blackness.  And this is what people of African descent are up against.  So what do you think?  Should we link up with other racial groups?  Or should we go at it alone?Do you think we need to create some type pf organization like this? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

11 thoughts on “Do we need an African World Order?

  1. As you know Kushite Prince, my thoughts are in the book “ACBN: A Primer”. Thanks again for your review.

    I am only posting the link here again so that your other readers who haven’t heard of it might check it out. We should not link up with other racial groups unless there is a clear and demonstrable benefit to Afrika people and we should not do it for sex or to make hybrids. We do not have to go it alone because we have more than a billion Afrikans worldwide and we have the resources on our continent. We need to start to create the serious organizations and relationships among Afrikan people to ensure Afrikan survival and establish robust Afrikan political-economic power. This starts with putting resources, land, infrastructure, and direct state-sponsored loans/financial outlays in the hands of real, authentic Afrikans to take over and develop strategic areas of the economy and prevent foreign (non-Afrikan) control and entry into these areas. All jobs that can be done by Afrikans should be done by Afrikans. there should be no NGOs in Afrika with foreign staff. If they want to help, then they should give us the money and Afrikans will decide how to spend in the interests of Afrikans themselves. There should be no idealistic white women roaming around Afrika trying to train women to be as miserable as these old maid white women are. There should be no perverted old white men operating “orphanages” or “schools”. Afrikans have the skills to organize and administer these types of institutions, so we should be doing it.

    • Your right but guys I think one of our priorities would be creating our own education system not influenced by whites I don’t know about you guys there but here in South African schools they are teaching us how to write cv’s than teaching us how to start businesses african education system is creating slaves.there is a nearby village next to my area there has been gold discovered there this past weekend by community members and what is surprising is that it is not even hiding it is like someone just scattered it on the surface and the residents are happy that this is going to create jobs for them,like really 🙆🤦you’ve got gold in your possession but you want outsiders to come make billions with it so that you get peanuts but I don’t blame them we’re taught in school to be workers we really need our own african order

  2. Everything that Lumamba said I’m with, just applying it here in the States is gonna be slightly different obviously. Blacks in the city who are conscious and Black-minded should consider joining their brethren and sisters in the rural area, and rebuild from their. Doing that we have a better opportunity to reconnect to nature and OUR nature. I think that’s where it starts. That’s real Grassroots work. These modern day cities are not made for us.

    FYI, on writing a post on Kanye West, I decided it wasn’t worth spending that energy. It’s already been analyzed to death anyway.

  3. Greetings brother. Woke up this morning with the intent to do a post about this and here I see you are already ahead of the game. Unfortunately an Afurakan world order will not happen unless, we invoke the spirit of the irritated genie of soufeese. This is of course a reference to the Ayiti revolution, that killed and kicked out the French and he Brittish, killed all kneegrow and mullato collaborators and liberated that slave colony to be ourstory’s first free state from european enslavement.

  4. Is it possible?


    Is it probable?

    Not likely.

    Blacks need to love themselves first and value their own self worth. After that, anything is possible. I do see, however, a tiny minority of us waking up and it’s very powerful so see. So that gives me a sliver of hope.

  5. YES!!! The NWO parasitic system would starve to death without African resources [natural, human, spiritual, cultural…]. That’s the reason it’s set up to keep us destabilized. Will the African giant awaken intact from this soul-less slave system of mis-programming/de-valuing humanity and create a better alternative? Hmmm….

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