Six Goddis


This stunning beauty is Six Goddis. She also goes by the name Goddis Sixfootah.  She is the true definition of gorgeous Afrocentric beauty.  Goddis is from Orlando,Florida.  She hosts different black conscious events that come to Florida.  She also has an Instagram and Facebook account and a radio program.  On her program she lets it be known she’s about black love, black unity and raising the consciousness of her people. She’s not just gorgeous but has intelligence to go with it.  Be sure to check her out!

Six Godddiss2...

Six Goddiss..

6 thoughts on “Six Goddis

  1. kush my man she is a bad muthafu….shhh Negro shut your mouth! SMH I got issues son but this is why our women have always been the standard of beauty the world knows it but yet they try so hard to destroy the image of us of our Nubian queens but yet emulate and copy and paste all that our queens say we are not the best is laughable lol.. Were can my ancient azz find this young lady at?! I think I like lol.. D.martinez rock steady crew 77.

  2. Wow….Goddiss is definitely what her name says “Goddess”. Her beauty is mesmerizing, magnetic and insatiable. She not only has beauty but intelligence and loyalty to along with it. She strives to uplift and educate african americans which puts her another level and makes standout from the rest of the beautiful women out there.

  3. You’re sooooo bomb, I know you know this, and hear this practically everyday and I’m thrilled that you say you know that about yourself that you’re black and beautiful . Thank you for giving me something to think about with your pod cast. ✌🏿❤😊💯💪🏿

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