A lot of brothers say they like foreign women. Well just keep this in mind…..

Foreign Women..

12 thoughts on “A lot of brothers say they like foreign women. Well just keep this in mind…..

  1. Excellent reminder to the brothers/sisters who have their eyes on people from different countries and such. Curaçao though? Very euro features on her but beautiful nonetheless.

  2. Good point, and very true! An acquaintance turned me onto this FB group called “Afro-American vs. Afro Brazilian–which would you date?”. They are supposedly Black men in the the USA “frustrated” with dating Black women in the USA, so they want to date “foreign” sistahs. The problem is most of the pictures that these group members post are of mixed-race women, mestizos, some Asian women (b/c lots of these men travel to Thailand too), and white women with fat asses. There are hardly ever any actual Afrikan women’s pictures. It’s a shame. I suggested that they should just travel to Afrikan countries if they want to meet good Black women, but they said “it is too far and expensive”. But Thailand, the Philippines, and Brazil aren’t? These dudes are fake and are using the excuse of having met a few disagreeable Black women in the USA to justify their search for non-Black females. These dudes are so transparently hypocritical that it’s laughable.

    • I know what you’re talking about. I’ve seen black men on YouTube talking about going to places like Brazil. As long as they’re actually black women I have no problem with it. But many of them are just using it as an excuse to date non-black women. I understand some men say they don’t meet black women that have the right mindset. So they have to look elsewhere. But I would respect them more of they were just enough about secretly lusting these white and Asian women. I haven’t seen that Facebook page but I don’t doubt it. Many times they have other motives other than just being frustrated with black women. Only thing worse is that MGTOW movement. The “men going their own way” movement is very strange to me. If they don’t want serious relationships with women,what are they going to do? Become homosexual??lol They are so many weird groups on the internet. I think people have just forgotten how to be in healthy relationships. A lot of has to do with the media and their attack on gender roles. Men and woman are confused about what they want and need in a relationship. I think people need to get back to basics.

  3. Yes, a lot of these guys are misinformed and full of self hate, you can’t take them seriously at all!!! They love anything that is far from Blackness and very close and near to whiteness. Majority of them are hopeless and pitiful.

    But those women are sooo GORGEOUS though!!! 😍😍😍

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