Comic Book films-Black Heroes,White Wealth(Part 1 of 2)


There’s been a lot of hype about the upcoming Black Panther film. The film is set to be released worldwide on February 16,2018. Which is convenient since February is Black History Month right?  Anyone who follows my blog knows I have mentioned I grew up reading comic books as a child.  I read a lot of DC and Marvel comic books.  I used to read Spider Man,Batman,Superman,The Hulk,X Men and The Fantastic Four. Over the years I have collected hundreds of comic books.  But I was always fascinated by the black comic book characters.  Some of my favorites were Storm,Black Lightning,Steel,Misty Knight and Luke Cage.  But my favorite was probably Black Panther. Panther first appeared in Fantastic Four issue #52 back in 1966.  That issue of Fantastic Four is selling for $400-$800 on the internet.  Although after the Panther film comes out I’m sure the price will skyrocket.  I always thought Black Panther was a cool character.  Panther’s birth name is T’Challa. T’Challa’s senses and physical attributes have been enhanced to superhuman levels by the heart-shaped herb.  T’Challa is a brilliant tactician, strategist, scientist, tracker and a master of all forms of unarmed combat whose unique hybrid fighting style incorporates acrobatics and aspects of animal mimicry. T’Challa being a royal descendent of a warrior race is also a master of armed combat, able to use a variety of weapons but prefers unarmed combat. He is a master planner who always thinks several steps ahead and will go to extreme measures to achieve his goals and protect the fictional kingdom of Wakanda.  Wakanda is not a real African country.  But it could just as well be Kenya,Nigeria,Tanzania or Ghana.  And this is one of my conerns about the film.  I have covered great African civilizations on this blog many times. Most of us know about The Mali empire as well as ancient Kemet(Egypt),Ghana and Kingdom of Kush. So why is Hollywood making films about fictional African empires when real ones exist?  Of course you know why right?


I will admit that the trailer looks really good.  The visuals are nice and it looks to be action packed.  I have watched the reaction from many black film goers on the internet.  I would say that 85% of the reaction has been positive.  And I can see why.  Talented actor Chadwick Boseman  plays the title character.  The cast has some pretty big names. The cast includes Angela Bassett,Forest Whitaker,Danai Gurira,Michael B. Jordan,Lupita Nyongo(my favorite),Daniel Kaluuya and Letitia Wright. It’s a majority black cast.  Even the director Ryan Coogler is a black man.  So is this a black film? It seems like it.  But of course the film is being made by Marvel Studios.  Marvel Studios was bought by the Walt Disney Company back in 2009 for 4.24 billion dollars. I did a post in the past about the wicked and racist Disney company.  The Disney president and CEO is a white man named Robert Iger.  So the Black Panther film is basically a Disney film with a black cast.

Black Superheroes..

Black Panther1...

I have done many posts on racist Hollywood and their negative stereotypes. Many black people are excited about this film.  And it’s because we want to see ourselves in a positive light.  We want to see ourselves looking glorious and majestic.  We want to see black people as kings and queens on the big screen. Hollywood has given the masses films about Roman empires for years.  Films like Ben Hur,Julius Caesar,Spartacus and Gladiator.  Not to mention fictional films/tv shows like Lord of The Rings and Game of Thrones.  They give us hundreds of films showing them as powerful kings and queens.  Then when they want to show African royalty…we get a fictional country??  That is white supremacy at it’s best.  The film looks good but I know how Hollywood operates.  I will be looking for any type of anti-blackness in this film.  And I’m sure there will be some type of black degradation in it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some interracial love going on . Maybe they’ll slip in some lesbian/homosexual scene.  Or possibly showing African traitors in which to instill black people to not trust each other.  I could be wrong…but I doubt it.

Kingdom Kush...

Wakanda is fictional but the Kingdom of Kush was real. Don’t get me wrong,I have nothing against fictional stories.  I grew up enjoying films and television shows like Star Trek and Star Wars.  I think they can be fun and entertaining.  I just think we have to be mindful who is getting our money when we pay for these films.  Black Panther looks like it will be a big blockbuster.  And I’m glad the mostly black cast is getting paid.  But the white owned Disney/Marvel company will be getting the majority of the money. We will be giving our money right back  to racist Hollywood.  They are just doing this film to throw black people a bone! But there are many black comic book artists and writers that could use our support.  That’s what I’ll address in part two.


