Is the Sun pro-black? Hmmmm……

Is the Sun really pro-black?  It sure seems like it to  Just a funny video of a few observations.  Also I want to thank my brother 4AngelsBowl for letting me use his images.  That’s very kind of him.Be sure to check out his channel.  He’s very intelligent but has a great sense of humor. Peace!



26 thoughts on “Is the Sun pro-black? Hmmmm……

  1. It ain’t ‘pro-white’! I have been saying for quite some time now, pass by ANY Dermatology Department at any hospital or clinic and all you will see are those pasty-faced assholes because the sun is most definitely anti-white!

    One ‘white’ person actually commented on my blog about how Black people get sunburned if we stay out in the sun too long. I almost broke twelve blood vessels and an artery burning her ass up with my comment. How many BLACK people could a white person over in New Zealand know? All my life, I have known Black people and I can honestly say that not one has complained of sunburn and we were swimming at the lake, in our backyard, at the beach and any damn where else we pleased to swim, rode our bikes and did every damn thing else outside and…AGAIN…not one of us was sunburned. But this white devil wants to pretend that she knows Black people better than Black people? For the love of !!!!!! If any ‘Black’ person ever got sunburned, it’s cause they ain’t totally Black and we ain’t talking about a damn half and half here!

    I just wish the sun would up the ante and fry them all on the spot! Just leave a goddamn sizzling ash pile where those no good racist bastards stood, down to the very last one!

  2. Don’t forget they are the ancient Egyptian people,
    the first human being,
    mother and father of human civilizations!
    ahahhahahahah Sorry I am in tears but when I hear these bullshit that crack me out!

  3. Whites love to tell you that you can get sunburned too. Or that you can get cancer too. Or that genetically we are all the same. It’s all bullshit. You could sit me down in front of a “scientific study” that “proves” it and I would take it, take a magnifying glass, go outside and hover it over the “proof” and watch it burn. The Sun is god according to traditional African spiritual beliefs. Do not let white men or WORSE white women tell you that you can get sun burns too. Black people are special. Don’t fall for Yurugu lies. Peace out and thanks for the post KP.

    • If Black people got sunburned, none of us would be here because we are ALL descendants of slaves and they were worked in the hot ass sun from SUN UP until SUNDOWN and none obviously died from melanoma like those pasty-faced devils do. Those pasty-faced devils were rocking back on the porch sipping rum punch while our ancestors were toiling in the fields. So, those goddamn demons can just all drop dead from sun poisoning, I wish they would!

      Your comment is right as rain Marcus!

      • I accept this. I know we aren’t impervious to cancer, that would be foolish to say and I was typing fast at the time but I do know our melanin helps mitigate some harmful effects of the sun. Yurugu would have you/us believe our melanin means nothing. They wish!

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