Comic Book films-Black Heroes,White Wealth(Part 2 of 2)


Mshindo Kuumba is an amazing visual artist.  But he’s also a very intelligent brother. In this video(above) he explains the importance of your legacy and not letting others control the narrative.  Be sure to check out his work on the internet. He’s also on Facebook and Instagram.

Regine Sawyer...2.

There are also a lot of black women that are independent artists and creators.  This video(above) is of Regine Sawyer.  She is at the Black Comic Book day convention.  She believes that it’s important that young black girls see positive images of themselves.  She has her own production company as well.  These are the type of artists and graphic novel writers we should be supporting.  Instead of throwing our money at white owned films like Black Panther. Here’s the link to her page:

So I wanted to take the time to list a few talented artists and writers.  These are independent creators writing and drawing from the black experience.  Not white-owned companies like Marvel and DC comics.  They may not have the big machine behind them but they are really gifted individuals.  So be sure to check out their links.  Many of them are selling books and their artwork.

Ian Wade2...

Ian Wade..

Marcus Williams2...

Marcus Williams...

Saina Six2..

Saina Six...jpg


Tuskegee Heirs...jpg

Jennifer Crute..

N. Steven Harris..

Jaycen Wise..


Miles Away..

This video(above) features freelance graphic designer Imani Lateef.  Lateef is the creator of Peep Game Comix. Peep Game Comix is a digital comics platform that features black themed comic books.  It’s good to see a black person that owns and creates their own vision.  Be sure to check out his site.


New comics2..


Chris Miller..




Loyiso Mkize is the creator of Kwezi Comics. Mkize is a graphic designer/artist from Butterworth,South Africa.

Support Black Artists...jpg

A lot of black film goers and book fans don’t realize there are so many black men and women out there writing scripts and drawing black characters.  There are so many out there creating black heroes with Afrocentric themes and storylines.  Many of us tend to forget how powerful the media can be.  Little black boys and girls want to see themselves as heroes too.  Our children are bombarded with white superheroes that push the idea of European power.  And this is all by design to keep us in a state of inferiority.  Like Mshindo Kuumba said in the interview,we can’t let others control our narrative.  We need to tell our own stories from our perspective.  A lot of black children are excited to see the film Black Panther film. But we must remember that he superhero was created by Marvel Comics founder Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby.  This great African hero was created by two white men. This is the way Europeans operate.  They create a black character then they can make him be what they see as a “good black man”.  That film should be very interesting.  But I would say if you like comic books,graphic novels,afrofuturism and science fiction  then you should support the people I listed on this post.  If you have children that like comic books then tell them about these artists and creators. At least that way your money will be recycling the black dollar.  We have to start speaking with our collective wallets.  If you really want to see the Black Panther film then download it on the internet.  There are plenty of sites out there where you can get new released films.  Another option is to watch it on bootleg.  But we have to stop giving these people our money.  It’s time to support our own.  This is just a short sample of black creators and artists. There’s a lot more out there. Here’s some links to creators in the US and Africa as well.  If you want to see more check out a few of these sites:

Black heroes matter..

Yes Black Heroes do matter!  Take care family.

21 thoughts on “Comic Book films-Black Heroes,White Wealth(Part 2 of 2)

    • I wanted to showcase black artists and creators many of us are don’t know about. I rather black children look up to black heroes by black creators. At least the money goes back to black people.

    • Yeah I feel you But all the comics on this post are by black artists. So be sure to check out some of the links. These are some talented brothers and sisters. They wont get the same recognition as Black Panther. So they need our support.

    • It’s sad because there are black boys and girls that read comic books and don’t know the people on this post. And they really should. Many of them are independent creators. I know a lot of black people are going to take their children to see Black Panther anyway. It has black men and women looking beautiful and black women are greatly represented. That’s a positive thing for our children to see. I always say that in my posts. Representation is a important to a child’s mental state and self esteem. So while it’s a great thing I think we should be controlling our own images. We can’t let other people control our narratives. And if they’re going to read comic books I suggest they read the books on this post. That way the black dollar is circulating back to our own people. I think DC and Marvel have a enough money anyway.

