Before Housing projects & Welfare

Blacks on Welfare...PNG

3 thoughts on “Before Housing projects & Welfare

  1. This is true! And unfortunately many black women migrated to the “welfare states” as well as from the dust bowl regions, etc. and lived with relatives until they could establish “residency” in a welfare state and LEFT the husband behind and to fend for himself. Former president Lyndon B. Johnson gave black women (under the guise of War on Poverty) welfare in exchange for absentee men/fathers in the home.

    This is the result of what we see today. Incomplete, nuclear family units and why a lot of our dynamic is “jacked up” as one of my people would say. Smh…

  2. In past, I know for a fact Whites fear Black Families because they have their power. They have unity in numbers. Since the implementation of social programs like food stamps, section 8 housing among others, it’s created to split the family apart specially the male. And women created that mentality of “I don’t need no man” practically destroyed the traditional family structure. Without the father figure, the future generation will grow broken.

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