Black Panther film- Psychological Warfare by Franklin Jones

Black Matrix..

Most people believe that white dominance is maintained only through their economic and military powers. However, it’s also equally maintained through psychological means. Oppressors also maintain their power by constantly indoctrinating narratives into the minds of the oppress that aids in the preservation of their dominance. Because if the oppressed are left to functions based upon their own narratives, born of their oppression, this breeds dissent among them that leads to revolution. When the oppressed functions based upon their own narratives many are even willing to die and become martyrs for their causes.
This is why white societies never acknowledges, validates, nor provide a national platform for any narratives from a Black perspective against white oppression. White societies are scripted so that the prevailing narratives always favor themselves.
Have you ever noticed that whenever a Black person is invented as a guest on a national television show to speak out about how white racism and white oppression profoundly effects our communities, that the white establishment always invite another guess to vilify them and or to argument? However, to the contrary, whenever white people from anywhere around the world speak about their oppression by a white government their words are praised and efforts are applauded by white societies. In fact when Black people speak out about their oppression and seeking liberation from it, even when using the exact same words as whites, we’re immediately labeled as militant radicals and criminalized. In the U.S were now labeled by the FBI as Black Identity Extremest and are placed on their watch list. This action by the U.S. white establishment is actually much more nefarious than just white hypocrisy. It’s the deliberate tactic of:
Nowadays, whenever Black populations attempts to protest any mistreatments they endure from white societies, the white establishment will never legitimize these grievances. They will instead always respond by presenting narratives that counters and undermines the Black protests. It’s a distraction tactic known as Mass Gas Lighting.
This tactic is also what’s being done when the white establishment response to the Black lives matter slogan by saying that all lives matters. It’s also what’s being done when Black protest against the repeated killing of their love ones by white police officers and the white establishment responds with the false narrative that Black people are declaring a war on police officers.
The term gas- lighting psychological abuse is usually associated with individual abusive relationships, wherein which one person is manipulated and mentally abused for the benefited of the other. However, that same system is also being used on a large scale level by white societies against Black populations. It’s then referred to as Mass Gas Lighting Psychological Warfare.
Mass Gas lighting psychological warfare is a form of mass psychological abuse wherein which the oppressors routinely creates, and then imposes, false narratives beneficial to their own cause upon the oppressed population. It is a insidious form of psychological abuse wherein in which information is always twisted, spun, and or selectively omitted to favor the oppressor. This routine behavior, by the white establishment, in response to Black protest, is intentionally being done to mentally abuse the Black population. It’s a insidious psychological warfare system. This tactic is also what’s actually being done to Black people whenever white societies labels us (Black people) as being racist for protesting against their white racism towards us. This tactic shifts the focus away from the inequality being expressed by the Black population and forces the Black population to instead engage in defending themselves against false accusation of racism. Meanwhile the true issue of Black inequality is never addressed by the white establishment.
This mass gas lighting system is the reason why we literally have peaceful Black protesters crying; “please stop the white cops from killing us”, and the white establishment responding by criminalizing them as thugs, and using many deflecting commentaries to avoid addressing the issue. This psychological warfare practice is what you’re witnessing when the white establishment says; “All Lives Matters”, as rebuttals to the “Black Lives Matters” slogan. This rebuttal is merely a distraction tactic. It’s intentionally designed to divert attention away from the issue of Black victims being routinely killed by white cops. It’s also used to defuse the moral statement of “Black Lives Matters”. The flag kneeling issue is also merely a distraction tactic. It’s intentionally designed to divert attention away from the issue of Black victims being routinely killed by white cops.

