20 thoughts on “Are birds smarter than Negroes?

  1. Not to play devils advocate on your blog KP but those birds are acting like Europeans. They see a different being and they attack it. I’m willing to bet that snake is harmless, if these birds feel the need to attack and destroy a harmless snake then that means the birds cannot tolerate difference. That’s as Eurocentric as it gets.

    Now, at the same time I could just go with the “normal” meaning of this to mean wow birds are smart enough to recognize an enemy. Blacks need to do this! I say it’s far deeper than that though. Far deeper. Nice post, I thought it was funny anyway.

    • Interesting point. But I see it not so much as hating something different. To me it’s about recognizing someone who has a different culture and mentality. You can appreciate someone different without hating them. But the problem with black people and the African diaspora as a whole is we are too trusting and accept everyone. When you are too accepting you make yourself vulnerable to being attacked. Every outsider that comes to your village doesn’t have good intentions. The European has proven that time and time again. That’s what we need to learn from these birds.

  2. Kushite the thing which hurt me the most is that wp if they are hypocrite with each other doesn’t matter which country they are from,which langue they speak,which religion they practise and so on,they find a way to collaborate with each other and the way to keep themselves as group and discriminate against to us!
    But for black people is different story,our mind doesn’t work in the same way because most of us don’t have enough knowledge or better prefer to sleep instead to open and finally realise that we are living in inequality society!
    I sick and tired why our people are so indifference and they don’t see the way how these people they look at us badly?

  3. We can also add that Birds abandon their eggs when anyone thats not them touches it. I am not saying black people should abandon the kids, im saying black people should be weary of anyone who does not look like them

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