      • Absolutely! I sent in some pictures to be an extra (suggested by my sister), but didn’t make the cut. I do know some folks in it so I am excited for them!
        But at the same time, you’re right. We absolutely need to tell our own stories and have complete control, from production studio to writers to actors and everyone in between. Representation on all levels matters.

  1. Great post. You know what? Have you ever thought about the psychology of slavery? You know we here people repeat it all the time that our ppl did not own anything and were seen as assets to others. But, do we really understand what that means. I am reminded how wp took the word mojo, which meant charm and incorrectly culturally appropriate and popularized it as sexual prowess. I am also reminded how they did the same thing for many of our inventions, music and style. Which leads me to wonder if the reason many of our folks do not do for self is b/c they subconsciously believe that they do not own it and cannot get anywhere w/o wp’s help.

    Just a thought, as I look at all of this beautiful work, which is way better than Marvel and DC’s artwork combined. It does not make any sense for us to be broke with the talent we all have. Proof that we cannot move ahead w/o supernatural means.

    Ya know? Thanks again.

  2. I’m glad you said that about the Black Panther movie! I have been so confused as to why black people are so excited to see this movie like it’s the beginning of a revolution or something. I text the group thread that I have started with my boys and asked them the same question. Like you’ll do know that all the proceeds from this movie will go to white and “Jewish” people and the actors will be paid but it’s just the crumbs. I don’t understand our people. It’s like white people knew that some of us are waking up so they threw us this little bone to make us happy. That’s the mentality that black people have. A little feed me under the table dog mentality.
    I do understand that it’s important to see an all black cast but we can create our own and prosper off of our own. Thanks for bringing these artist, owners and creators to light for me.

    • That’s what I wanted to do with this post. We have the talent to do it ourselves. I know a lot of black will go see Black Panther anyway. I just wanted them to see the larger picture. We have gifted artists and creators. We’re getting all hyped over a fictional story portraying black kings and queens. When we were really were royalty! It’s kind of a slap in the face. But they know we’re desperate to see ourselves in a positive light. And these Hollywood studios are taking advantage of that. First they deprive you of being seen in a good light then when they finally do….you feel grateful they threw you a bone. It’s insulting! That’s why they show us as drug dealers,criminals,whores and other unsavory characters. Now with Black Panther they control the African narrative. That’s why we have to do it ourselves. We must change our mentality. Thanks for that great comment Cliff. You’re absolutely correct!

  3. I read Kwezi online, Loyiso’s work is great, he’s really talented. It’s just sad that his work gets more recognition internationally than locally, i mean Kwezi should be on national television over here in South Africa it makes sense. Anything is better than the crap on Disney, Nick and Cartoon Network. i’ll definitely check out all those other artists’ work, so interesting and exciting. ☺ i’d rather have their work on t.v, clothing items and posters for Black kids around the world. Representation really matters, especially if it’s by one of us.

    • Yes Kwezi is very talented. He should be more well known. Be sure to check out the other creators. We have to speak with our dollars. You live in South Africa? I didn’t know that. How do you like it out there?

      • Yes, I am a South African citizen by descent, Prince. Well, we are 24 years into “emancipation” and the cracks in Mandela’s “rainbow nation” are showing severely! Things have been quite interesting but I LOVE my country a lot, for me our cultural diversity & history (excluding Afrikaans obviously) is everything. This country is beautiful in so many ways nontheless. ❤

        I am just very interested in the issues surrounding the global Black community, albeit the cultural differences we all face common threat(s). Your blog amongst others really helps me understand the struggles of fellow Blacks in different sociocultural contexts. Also comprehending the way the enemy, white supremacy operates.

        I love Nia Griggs ☺ and i’m still checking out the rest and i’m sure i’ll love and support them in anyway I can.

      • That’s cool Daisy! I’m always interested in hearing from people in other countries. I love to hear the different perspectives. Glad I’m reaching people from so far away.

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