Is your weekly news scripted?


37 thoughts on “Is your weekly news scripted?

    • That’s a great clip Shelby. It amazes me that Conan shows that on his show and the audience is laughing along. Do they get it? Are they that brain dead? Conan is showing them that the mainstream news is clearly scripted. And many of them are too stupid to see it. People need to OPEN their eyes!

      • So true Prince. The last thing I did when watching this video was laugh. I sighed so deeply, I almost hyperventilated myself. Americans are just too stupid for words if they don’t even see what is right in front of them.

        Our news has been scripted for so damn long, many don’t even want to know because then they would have to realize that the shit that they condoned was nothing more than a pack of lies that they signed off on and Americans never want to assume responsibility for their own actions. They always want to blame someone else. And if being lied to constantly does it for them, well now, they’ll just laugh and get into the SUV and drive next door to Walmart. It’s ALL good!

      • That is the honest to God truth! It’s so pathetic to see people just walk around with blinders on. I think many people are just scared of the truth. if they accept the truth then they feel a certain social obligation to do something. So they just rather stay asleep. I don’t quote white guys too much but Mark Twain had a great quote. He said it’s easier to fool people than convince them they’ve been fooled!

      • I gotta admit, I only made it to 4:27 of the video you posted because I was becoming brain dead and so if my video is somewhere on the rest of yours, you have my apologies. I could only take but 4 and a half minutes of that recycled drivel. Sorry Prince!

    • And after watching, hella creepy! But if you’re gonna brainwash the masses, you have to use the same detergent right? Their tones and cadence of their speech, the order in which they tell the news, it’s all a ploy to get us feeling a certain way about whatever they want us to think about. Catapult the propaganda.

      • The propaganda is through the roof! It’s not even hidden at this point. It’s pretty blatant. People seem to love being happy idiots. I guess ignorance is bliss. *sigh*

      • You are SO right Kelley! It’s creepy as hell and what’s even creepier about it is all of those people who think it funny when it is SO not! If they’ll brainwash us into buying one or two or even TEN items for ourselves for Christmas, just think about the really, really BIG shit they’re mucking up our heads with.

  1. Europeans are the competitors of Africans. This doesn’t surprise me now, they will use whatever methods they have at their disposal against us. Read more and spread more knowledge. Thanks Prince.

    • If you want to brainwash a population you must control information. It’s crucial if you want people to think a certain way. And it’s obvious that the news is controlled. It’s to give the illusion of choice.

  2. They have been robotized,like famous stars all of them!
    If you look their interview or when they are in public,it’s look like they are pass away or dead!
    They stand with their open eyes or mouth,you can see their eyes they seem hysterical or they are all seem super happy or hyperactive!
    These people are bunch of walking dead!

  3. Far to many people have gotten caught up in the fake amerikklan dream and walk around with their blinders on and are to scared to loss what little they may have by speaking the truth. The news is scripted for the walking dead

  4. Kushite, The reason I hardly watch the news, because I read that the Jews controls the media including the black media. I find it funny that every race can become every derogatory term you can think of in Main stream Media, but yet when another white male shoots up a school, nobody is allowed to call him a terrorist & even more funny they try humanize him.I have to say this Kushite, The 400 year anniversary of the first slaves arriving in America is next year, it is time for us to get the lawyers in tow so we can get ready to bring The Beast called the UN to it’s knees. The day of filing charges against the US government of it’s treatment of black folks are here.

  5. Hello, Kushite Prince.

    I really appreciate some of the posts that you make especially the one about them reading people’s mind.

    Even if you don’t like me or care, I am now exposing these demons.

    What you posted about the spying is true but you left out ASTRAL TRAVEL. But you probably already know about that right..

  6. I already knew this. I don’t watch that brain rotting tel-lie-vision, it’s all scripted propaganda trash, but my family still watches it occasionally, I guess some people would rather be blind to it, cause they’re too afraid to admit it’s all lies, and exit the matrix they are in. Side-note: I hope you have things like food, seeds, and other supplies prepared, since food is going to get really expensive, because of stupid trade wars. I prepared some extra seeds, water, and dried foods recently, since hurricane season is about to happen soon and me and my family needed to be prepared since I think a category 5 hurricane is going to actually hit Florida this year with how they are manipulating the weather lately.

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