10 thoughts on “The Murdering history of European Missionaries

  1. Great example as to why I don’t believe this Christianity crap, why do our people still follow the religion of the people who enslaved us. Whites don’t even truly believe in their own religion, yet we believe in this, I find it sad we still even follow that farce.

  2. Kushite, here is some good news for you. Due to that backlash of the young black boy “With the Coolest Monkey in Jungle” Campaign H&M outlet will be closing 170 stores worldwide. You see Black Family, this is what happens when we stand up for ourselves & decide to keep our money in our pockets. Research says if we spend 25% of our money in our community, we can employ every black person in the country. If we spend 50% of our money in our own community, we can control the world. Let’s get to work GOD BLESS

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