Nothing funnier than a Conscious Coon!


I’ve actually seen this in person.  I can’t control my laughter when I see

27 thoughts on “Nothing funnier than a Conscious Coon!

    • It’s so sad seeing this. I’ve seen black guys all dressed up inAfrican garb with white women. I’ve even seen black women with head wraps or natural hair talking consciousness in YouTube videos. Then I see they have a white husband! I’m like…..what?! So mentally lost it’s sad. They’re just playing a part.

    • I had a friend that went to Brazil a few years ago. And he said it’s rampant over there. So I know you’re not lying. It’s like an epidemic in Brazil. I’ve seen it with a lot of celebrities in Brazil. I think it’s highly hypocritical.

      • Yes. There, coons love anything non-black more than those people love themselves. But those hypocritical negros only take unused leftovers.

  1. “I only mess w/white girls aka snow cones, to stick it to the man. Nothing more revolutionary than watching Friends eating tuna w/extra mayonnaise. Lotsa mayonnaise!”

  2. These blacks not only dress with African clothes,but they teach to their white lovers how to dance African traditional dances,how to cook African food,how to speak and how to dress!
    These coons say that this is cute but me personally I don’t fine nothing cute doing this!
    Wp are racist and they still,this doesn’t change their way they think!

  3. My common got cut off before. As I was saying I said it on social media, a lot of black people who are from the hood or talk that fake woke lingo are actually MORESO servants to white supremacy than the kid who plays his video games all day and listens to rock. Consciousness isn’t about what you say, how you dress or how hood you are. It’s about how you think. How you understand what being black means in a white dominated world.

    • That’s what many people can’t grasp. They think it’s just clothes and using certain words. The truth is it’s a mentality and thought process. Thanks for that great comment.

  4. White people love starting trouble for non-whites, especially Black people. That white girl knows some alt-righter or any white male online could see that photo.

    No white likes to see us wearing Afrikan garb because it’s anti-amerikan to them and we’re supposed to “grateful” their ancestors brought and left us here.

    More of our people need to wake up.

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