Dedication to all my subscribers: I appreciate the love and support!

I wanted to make a video to show some appreciation to all the people I’ve met in cyberspace.  Like most people I’ve had ups and downs in life.  But even when I was feeling down a lot of you helped uplift my spirits.  And I’ve learned so much from many of you. Many of you have shared information with me that I never knew.  And hopefully I’ve done the same for you. That’s all I ever wanted to do.  I never started blogging to be Mr. Popular. I don’t do this to be some kind of conscious celebrity. I have strong opinions and I’ve actually lost subscribers because of my views. But at least I’m honest about my feelings.  I love my people and I just want them to realize we are in a real war at the moment.  I just try to bring them information that will elevate their consciousness and see through the lies. So this video is long overdue. To all the kind brothers and sisters I’ve chatted with on WordPress,Youtube and Twitter.  I also want to thank all the people who reblogged and shared my posts on Instagram and Facebook.  All your hard work is not going unnoticed. I appreciate all the love.  I just wanted to say thank you!




Truth Angel..









45 thoughts on “Dedication to all my subscribers: I appreciate the love and support!

      • You did? Aw shucks. You make me feel kinda special. Let me go check it out. 🙂

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      • Hey kush I know Im New to the blog world but don’t forget me I see you on you youtube on Cynthia g YouTube page I be on there to son. I goes to war with them kkkrackas .they be all up on our forums from soul train to cyn g and any pro black YouTuber.all that we are one Shit and oh color don’t matter. I just went in on several kkkrackas in regards to Shannon Sharpe with cyn g and umar Johnson page to.told them to stay the fuk off our Shit.sorry for cussing but they are obsessed with us the South called inferior race…. Lol I got something for that ass son with all of going to do all I can along with the rest of our bros and sisters who are in the know to help bring WS to its knees. Like you been doing son.. Time for the most highs most blessed melanated ones kings and queens us to rise…. And we shall…. Vengeance is coming for the kkkrackasfor what they have done to his people..US….stay strong warrior prince kush ..we ain’t done yet..keep them missles firing (your blogs are like fire to WS)…Derrick “D rock”martinez original founding member of the legendary rock steady crew formed in the summer of hell in the burning fires of the South Bronx by our poor amazing melanated kings …shalom

      • hey no problem prince lush you my man’s strait up..but kush I need to ask you something.what do you think about this march for lives movement? there were over 500k people that were here in wash DC. In here in dc working so I seen em this past weekend ..personaly I don’t think it’s our movement that’s them kkkrackas issues with there own pathology coming back on that ass with more to come.. Now they want to say it’s about all of “us” we are one kush seriously since when have whites given 5 fuks about us when our kids get shot down by them and by ourselves by there own design?! Am I really suppose to care bc these maniac demons are getting mowed down like the lawnmower man by one of there own?! Am I or any of us wrong for not caring as much about that Shyt? Sorry I’m concerned about our kids there issues to me kush ain’t our issues.. we got our own issues to worry about.. Like bringing WS to its death bed and liberating our people..but what’s your take on it son?! Godless our people anyway kush. We are the creators most blessed melanated ones always… Derrick “D Rock” Martinez original rock steady crew 1977..shalom kush

  1. Thank you very much for being such a dedicated blogger and sharing all this uplifting information with us.

      • yes I read it she is a total beast and she was spot on! She is as I call her a young lioness of the most high and you are a warrior prince of the most high as well.. She had did a post on hip hop right before her post on the march I had commented on that.. At least I know it’s not just me that feels this way about this joke of a March.. To me that’s there dam Problem!! and yet we got some Brain dead azz Negroes who say “yea we all in this together bs” no we ain’t! Kush I feel we need a separate nation away from these zoo monkeys. Alot of kush ain’t going to survive this final battle against the edomites smfh sad but true.. But thank you and all the most highs front line warriors like cc you truth Shelby all of you for giving us the ammunition and full clips as we prepare for war against the seeds of Satan….godbless our people we are the true children of the creator himself…. D.martinez original rock steady crew 1977.

  2. I am truly humbled! And I cannot stop laughing at what you said about me because it is oh SO true! LOL! Hell! Sometimes, I manage to hurt my own damn feelings. Now, THAT is TOO much!

    Prince, thank you SO much! You DA man!!!!

    Much love, brotha! And keep on keeping on!

  3. Thanks, love. Your presence is invaluable. I’ve learned so much from you and the works you’ve shared. And that avatar of me is just… gorgeous.

    Thank you thank you thank you! Power up✊🏾🖤

    • That means a lot. I appreciate your hard work and you’re really dedicated. Hard work does pay off. You always have good stuff on your blog. You provide great insight on many topics. I appreciate the comments.

      • Just to let you know, that The Black Men’s Summit in Washington is still on schedule. I won’t be there ,but a black Queen told me she will send me info on my twitter through DM, so I will let you know what is happening. Also, there is a new social media network created by blacks for blacks, I will let you know on further details. Keep doing what you’re doing brother. I can’t call you Prince, I call all my brothers that are doing good in this society Kings. GOD BLESS

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