42 thoughts on “Comic Book films-Black Heroes,White Wealth(Part 1 of 2)

  1. This film is coming out just in time for Black History Month and so there! Throw a bone to the Black folks and let ’em see a bunch of Black faces in this movie while paying the white man their hard-earned money. Because make no mistake, even though these actors/actresses got paid, we ALL know who will continue to benefit from this film long after the money those actors get has been spent and their talent will continue to fill the coffers of the white man.

    Apparently, I am going to be the lone hold-out because I have no intention of giving the white man the satisfaction of seeing my Black ass sitting up in a theater in the month of February, not that I’m sitting up in one at any other time, but I’d make damn sure that I’d not be sitting up in one in February.

    And I am sick and tired of making excuses or hearing excuses about those Black sell-outs that are playing in this film because since they are big names, don’t you think by now, that they could have been producing and starring in this film? If Tyler Perry can throw on a wig and produce Medea, than these coonhead sell-outs could do the same; throw on some dated costumes and produce Black Panther. Those coonheads aren’t broke! And they’re not starving and therefore, I am not giving a damn one of them any kudos for starring in this farce!

    • @Shelby
      You know it had to come out during Black History month. I’m sure it was planned that way. I’m sure this film will be a big hit. There’s so much hype about it. And I do think black children need to see positive role models. I think see us as kings and queens is a good thing. It’s very rare we get to see a black kingdom like this on a grand scale. But like I said before, it’s a fictional kingdom. There are so many African civilizations throughout history. But they give us a fictional one. The racist Hollywood gate keepers can’t allow a story involving a real black kingdom. Just like Hollywood won’t green light a film about the Haitian revolution. They don’t want black children seeing films that show them defeating their enemies. My main concern is we should be supporting black comic book creators instead of giving all our money to Disney and Marvel. That’s what I address in part two.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I knew it was too good to be true that they would have a black film based upon black ppl perspective. You are absolutely right when you say, “they don’t want black children seeing films that show them defeating their enemies.” They did a similar thing in the Nat Turner movie by having one or two wp who would appear to be against slavery. It is like I said, “their world” so you know that they have to find a way to include themselves everything. Of course they do it because it is a subliminal ways of informing their ppl that everything is okay as well. In “their world” we will always be depicted as villains, thieves and every lowly position as possible, and rewarded for it like Denzel in Training Day. If we are depicted as a hero in “their world” you know they have to be the one behind the scene pulling the strings b/c we can’t think for ourselves…again in “their world.”

    You know on another note, if bp would support their own (e.g. black comics, independent black filmmakers, businesses, writers, educators, etc.) instead of waiting for everyone else to raise and educate their children. We would not have to worry about this. nor have this discussion. I mean every time an Asian film is created but wp whitewash it, the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans be like “take that ish back!” We have not learned how to do that yet b/c a lot of bp really don’t want to be free. I would love to see Quilombo, the movie about the Africans who fought the Portuguese in Brazil, done over again. I would love to see a movie about all of our heroes and heroines but the only way those films will be made is if they are independently made by us. As long as we continue to think and believe we can’t do something w/o their money, it will always be that way.

    Good Eye Brah! Thanks again.

    • You’re so right Kam. You have a better understanding than most. There always seem to be some kind of compromise with black films. You’re right about the Nat Turner film. It had some good action but you know they have to have those liberal whites in there. To show there were whites against slavery. They did the same thing with 12 Years a Slave. They always have a white mentor in black hero films. It shows that the black man can’t do make decisions on his own. He must have the guidance and aid of a white person. It’s really insulting when you think about it. Or how about his one. I remember chatting with blogger Trojan Pam one time. She asked me to name a film where a white person sacrificed their life for a black person. I couldn’t name one. But there are countless films of blacks dying so that a white person could live. Like the film Man on Fire,when Denzel died to save a little white girl. This sends a message that black life is expendable.
      But I agree with your comments. A lot of don’t want to be truly be free from this wicked system. We have to have confidence in our own people and support their projects. We need black funded and produced films about Nubia,Kush, and other black civilizations. Have you seen the documentary 1804 about the Haitian revolution? It was pretty well done. It had some interesting facts. I just wish it was in more theaters and on a bigger scale. I think black children need these type of films. I think it’s important to their self esteem. I did hear that a Marcus Garvey film is in the works as well. I’m not trying to be a buzzkill about Black Panther. I know many black people have told me they’re taking their families to see it. That’s fine,but I think they should also buy artwork from black comic book creators. I address that in part two. Thanks for the great comment.

