Entertain us…and shut your mouth Negro!

Remain Voiceless...

16 thoughts on “Entertain us…and shut your mouth Negro!

  1. That about sums it up!

    “They expect us to entertain them through sports….AND acting AND singing!” They also expect us to sleep with them, produce babies that look mostly like them all while they call us “niggers!”..while we remain voiceless. That’s a ‘good house nigger’. But those of us whom they consider to be the ‘field niggers’ ain’t having it!

    However, it is quite unfortunate that they have plenty ‘house niggers’ to entertain them, most willingly.

      • It does indeed, say it all! I am not about to entertain white filth, nor am I about to lie down with dead white filth and get up with a belly full of a half and half. Not going to happen! They can take their bullshit and shove it up their ass. Unfortunately, they will always find some sell-outs, but I’m not one of them!

  2. They expect that we answer all their stupid and annoying questions about our hair,our body,our skin ecc!
    ” why did you change your hair? why did you keep your hair like that? so you can’t grow your hair?,it’s true that BM have BBC? how it’s like be black? if I will get tan so I can be like you? did you see how dark I am now? can you teach how to twerk?”
    Also they expect to listen all their problematic personal problems,we need to deal all their mental breakdown and hysteria they have!
    This is all the bullshit that everyday we should face,I am not surprise why our people are also mental ill now!
    Everything it should be only about them nothing else no you aren’t include it!

  3. I strongly agree with this statement. The more we entertain them the happier they are but when black people start being productive as a people they are bat ass unhappy.

  4. Hey all, reality check: that’s what a conquered people are supposed to do.

    If you go through the trouble of conquering a group of people, then you get the control. Like the old saying goes: to the victor goes the spoils.

    Not saying that it’s right, but if you understand history and human behavior, that is the reality.

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