25 thoughts on “What Warrior tribe do you descend from?

  1. What a profound post, Kushite! What tribe do you descend from! (((EXCELLOENT))) way to keep us digging for our true & original selves!


  2. I’m Haitian “Inite se fòs”  ( It’s the motto of haiti “L’union fait la force” in Haitian Creole which in English means “Union makes strength”)

  3. Okay Kushite…what is going on here?

    Realistically speaking, most of us African American descendants of American chattel slaves were NOT part of the warrior class in Africa. That is a never-ending myth that blacks tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better about our situation in America. It’s unhealthy! Most of us are descendants of people who were conquered in Africa as well (i.e., captives from tribal wars, nomadic people, immigrants, etc).

    Where did we get this notion that we are descendants of kings/queens/warriors from? Yes, of course, a small percentage of them were caught in the Atlanta slave trave, but the vast majority of us were not.

    I’m not trying to be “that guy” but it worries me that my people are always falling victim to wishful thinking. How really can we move forward when we are not willing to let TRUTH to power guide our actions?

    Wishful thinking is a unhealthy activity that leads to delusion. Unfortunately, most of our people are at the deluted stage of thinking.

    • You bring up some interesting points. Although I think you’re taking it to another level. I think you missed the overall message of being prideful of your history. We all know everyone doesn’t come form a direct king or queen. You can still be proud of your people even if you’re not directly related to Shaka Zulu.

    • True that. 99% of those who ended up being brought to the “new world” were just ordinary folks who happened to end up as POW due to war with neighboring nations. That’s all there is to it, for the most part.

  4. I think the concept of a “warrior tribe” is sort of silly. Most nations (a tribe is a nation) aren’t warmongers. That being said, I’m Namibian by (modern) nationality. As far as ethnic groups are concerned, I’m Owambo on my fathers side and Himba on my mothers side, and I am in fact descended from Owambo royalty, so feel free to address me as “your excellency” from now on! Hehehe

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