Within this psychological warfare system, the white establishment is never acknowledged as morally wrong, and the Black oppressed are never acknowledged as morally correct. This practice is continued until the Black population begins to doubt their own positions. Many begins to doubt their reasons for protesting, thinking that if their cause isn’t being recognized by the dominant society then perhaps it lacks merit. The mind’s of targeted populations are quite easy to manipulate if they’re unaware of what’s being done to them. Once minds have been confused, manipulation becomes simple. The mind will even ignore common sense, and rationality falls away, even overlooking hypocrisy and deception.
Our common mistake, as Black people living within white dominant societies, is that we perceive ourselves as being fully citizens however in reality nothing could be furthest from the truth. Although white governments professes equality for all citizens they’re secretly unrelentingly committed towards the preservation of their nation’s white dominance. This unrelenting commitment has always necessitated that systems be secretly implemented against the interests of Black populations- as a means of protecting their white dominance.
During the 1960’s Civil Right Movement, the blatantly racist Jim Crow segregation systems used in the past for maintaining the U.S white dominance had ran their course– thus became no longer morally and socially acceptable with the changing times. Therefore moral judgement was on the side of African Americans. As a result of this African Americans gain much global attention and support. Dr. King was even awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The situation tarnished the U.S image, eroded its globally standing, and embarrassed the US government. This required that the white establishment abandon this blatantly immoral practice and develop more covert methods for protecting the nation’s white dominance. The logical solution was use the same well proven psychological warfare propaganda campaigns that were already used to control the masses domestically and used against foreign nations during wartime to now control Black populations. These warfare tactics that are presently being deployed against Black people by white nations are Mass Gas Lighting Warfare, Manufactured Consent (for Black mistreatment), and
Black Demoralizing Divide and Conquer Warfare.
I have already explained the Mass Gas lighting warfare tactic, now I will explain the two additional listed tactics of :
1. Manufactured Consent (for Black mistreatment).
2. Divide and Conquer Warfare.
1. Manufactured Consent for the mistreatment of Black populations.
Whenever those that are in power wants to created a national setting that allows their mistreatment of a targeted population they use media to spread fraudulent propaganda portraying the targeted population as being a major problem of the society –through lies and manufactured news items. This create a consensual national setting that justifies their mistreatment. The tactic is called:
What this more specifically means is to turn a harmless population into a fearsome enemy of society through false negative news media propaganda. Then use the false negatives perception of the group to justify routinely attacking and killing them. This tactic is precisely what is being done to Black populations by white societies. The white media intentionally portrays Black people as being a part of a treacherous, frightening, and insane fringe, thereby creating a false impression of wanton Black criminality and violence. This create contemptuous, distorted perceptions and acrimonious beliefs about the Black population that are designed to makes the nation and the entire world insensitive to their plight, tranquilize efforts on their behalf, and makes any serious criticism of White racism now almost impossible. When contempt of Black people is made to appear to be justifiable, this creates conditioned responses in the nation for eventualities to unfold against Black populations without opposition or resentment. Furthermore, it creates a consensual national setting wherein which witnesses, and bystanders, will sit by idly allowing Black populations to be brutally mistreated under the belief that it is all justified. This is very evident within the U.S. Criminal Justice system wherein which Black people are disproportionately incarcerated, given stiffer sentences, and are more likely than other racial groups to be treated brutally, beaten, and fired upon by police officers while they are unarmed. This is the reason why it is possible for white cops to habitually kill unarmed Black people and avoid being indicted by merely saying that they feared for their lives. These injustices are now often ignored because the perception has subconsciously become that it’s all now justified.
The white oppressor’s greatest power over us is their ability to control information that shapes our perception of reality and the capacity to make us then act according to these false perceptions.
The white media’s unrelenting negative depictions of Black people– that amplifies the negative to the point that it distort reality– is much more than just bias media reporting. It is also actually a Divide and Conquer psychological warfare system. Throughout world history, oppressors have often deployed divide and conquer tactic against the oppressed because self loathing and division amongst the oppressed makes them easier to control. This modern system is deplored like a massive media marketing campaign that constantly subjects Black people to seeing only the fraudulent worst within themselves. Its weapon is the message that it carries. Within this system fraudulent black racially demoralizing propaganda is pumped unrelentingly into the unsuspecting minds of Black populations–without being challenged or counterbalanced by an equal amount Black positive racially affirming information. It conveys the subliminal message that Black people are there own worst enemy and therefore needs whites to govern over their lives. Moreover, that Black people should admire, respect, and trust only Whites. This system is extremely effective because when Black people are repetitively presented these noted narratives from trusted white media sources it can be very difficult to resist it’s implied programming. Especially when the propaganda is being told daily and so unrelentingly.
With time, being unable to refute the constant negative information about themselves, many Black people eventually comes to accept them. They unconsciously influences how many within the Black population perceives themselves, creating division and self hatred among themselves. It also turns the collective aggressions of Black people away from the white society and turns them inward towards themselves. Our core problem has always been the monopoly that the white oppressors have over our minds. This warfare tactic works so well that it not only makes Black people more compliant with white dominance over their lives, it in fact makes many even prefer it. It’s at the root of the self hatred affecting many Black people and false feelings of false superiority held by many whites.
Throughout history the oppressor’s depiction of the oppressed has never been a true one. It is always a false depiction of the oppressed that serves the nefarious agendas of the oppressors. The oppressors always vilify the oppressed to validate their mistreatment of them. They always dehumanize the oppressed to make others insensitive to their plight. And they always depict the oppressed in a manner that demoralizes them. Because this makes the oppressed self loathing and divided – which then makes them easier to control. These are the exact same tactics that white societies presently uses against Black populations.

