Kanye West Decoded: Sellout Coon or Mind Control victim?


What the hell is going on with rapper/producer Kanye West? He really has changed.I remember after Hurricane Katrina he said President Bush didn’t care about black people.  He got a lot of props from people  for speaking the truth.  Now he’s walking around with a “Make America Great Again” hat and supporting President Donald Trump.  He has completely turned into a different person.  I know people can evolve and change viewpoints.  This is what happens when people elevate their conscious and receive new information.  But this is a BIG change in my opinion.  On a recent live TMZ interview he said that “slavery was a choice”.  That comment has made West a hot topic all over social media.  What made his transform so drastically?  Is it because the fame and fortune is getting to him?  Does too much white vagina make you lose your mind? maybe just being around the demonic Kardashian family is to much for his mental state.  Some believe he might be under mind control.  I have heard about mind control being in Hollywood for decades. He has mad crazy rants before.  So this is not the first time.  But sometimes he speaks the truth about the industry. Here’s some interesting videos breaking down this crazy Kanye situation.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

MK Ultra...



36 thoughts on “Kanye West Decoded: Sellout Coon or Mind Control victim?

  1. I really don’t get why anyone would care about what this white trash lover would have to say. Anything that’s crawling around with the Kartrashcans ain’t to be taken seriously.

    I admit, I have never heard one song ‘rapped’ out by that white trash loving wimp and I don’t intend to. However, with that being said, any so-called ‘Black’ man who takes up with our enemy should already be dead to us because nothing he says has any meaning since he’s produced a half and half or two or three and we all know they side with their ‘white’ side.

    So, with this ignorant piece of shit talking crazy about ‘slavery being a choice’ is just too simple for words. He needs a straight jacket and some meds, quick! “White loving Black folks,” ain’t our friend. He’s now OUR enemy and should be treated as such. Buy his music, and you approve of what he says. Don’t and he gets the point! I don’t buy his ‘music’ and so what he says has no relevance. He’s just another coonhead house n****r sellout doing Massa’s bidding. Us field slaves is on our own and not one slave was given a choice especially when we know for a fact that many jumped overboard in order not to get dragged here!

    • Well you wrote him off pretty fast lol No doubt those sick ass Armenian women have their hooks in him. That’s a part of it. But his rant seems very incoherent. He was just rambling al over the place. Now he’s being attacked by everyone in social media. But the funny thing is the media usually promotes interracial and self hating coons. They want black people to follow black celebs with a warped mindset. Anything that confuses black people is a good thing. But maybe most people just think Kanye went overboard this time. We have to be careful about the words we use in public. They can always be taken out of context. Or maybe he’s just off his meds. Something about this incident just doesn’t make sense to me.

  2. Thanks for this, bro KP. I found the metaphysical areas the most interesting of Nu Rebel’s discussion, but also the most troubling in terms of Ye being a double-edged sword: on the one hand “gathering all our energy” through his provocative hustle, while on the other being so deep in the vampire’s lair. His wearing a Heru pendant & pyramid hand jewelry [cosplay] does little to prove his “god-consciousness” when we know whose management he and his considerable platform are now under, plus the fact that Yeezus is on/off an unspecified regimen of meds, etc. He wishes he was a “free thinker,” but his “divine feminine” consorts are running interference to make sure that sooner or later his script is in compliance with their family agenda… IMHO, he’s just way too compromised on so many levels but, unlike slavery, this path was mostly his choice. Perhaps he’s struggling with that. We all have our journey to travel in life… I wish Kanye light and love. Peace, M

    • Most people will look at this from the surface level. But you and I think a lot alike so I knew you would see the same things I saw in this interview. On the surface it does look like a publicity stunt. And it could very well be considering he has an album coming out soon. So this incident got everyone talking about him. But I had a friend ask me a question yesterday. And it did make me think. I was wondering what you think. My friend said he thinks Kanye might have been trying to tell a subliminal message that all Americans were mentally enslaved. But the media just took the quote “slavery was a choice” and ran with it knowing there would be backlash against Kanye. In other words,they tell us that slavery started in 1619 and the so-called Proclamation was in 1865. So that would be about 246 years of slavery. But in the Kanye quote he said “400 years sounds like a choice”. The key word is 400 YEARS. So my friend told me that Kanye was trying to wake up the masses of people in the country. He was trying to tell everyone that the mainstream media,politicians and government are ALL lying to us. And that we need to wake up. What do you think of that theory? It’s an interesting perspective.

