The Age of Deception(Evolution,GMO foods,vaccines)



11 thoughts on “The Age of Deception(Evolution,GMO foods,vaccines)

  1. Prince, I notice that you have “Better Diet” as one of your tags, but how on earth are we to eat better when even lettuce is recalled. There was a serious recall by the CDC for romaine lettuce because people were stricken with E coli.

    DENVER — The Centers for Disease Control is expanding its romaine lettuce recall. It is now advising people throw away whole heads of romaine in addition to chopped romaine. Salad mixes with pieces of romaine should also be discarded.

    The agency said 53 people in 16 states have become infected with E. coli from lettuce.

    Lettuce is a staple of my diet and it is a sad ass shame when people decide to try and eat healthier but are sickened because of it. One man, who had been eating a poor diet, decided to eat better at the exact time that this recall was about to come down the pike and he was one of the people who was infected with E coli from eating the contaminated romaine lettuce.

    I eat iceberg lettuce, but I am sure that iceberg lettuce can just as easily be contaminated as romaine. It seems that every other day, there is some sort of recall in the U.S. over bad food. What’s a person to do?

    • I know it’s really scary. That’s why I created my health blog. I try my best to give alternatives to the sad American diet. It’s hard to know what to eat sometimes. I still think overall fruits and vegetables are better than most meat. But they don’t make it easy for you. We are literally in a food prison. Believe me I understand your frustration.


    I didn’t know Kush. I didn’t know… but am I surprised? The Harry Belafonte, Sidney Portier syndrome lives on.

    I’ve cut my cable (TV) like many other people I know. All I have is my fire stick and torrent sites like IP Torrents. SET TV offers 500 channels for 20$ a month (as an app on fire stick). This has pissed off cable TV Giants/service providers. Now the WiFi/internet service prices are starting to spike. Outside of Healthcare/Insurance, cable TV/Internet services is the biggest scam.

    These jokers have monopolized/cornered every aspect of our lives down to the molecule, creating that dependency. Being knowledgeable and making a choice is one thing. Like U said, most don’t wanna be unplugged.

  3. We are definitely in the Age of Deception and Enlightenment ie Aquarian Age as of 12/21/12 Mayan Doomsday. You do remember the pop group “5th Dimensions” song Dawing of the Age of Aquarius lyrics don’t you? Or the Isley Brothers “Journey to Atlantis?” Well those two epic songs literally foresaw the era we’re currently in as a opportunity to “level up” our Divine Consciousness.” Also known as the “Phoenix Rising” this generation has been utterly dumb downed via education, religion, tellievision and the media they can’t accept hidden truths nor think outside the box to even see how much they’ve been duped. Allow me to share two websites that will hopefully enlighten you on the direction I’m taking here. Both deal with the Lost City of Atlantis and the Aquarian Age…

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