Staying Fit-Finding the right gym

Staying Fit..

It’s all in your head

The majority of gym goers experience apprehension for one reason or another. In one study, nearly 65% of women admit to avoiding the gym due to anxiety or fear of being judged. Some people are better at hiding it, and other people have been able to move on from their insecurities. However, the same study found that you’re about twice as likely to feel like you’re being judged, than you are to actually be judged.

Chances are: unless someone is making a point of making you uncomfortable, they aren’t judging you at all. You could actually be their source of motivation!

Remember why you’re going to the gym, and write down your goals.

Whether you’re trying to get in better shape for a specific event or making a dedicated effort to take control of your health, write down your “why”. Avoiding illness? Class reunion coming up? Wedding? Making sure you’re healthy enough to be there for your loved ones? What is your Big Why?

Whatever the reason, write it down and put your “why” somewhere you can see it regularly.

Then, set SMART goals and refer to them regularly. SMART goals are:

  • Specific
  • Measureable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Bound

This is a proven system that you can apply to almost any aspect of your life. You can find a fitness-specific template here, or get creative and make your own. Make sure you have short-term and long-term goals.

Reminding yourself why you need to go to the gym and having set goals and timelines will keep you focused. You’ll be less likely to talk yourself out of the gym if you remember why you need to go.

Getting in shape..

Find the right gym

Unless you live in a very rural or isolated area, chances are you have several gym options to choose from. Price, hours of operation, and location will all play a role in your decision – but those shouldn’t be the only factors. Some gyms cater to hardcore fitness enthusiasts, while others specifically target the average Joe. There are even female-only gyms!

Make an appointment for a tour of the facility. Try to go during the time of day you expect to be exercising to get an idea of how many people will be there. Do they offer a free consultation or a trial membership for free? If so, take advantage of it to familiarize yourself with the equipment and personnel.

A gym’s culture and atmosphere can vary a lot from location to location and even by the time of day. You’ll just need to do some research to get started.

For more tips on choosing the right gym, give this article a quick read.

Get a workout buddy

There is strength in numbers! Having a workout partner increases your odds of success in SO MANY ways! First of all, you’re less likely to bail on a workout if you’re meeting someone. Secondly, unless you’re at vastly different fitness levels, you’re both going to be struggling together.

Chances are that you know someone who is in the same spot as you are, fitness-wise. If not, ask the gym manager if anyone is looking for a workout buddy. Make a commitment to each other and yourselves to hold each other accountable. You’ll feel more comfortable when you’re not alone, and you can cheer each other on.

Another great place to find a workout buddy and make friends is in the exercise classes offered by your gym.

Don’t go to the gym without a plan

When you fail to plan, plan to fail. If you walk into the gym without a plan of action, you’ll probably spend most of your time there deciding what to do than actually working out. This will only make you feel more self-conscious.

Use a workout journal, an app on your phone, or download a template from the internet. Find a plan that is realistic, but challenging given your current level of fitness. Some gyms even have mobile apps specific to their equipment and locations.

Article by Ajima Jackson

12 thoughts on “Staying Fit-Finding the right gym

  1. Love It, This Is Def Part Of The Motivation Needed To Stop Letting The Bar In My House Collect Dust….Spring Is Right Here!
    New domain

    • Thanks Wyzedome! It’s never too late to hit the gym. We can all do better in the health department. I know I’m doing my best to eat better and stay in shape. And thanks for the link. I’ll be checking it out for sure.

  2. I am a runner/walker, it works for me because I can get that quiet time that I need and clear my head at the same time. I’ve started some out just by walking. Next thing that they know, walking became a habit and some went further and now power-walk. I’m kind of on the tall side so I like to stretch a lot. I sleep better too.

    Some of the people that I know live in sketchy areas. I suggested joining a gym, work out including swimming and a indoor track if that is their thing. As black people, we DO have pre-genetic markers and I try to remain cognizant of that.

  3. I try to stay sharp in a few areas with fitness being one of them. I’m a fruit smoothie addict. Drinker of Green, Black & Oolong Tea. And your recent selection/appreciation of the Black Woman will only have me working out in overdrive. I️ mean, I do it for me but there’s nothing wrong w/being your best in front of the reason why I’m here. The Black Woman.

    Besides that. Read daily. Practice a martial art. Go to the gun range. Shop/buy black when/wherever applicable. Keep them finances in check/let your money work for U.

    • Yeah I love those smoothies too. They can get quite addictive I need to practice some martial arts. I do a lot of cardio and boxing training. I think we all need to do better with our eating choices and hitting the gym more. More fruits,vegetables and lots of water is what I try to do. And I love tea since I’m not a big coffee drinker. But you’re definitely doing it the right way Nat. Stay on course brother!

  4. Exercise is important in counter racism. It counters the constant stress of dealing with whites and living in amerikkka.
    I goto “anytime fitness” for 35/ month. Its an okay value. But you can workout anytime without equipment, just our bodies for resistance. Im a big proponent of that. I have a book on calisthenics. I havent been using it, but Im gonna re-read it.

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