22 thoughts on “In the Matrix: Which one are you?

  1. What about the people who try to wake people up but dont know they’re brainwashed with so much propaganda and social engineering that they end up being agents by default?

  2. If you think that was a BW who wrote Matrix and the same for Terminator it was another BW!
    But how we know Hollycracker likes take
    all the merits!

  3. I’m the one questioning the term itself, bro KP [LOL]! If it’s truly a “MATrix,” where are the MATriarchs to help us find MA’AT? Perhaps we should re-term it the PATrix, as in Euro-patriarchy [IMHO]… architect of the chaos, thievery, slavery, colonialism, etc? Of course much of this evil was done with the blessing of HIS queen, so… hmmm.

    • Of course leave to you to bring it back to the REAL issue.lol That is very true. You brought a perspective I think never even crossed the minds of others. You always provide great food for thought. Thanks for that Malaika.

  4. The matrix has the whole world upside down.

    Only toward the end, did MalcolmX realize who the original slave-masters were. Then they blamed his death on NOI.

    Very few are awake and ,through no fault of their own. When we can ourselves comprehend the full scope of oppression and its operation on the human psyche ,we would be more understanding of the extent of brain pollution Black people the world over have been exposed to.

    If we dont know who engineered the Maafa,
    If we think Muslims/ Arabs are the problem
    If we dont know that Christianity and Communism are two sides of the same coin
    If we don’t know that jews are the most dangerous creatures on the planet,
    If we do not know the long history of lies of the most dangerous creatures on the planet
    If we still believe these liars are victims of Hitler
    If we think that Black people have any allies
    If we dont know the USA is a colony of israel and trains all the police there to to target Black people
    If we do not know who the bankers are
    If African Americans do not comprehend that Africa belongs to them
    Well ,then we can hardly call our brethren asleep .
    Very very few of us are awake .

    When we can name the jew as the original oppressor and investigate the full extent of their destruction of the planet and its people, then an awkening can take place

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