How do you get over this horror?


12 thoughts on “How do you get over this horror?

  1. Something like this you can get over but the heal process will take time especially with each generation. But what I want is justice put those white bastards to death. I want them to suffer a painful slow death as well as there after life to have another painful slow death.

  2. Kushite, Dr.King once said “we don’t need to worry about the white supremacists, we need to worry about the white moderate “. The white moderate is for “law & Order, but not racial equality. That is why we need to hold politicians ,especially the black ones accountable. They want our vote in the mid-terms, they have to prove it. We also have to invest in dual citizenship, I guarantee you that gets their attention. I’m also tired of black political pundits going on political shows asking for rights from the oppressor. My mother said that the US has had 160 years to get right with black people, it chose not, now it’s too late. We getting the light end here in the US, black people in Brazil & Portugal get it way worst than we do.

  3. Kushite, The 400 year anniversary of the first slaves arriving in America is next year. A lot of blacks are going to Jamestown next August to pray to those ancestors, I believe we will overcome this ,but again I hate the word patience. GOD BLESS

  4. It is difficult but I tell you that the KOS (Knowledge of Self) works wonders. My wife and I were just talking about this and how this country really tries to make it as if Black History started with us being slaves. No, it is a small chapter in our book. As long as we continue to believe that our history started with them enslaving our ancestors. We will always remain in bondage but as soon as we realize that we are the descendants of Kemet and Kush, and that our spirituality teaches us that we are stars returning to the earth. Shhhh….we are unstoppable!
    Great discussion.

    • Thats very true. Our history is much older than 1600’s. I think that’s one of the reasons we have so many slave films. It’s like a form of trauma based mind control. It keeps you in that same mind frame. Our history goes back thousands of years. You make a great point.

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