African Queen Nefertiti was European?(And other myths)

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I watched the Today Show last week.  And I thought that since it was Black History month they wanted to insult the intelligence of black people.  The video(above) shows this fool Josh Gates from the Travel Channel showcasing a recreated bust of King Tut’s mother,Queen Nefertiti.  This is being called an “accurate depiction” of Nefertiti.  This is very insulting!  This recreation looks like Celine Dion with a tan!More Lies2...

This is nothing but pure lies.  This is just more proof that they’re scared of the truth.  How could a bunch of Europeans survive in hot Africa?  They can barley withstand the sun if it gets over 90 degrees.  You expect me to believe they could withstand Africa hitting over 100 degrees temperatures!  No way!  They couldn’t handle that hot ass sun for thousands of years.  They know that Kemet(Egypt) predates European history by thousands of years.  They know that it’s older than Greece and Roman civilizations.


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I just want everyone to be aware when lies are presented as truth.  They will do anything to create the myth that they are the beginning of history and the everyone else is an afterthought.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Although I must admit that the timing is very suspect.  Not only is it Black History month but the Black Panther film is coming out soon.  In the past Africans ruled for thousands of years.  Our civilizations are much older than Europeans themselves.  We had already established schools,politics and governments while they were still living in filthy caves,practicing homosexual sex and eating raw meat.  So when it comes time for presenting a black queen they give us a white woman.  And in most films about Kemet(Egypt) they have white actors playing the parts.  But in Black Panther we have African people who are powerful and ruling their own nation.  So they have no problem showing us as kings and queens in a fictional context.  But in real life they present themselves as the great kings and queens of the world.  We are the Black Gods…they are the phonies. It’s all about controlling the narrative.  And this is how Europeans have tricked the world into believing they are the center of the universe.  They are nothing but low life lying,cheating,decepetive culture vultures.  They are masters of deception. Are you catching on?

21 thoughts on “African Queen Nefertiti was European?(And other myths)

  1. This bust looks like a dog, like Rachel Dolezal and Terry Crews’ wife had a baby.
    What a sad existence, to have to go to these lengths to create fake identities and fake histories. They have nothing to be proud of.

    • You are too funny Kelley. LOL!!! But you’re right though. But they have no choice. This is what they must do to keep this racist and deceptive society going. They have to put lies on top of lies. That’s why when they do this type of stuff it’s laughable. But they don’t have the beautiful history like we do. They have to implant themselves where they don’t belong.

      • I know you can see what I see, KP. It is definitely laughable.
        And I thought Africa was a diseased, poor, war-stricken shithole? Why would anyone in their right mind want to claim to be from Egypt or any other country within Africa? Just contradictory and stupid.

      • They always contradict themselves. But the real reason is they want to claim all those beautiful ancient pyramids. They don’t have anything like that in Greece or Rome. Anything that’s historic they want claim to it. But like I said earlier, Kemet predates all their old Roman dynasties. So they don’t want us to have anything for ourselves. So they have to constantly lie in films and television to keep everyone brainwashed. But our people are waking up. We’re not buying this nonsense anymore. We have to call them out on it.

  2. I strongly believe “NON BLACK AFRICANS” love telling these lies just to get a reaction out of BLACK AFRICANS. Furthermore, that European Nefertiti resemble the singer Cher.

  3. That whitewash Nefertiti if you look close, she looks like a female Neanderthal!
    I think he was inspired by this sculpture!×3.jpg?1465000909
    In Kemet the word “Egypt” meaning “black land”,Kushite they don’t want accept their origins as cavemen! They hate their root!
    Ok let forget about their bullshit theories, I just want to know from them,
    can they explain to me how can be possible those pale skin people survive
    in the summer when the temperatures in Egypt turning around from 43 degrees up, once it happened to run 50 degrees?
    Once I read on YouTube a bullshit like that, according to them they built the pyramids at night! This makes you understand how they are mentally retarded! LMFAO!

      • Kushite this post you did,this remind to me,one your previous post you did about “Who is black!” and you published one picture of all people in the world who have dark skinned but not born in Africa!
        The same people that Wp supremacist doesn’t want to recognise them as people of Africa descendent who billions years ago they left Africa!
        If they admit that ancient Egyptian were black it’s mean that the first civilisation were all black as the religions!
        You notice for them race doesn’t matter until you talk about black civilisation!

      • Of course! They say they want a colorblind society. They tell us we need to look past race. But when it comes to ancient civilizations they have to put themselves everywhere. They’re full of crap!!! They are obsessed with race. They have to lie at every turn. It’s the only way they can keep the racial inequities alive and the myth of white supremacy going.

  4. The sub-humans are at it again, I see! There is something similar to this commentary on YouTube. But the more important thing is, it is WE that must become informed and inform our children and family as well. We MUST stay ahead of these sub-humans in claiming our history and not their continual LIES.

    • That’s right! They are non stop with the lies and deception! That’s why we have to be non stop as well. I stay on my grind. I stay on their ASS!!! I don’t let things like this slide!

  5. Kushite these brothers have point what is going on!
    Don’t forget about queen Cleopatra and queen Sheba they did the same shit!
    These people have serious identity crisis that they want give to us!
    My Goodness!

  6. Kushite,our friend Truthangel just did a blog on this. Black twitter just posted a picture on who the true Egyptians are .The true Egyptians originated in the Southern region of the country that borders Ethiopia. It’s funny how they hate us ,but they make everything white that we created. Don’t worry, just be happy you know the truth. Also remember throughput the 5 Books of Moses in the Bible, Moses tells who the true Israelites are & it isn’t them. GOD BLESS

  7. I don’t even know what to say, what the hell is that thing supposed to be!??? It’s pretty clear that they just wanted to upset and insult people, that’s all!

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