We come from Warriors!


8 thoughts on “We come from Warriors!

  1. Kushite, I was kind of disappointed, because I read that Ava Duvernay passed on Black Panther because she wanted the Black Panther to be bi-sexual. It seems like there are some blacks that will stoop to anything to get paid.

    • Is that what you heard? I did hear she turned it down because of “creative differences”. I think Disney or Marvel wanted the film to go in a different direction. But you might be right. She might’ve wanted Panther to be gay or have him in an interracial love story. You never know with Hollywood. I just knew there would be an offensive agenda in the film. I just didn’t know how they would pull it off. I just was surprised they would stoop to this. They made a film that was anti-black freedom and pro-oppression. Disgusting and insulting film!!!

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