Article by Franklin Jones.  Be sure to buy his book The BlackPeopleMatrix.

18 thoughts on “Black Panther film- Psychological Warfare by Franklin Jones

  1. Kushite, this was very informative. But, what I always remembered is that when blacks are on a National TV show to talk about racial issues that targets us, I always see a black person never having enough time to articulate their thoughts. The host of the show always says “You only have 10 seconds, we have to leave it their”. I say the best thing for us to do is not go on these shows & give them ratings. I may be wrong. I have to check this guy out. Thanks

    • You’re right. I’ve seen that many times. They never give them enough time. That’s done on purpose. You’re very observant. His book is great. Franklin really knows how to drive home a point.

      • This also has to be said KP and others that often times when we have a great speaker talking to us about these topics there is a lot of yelling and affirmations, but little actual comprehension. Small example is I listened to a great speech by Tupac he was giving to a group of older black folks. He charged them with not doing their job in teaching the youth (you may have seen this) the crowd was cheering! Why? He is talking about YOU. It’s hard actually get your message out to our people. Even my brothers are self haters.

      • That’s so true Marcus. I think you’re talking about that speech Tupac did back in 1991 or 1992. He was spitting some fire! He dropped a lot of truth! The elders deserve our respect. But the elders also have to be willing to listen to the youth. The world is much different than it was fifty or sixty years ago.

  2. Woah! I really need to get this brother’s books, he is GOOD! I saw this movie and as expected I left the cinema disappointed and annoyed. I went there having a cautious disposition obviously since it’s a Marvel production. I thought they were going to throw in a homosexual agenda or something else and not for them to blatantly vilify, demoralise and invalidate the plight and the stance of the pro Black liberation. I didn’t expect that but i wasn’t suprised when I noticed that’s what was happening.Thank you for sharing this with us Prince.

    • Yeah it was very insulting. They dressed it up with great cinematography and good dialogue. But the message was unsettling to say the least. Be sure to get his book. You won’t regret it. Thanks for the comment.

    • No it’s not easy to get people to see the truth. I know a lot of stubborn people. They have been conditioned to hate themselves and forgive everyone else. Change is difficult for many. But it has to happen to grow as a person. It’s also important to understand deception. And too many of us love being naive. That is a pathway to self destruction. But try to stay positive and open the eyes of as many people as you can. Thanks Sparks. I always appreciate your comments.

  3. I wasn’t going to see it anyway. I never thought Black Panther was a Black movie. None of these films in theaters are made for us when you think about it.