      • If it turns out that this was all a publicity stunt, Kanye will have to answer to the ancestors without whose blood, sweat and tears he’d have none of the choices that came with the so-called Emancipation Proclamation. The horrific system of slavery and colonialism through which an elite cabal continues to program and rule the world systemically – via industries of knowledge, media, religion, politics, etc. – is bound to have repercussions well beyond an official “Proclamation” 246 years after the initial set-up. You and I know this without having to go through Kardashian-scripted-drama, bro KP. For sure we need to dig into that 400-year timeline to talk about the sunken place [karma… Stockholm syndrome… etc.] humanity as a whole is in because of slavery. But Kanye isn’t that spokesperson IMHO. He’s exhibit-A. His choice to live and procreate in the succubus den that spiritually feeds off of black culture and male energy in order to build the Kardashian brand has cost him any credibility he might once-upon-a-time have owned. Let him talk on that if he’s such a free-thinking cultural messiah.

      • Oh yeah Malaika,I know exactly what you’re talking about. We know many of these “events” on the news are scripted for the masses. The elite cabal controls everyone’s collective consciousness because they give their version of the news and his-storical events. They are taking more civil liberties every year from everyone. Amerikkka looks more like communist China everyday. But the you can’t tell that to the zombies. They are hooked on GMO foods,talentless celebs and a TMZ reality. But I definitely do not see him tackling the issues of the Kardashian Klan. Between having children with a female whose slept with half the men in Hollywood and having a father/mother in law Bruce Jenner. Kanye has gone over the DEEP end! He probably has adopted the idea that interracial sex is thinking outside the box. You know the type I’m speaking about. These confused black people that think having babies with our oppressors will end racism. It will make them see us as a part of man-kind. We are not man-kind anyway…we are HUE-Mans. Truly delusional! He is so far in the sunken place,I’m not sure he can get out.

      • Preach, King! I’d like to believe that folks will come around from the varying degrees of trauma we’ve all been subjected to by this evil cabal. Zombies included. It’s a spiritual battle in which we have to hold our cultural ground [“Your culture is your immune system” – Marimba Ani] …and I appreciate your extensive posts doing just that and trying to wake folks up! On behalf of bro Kanye, I checked out this Wikipedia definition: “A succubus is a demon… that takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity… Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or mental state, or even death.” [*sigh*] Let us pray… Peace, M

      • I’ve seen the first video before. Pill gave a great breakdown on Kanye. I’ll definitely have to check out the other more recent video. He and his brother always give a great perspective others don’t always understand. Thanks for the links.

  3. Who cares. Haven’t rocked w/Koonye since “he got got on and left her ass for a white girl.”

    • It’s very strange. Off his meds or under some type of mind control?? If you go back and watch his interviews from 2005-2009 he seems like a much more normal person. After his mother passed away his personality changed. And when he got with that satanic whore Kim he is a totally different person. He used to have a much more black consciousness and was outspoken. He seems like a broken man. It’s sad to watch his downward spiral to insanity.

  4. Kushite I don’t pay attention to Kanye or Candace Owens ( the new Stacy Dash). We need to stop listening to these black political hacks who do nothing for the black community & btw are paid by wp to keep us divided. Let me know when the Democrats & Republicans pass a bill that will be beneficial to the black community, until then I’m saving my money so I can get to Jamestown, Virginia for the 400 year anniversary of our ancestors arriving here in America. Countdown to August 2019 so I can pray to GOD & rejoice with the ancestors. I hope you can make it Kushite. GOD BLESS

  5. He represents so many Black men. Many Black men I see with non-Black women they are very docile, nice and warm around non-Blacks and Biracial but as soon as they see a Black face they have this nasty look on their face. Many Black males in the USA are just as anti-Black and pro-White as many Whites are! In some cases they are even more extreme in being anti-Black because they have to compensate for not being a real White.

  6. I haven’t been paying attention to Kanye’s antics lol but that comment about “slavery was a choice” is a loaded statement. Whoever told Kanye to say it, or by his own intentions, knew what the reactions of the masses would be, because we tend not to think critically. I may be crazy for saying it, but I can see sense in that statement even if Kanye didn’t mean it that way. But my response may be better served with a post.

  7. No one here is mentally liberated. Kanye is just at a deeper level of enslavement than we are. Until we have liberated our minds of European conceptions we have no room to pass judgement. Peace.

      • We are one whole. If Koonye is cooning that means we are cooning. Or do we accept the European concept of individualism? I don’t. We Africans are all connected. We are all one body. You wouldn’t get lung cancer and then say to yourself “well at least my heart still works, I’m good”. Koonye is a sad reminder that the African collective is still under the shoe of european mental enslavement. Peace KP.

  8. It is more of a mind control than figure it out why the hell Kanye has been acted this way now. He was bluntly pro-black. Ever since he said “Bush doesn’t care about Black People” speech, the government planned an subtle attack on him. Drugs, alcohol, sex were playing a part of his demise, to the point that he got into a “mental breakdown.” And long a behold, the new Kanye came into play doing everything opposite of what he believed before. Remember Public Enemy? The government decided to top one person because of his radical views and it became apparent that it became it’s downfall. Public Enemy as well as Kanye West can’t get into themselves again. It’s sad, but true.

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