Bill Cosby found guilty: When will White sexual deviants pay for their crimes?(Selective Justice)










26 thoughts on “Bill Cosby found guilty: When will White sexual deviants pay for their crimes?(Selective Justice)

  1. Welcome to Amerikkka, right?
    The double standards within this country are sickening. However, if Cosby had not alienated folks he might have also got some ppl to rally for his cause. It does make you wonder, was justice really served and when will justice stop turning a blind eye to all of these white assailants.

    • That is so very true brother! People have no idea. The crazy thing is they changed the statue of limitations just for Cosby. How can you change the law? Oh yeah,you can do that in the position of authority. That’s what people can’t comprehend. Cosby has $500 million but it’s meaningless if you don’t have power. People think money = power. That’s a fallacy. If you don’t control government and judicial policies you don’t have power. No matter how rich you might be. The good thing about this case is people are waking up to the obvious corruption. It’s not even hidden anymore. Thanks for that great comment Kam.

  2. There really needs to be an in depth post about the abuse Black women suffer at the hands of white males. They get away with so much stuff to the point where it looks like they dont attack, rape, molest black women and children. They are so coddled.

    • I feel you Blu. There are two systems of justice. It’s totally blatant right now. Cosby is no saint. But there’s so much corruption and sexual deviants in Hollywood. I find it interesting that the first victim of the MeToo movement is a black man. But this shows you that a white womans lies can send a black man to jail in a heartbeat. Meanwhile we have videos of cops shooting and chocking black people to death……and the cops go free! This is justice??? Only in Amerikkka.

    • Amen Sista. White men and other nonblack men get away with sexually harass and rape Black women all the time and yet some Black feminists and swirlers fix their sights at Black men, not White men. I, for one, am tired of the hypocritical double standards. Recy Taylor died not being served justice for her violent rape at the hands of six White males. Countless Black women victims, past and present, are still awaiting justice for crimes committed against them by predatory white males all over America and America isn’t going to face up to its crimes against Black women for over 400 years.

      • Dont you find it odd that when they passed the rape law in 1970, all of a sudden WM raping BW went straight to zero. All these years WM were raping BW and yet once a law was passed, the numbers went to zero. The rape of BW by WM are not accounted for, never are actually and if it was, it would rival intra racial rape and sexual assault. Now i see why black white supremacists and swirlers refuse to live in truth.

  3. The only 2 reasons why they came after him were:

    1. He tried to buy NBC
    2. He attacked white women

    Rule number one in white supremacy:

    Do ANYTHING you wish to your own but never attack whites, physically, financially and sexually or you’re gonna get it.

      • Exactly, people don’t understand why Michael Jackson & Prince are dead. Michael owned all of the Beatles catalog 50% of Elvis Presley catalog & Michael was trying to buy Disney. Prince got back his masters recordings. He did that by firing all of his Jewish lawyers & hiring Londell McMillan, the top black attorney in the country. His musical vault is worth billions & as Al Sharpton said Prince social activism was getting to the point the powers that be were going to have to change laws. They threw in Roman Polanski just to say they’re not racist. GOD BLESS

  4. Actually, it is not the same crime because Cosby’s accusers were caught lying, and evidence was presented to exonerate him. You rightly stated that they changed to law to charge him, but they also opened a sealed document contrary to the original agreement. The other cases you mentioned there was clear evidence to convict (like a video tape in Lowe’s case, numerous witnesses in Slick willie’s case, admission of guilt-Sheen, fleeing from prosecution-Polanski, and a decision by the prosecutor not to charge the perpetrator-Allen)

    We need politically aware rich Black people, not just rich Black people. Talent is not enough these days. Just look at Coon-ye!

    Thanks for the post!

    • You’re right Ahset. They have rules we must follow but they don’t follow themselves. This is the true essence of power. Do what thou wilt. You can do whatever you want if you’re in the position of authority. Change the rules when you see fit. Truly disgusting! This is pure evil. I don’t know how people can’t see this. We are truly in Hell!

  5. What we seen with Bill Cosby was a modern day lynching of a black man falsely accuse of sexually assaulting several white women. Since the Bill Cosby case been in the news it has been nothing more then the myth of the over sexualize brute powerful black man attacking these innocent white women. It also shows with this case even though these white women lied on Bill Cosby, white men are still going to protect their women from black men.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        Black men & women have told these still negroes to leave these people alone they are no good. But simply minded negroes wether they are a male or female keep running to them. What happen to Bill Crosby is another example of black people never learning from black history in the past. Bill Crosby is innocent but I don’t feel sorry him. Furthermore over most of these white women Bill Crosby slept with were unattractive. The only two women that claim Bill sexually assault them that were attractive was black female model Beverly Johnson is beautiful & the white female model Susan Dickerson only in her young days was attractive.

  6. White men are mad they have to deal with the most worthless woman on the planet so they have to elevate her to heights so unrealistic even they are disillusioned. Of course Cosby got got. Imagine if he raped a sista, think whitey would care? No.

    I’m THROUGH with the nonsense.

  7. Roman Polanski fled the USA because its a warrant for his arrest, he has live in the Capital of the Pedophile World, France. The Frence spend more money on pedophilia globally than any other country in the world.

  8. Kushite, this is a message to black women, I for one don’t have a problem with you pressing charges against a brother who did you wrong. But, I’m with Sharazad Ali, white feminists only stand with you when it comes pressing charges against black men. The Black community has been shown videos of white cops using police brutality on bw everyday, yet those same white feminists are no where in sight. Korea store owners are physically assaulting bw on the regular, have any of you seen Gloria Allred, because I haven’t. Black women : Take Lauryn Hill’s advice, don’t accentuate your beauty in Korean shops when there are plenty of black shops who do the same thing. The next time white feminists want to join your movement for any equality, politely tell her that she needs to focus on her community. I stand with you. GOD BLESS

  9. Kushite, this for the brothers. Black Men: We need to fight our oppressor the same way we fight each other. The thugs have no problem with killing one of us, but go ask that same thug to fight his oppressor he cowards in fear. We as black men have to stop being afraid to protect our communities & our people. Black men stop protesting, wp actually love it when we protest. I say let’s boycott white establishments, but never announce it. Just don’t go, but if you have to go, if there is a problem, demand respect or tell that establishment to talk to my lawyer. GOD BLESS

  10. I am not really surprise why all these men are free!
    and they should stay in jail! But thanks of their privilege they can get away from their crime!

  11. @ Kushite:

    Good post!

    @ Everybody:

    Here is a good video about this. It lasts about an hour.

    Enjoy! 🙂

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