  4. The gay/lesbian agenda is being pushed heavily in these comic book films. They are brainwashing children to see sexual perversion as normal. In a recent Facebook post Phil Valentine gave an interesting breakdown of what’s to come for the upcoming Marvel films. Get ready for more homosexual and lesbian superheroes that are here to save the day! Here’s what he posted:
    “But don’t be surprised. True to the hyper-feminized overhaul of Disney’s upper management, as exemplified by the hiring of fem-fascist Kathleen Kennedy, who conscripted “Blue Pill/Soy Boys” Rian Johnson and JJ Abrams to write, direct and produce that feminist fiasco titled “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” … the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU) – a thoroughbred in Disney’s cinematic stable – promises to commit cinematic suicide with the introduction of characters that exemplify the ongoing normalization of perversity in our morally degenerating society.
    And because it’s the MCU, they egotistically believe it will not affect their sales or the loyalty of their Fan base, forgetting (or just completely ignoring) the scathing backlash their Star War Fans (made up predominately of heterosexual men and boys) unleashed regarding that 2 hours and 32 minute exercise in “Mary-Sue” Fem-Fuckery.
    If you don’t believe it, check what Tessa Thompson (aka. “Valkyrie” from “Thor: Ragnarok”) had to say in the attachment. Her words are a clear indication that the viral pestilence called Feminism is no longer festering below the surface of the MCU. It’s about to appear on the surface as a leprous boil on the consciousness of its faithful fan-base.
    From the ‘Entertainment Magazine’ article titled “Marvel Cinematic Universe Will Soon Include Two Openly LGBTQ Characters”, by Anthony Breznican, we read:
    “…Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige says there will be two LGBTQ characters in future films — and we already know one of them. We just don’t know exactly who he means….In an interview about with Gregory Ellwood of The Playlist, Feige answer “yes” to the question: “When are we getting a Gay, Bi, LGBTQ, out character in the MCU? Is it even in the works?”
    “…When asked if they’re characters we’ve already seen, or characters who will be new to the story line, Feige replied: “Both… Both ones you’ve seen and ones you haven’t seen.”
    Tessa Thompson has already made a declaration about her character Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnarok, even though this side of the character wasn’t shown or discussed on screen. But there’s no guarantee that Valkyrie is who Feige meant.
    “…The revelation is likely to provoke a measure of backlash from CLOSE-MINDED FANS (accent mine), but it’s being met with enthusiasm from other Marvel moviegoers (yeah right) who are eager to see the beloved films become more inclusive.”
    The author goes on to say… (Wait for it)
    “…There will definitely be some Captain America fans who wouldn’t mind seeing the love and friendship between Bucky and Steve manifest as something more…”
    And there you have it.
    The sickening saga of Fem-Fascism and it’s schizophrenic stepchild the LGBTQ community, have finally managed to slime their way to the forefront of the propaganda-promoting, mind-f**k machinery of Hollywood.
    Okay. Fam. I know you’re wondering “why the hell are you even bothering to bring attention to this B.S. Dr. Valentine?”
    Well … simply this.
    Disney and Marvel have teamed up to become THE perception-molding juggernaut for this time-cycle in the century of “the Millennials.” And like the frog in the pot slowly being boiled to death in the every-rising temperature of the water it sits in – who dies because he exhausted himself trying to “adapt” to the ever-changing perversity of the environment that was slowly killing him – never reacting correctly to the INITIAL change of the temperature as it increased – eventually becoming too weak to respond – the infrastructural strength of our society’s moral and ethical discernment for “right” and “wrong” (as a healthy heterosexual species), is slowly and methodically being “boiled away” as we are becoming too weak to respond to the subtle AND overt incursion of human psychological perversion and behavioral depravity, being propagated throughout the sum and substance of our moral and ethically deteriorating society today.
    And so it is that the sickening saga of Fem-Fascism, and it’s schizophrenic stepchild the LGBTQ community, have managed to slime their way into kindergartens, grammar schools, “Women’s studies” curricula in colleges, and most pervasively, to the very forefront of the propaganda-promoting, mind-f**k machinery of a Satanic Hollywood.
    So: All you “Infinity War” fans out there…; Get ready to meet the ONLY stupor-hero with the strength (and balls) enough to defeat the “Mad Titan” THANOS…; who, according to this particular story arc, is ready to kick the ass of the “big bad MALE” who literally kicked the ass of EVERY other stupor-hero male (and female)… IN THE ENTIRE FREAKIN’ UNIVERSE…!!!!
    That’s right Fam. The one called upon to rescue us ALL will be “MS. MARVEL”, aka. “CAPTAIN MARVEL” … Marvel’s answer to Star Wars’ own bad-ass master of ANY damn thing she wants to do … without opening a book, without special martial arts training, and ESPECIALLY without ANY help of some “man” named Luke Skywalker — the mighty Mary-Sue “REY”.
    Look her up on YouTube folks. “MS. MARVEL” is the ULTIMATE “Mary-Sue”. She has virtually NO WEAKNESSES (if Disney and Marvel sticks with their Mary-Sue propagating bullshit), and is the one Nick Fury calls upon to save the Universe (not Odin, not the Watchers, not “Eternity”, not even Galactus – who backs her up), but MSSSS. MARVEL
    And get this. The ORIGINAL “Captain Marvel” (a man) originally appeared in a publication called “Wiz Comics” back in 1940, created by C.C. Beck and Bill Parker, who eventually turned him into a BOY named Billy Batson who became a superhero by shouting the word “SHAZAAM”! (the name of the wizard who gave him the powers).
    Then, in the late 1960s a fledgling company called MARVEL Comics snatched up the trademark to Captain Marvel, and published their own version of the character in “Marvel Superheroes #12” in 1967 – a space-fleet captain of the “Kree” Empire – (a male) named “Marr-Vell”. Next came a “Black version” of the hero (a female) named Monica Rambo (who looked like she was wearing a dreadlock wig), followed by a slew of FAILED versions until they finally settled on the VERY blonde Carol Danvers.
    This Captain Marvel franchise became one of THE poorest sellers in the entire Marvel Universe, yet STILL they kept resuscitating this feminist zombie. Hmmm. Wonder why?
    So the fact that the Captain started out as a (God forbid) “Man”, is “Ms” Marvel (one of THE worst selling Marvel graphic novel series of all time – with no less than about 5 “make-overs”) Disney/Marvel’s subtle introduction of a transgender stupor-hero?
    Stay tuned fam.
    And a word of friendly advice. After viewing ANY Disney Marvel/MCU movie from this moment on … be sure to “de-brief” your children … as you SHOULD be de-briefing them each day they return home from that “deaducation” system they are exposed to in school.
    Love, Light, and Vigilance”

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