      • You have to admit, if you saw captain america civil war, which i have seen a hundred times now only b/c it was on netflix, Black Panther kicked ass! When was the last time you saw a movie where a black character could not be handled? Blade maybe? Yeah, I mean I am so tired of every video game, movie, cartoon, etc. depicting us as the bald headed man who wants to be super strong, no disrespect to Luke Cage cuz that ish was a cool movie. But, you get what I mean?

        But, let me ask you this? Would you rather your child imitate and have images of other ppl on their walls or the Black Panther characters? I would choose the latter. It amazes me how Black people ain’t never happy. If you know that they got an agenda, good you don’t go to the film unaware but some black ppl are all scared. Come on.

        And, you know another thing. I really don’t give a damn about who these ppl marry. From a spiritual perspective, maybe they had to marry on the other side to get access. The way bp treated Nate Parker was sad. For the record, I do not condone interracial relationships with wp but, it is not my job to police who should marry who. The Nat Turner movie was an excellent movie but we let BS get in the way and stop that train. I will never forget when John Singleton did Rosewood, Spike Lee came out and said, “Black people don’t want historic movies” and there it is. This is the reason they keep making BS movies and we can’t get ahead.
        So, seriously. thanks for the heads up. I will still see the movie but with eyes open.

      • Yes I know what you mean. I’ve said this too. If I had a choice between having black children admire Black Panther or Superman…Obviously I’d pick Panther. That’s a no brainer. But like I said,they know black people are starved to see ourselves in appositive light. They deprive you of something for years so of course you’ll be happy when they finally give it to you. I think that’s part of the plan.
        I’ve seen Captain America:Civil War about three times. It really was action packed! That airport fight scene really changed the game for action films. It was really entertaining. And Panther was kicking some ass. It was a great introduction to the character. My only gripe was at the very end. The terrorist guy that cause the explosion killed Panther’s father. So when Panther finally caught up with him the guy tells a sob story. Panther feels sorry for him and doesn’t kill him or at the very least whoop his ass. He killed Panther’s father..and he lets him go??? Meanwhile when Iron Man finds out that Bucky killed his parents Iron Man goes nuts!!! Iron Man is beating up Bucky and Captain America. He is defending the honor of his parents,as he should. See the difference between Panther and Iron Man? Marvel was sending us a subliminal message. A white man can get retribution for anyone that hurts his family. But a black man is not allowed to get any type of revenge if someone hurts his family. A lot of people didn’t catch that part in the film.
        But I do agree with you about the Nat Turner film. It still was good to see black people revolt. That’s always a positive thing to see. I’m sure at some point I’ll see the film(online) or some other way. So far the reviews have been good. Maybe you can come back and give a review once you see it. Thanks for the comment.

      • Captain America Civil War…Iron Man had to be nearly killed to stop him for avenging his mothers death meanwhile Black Panthers does not avenge his fathers death and place the MLK/Mandela Role.

  3. Of course it will be always a WM mentor or adviser because without them,
    we can’t do nothing,we are children who need a white father to teach us how be a
    civilised people!
    WM have always fear of great charismatic power of BM,do you remember Haiti,Jamaican, Amistad and during slavery times what happened?
    It was always BM who he incited his people to rebellion against European domination,wp don’t trust us because of history,they know that majority of us still seek for revenge and justice!
    Hollywood doesn’t produce films about the rebellion of Haiti or black history,because of fear,that’s why they want to keep us half asleep!
    WM is better choice for BM has best friend,mentor or adviser because they can keep him submissive,control his power,money,marriage choice as well!
    Brainwashing BM is another form of subdue and conquer his own people!
    Why did they all black casts? Because I believe this is another deception to control us,we complain always that there aren’t so many black movies,there is not enough space for black superheroes in Hollywood!
    But we should create our own movies and film companies,we should stop always to depend and complain with them!
    To be honest I was really surprise that they did all black casts and also there will be black women in the movie,white audience don’t like see black people on movies!
    You know Kushite that Black panther on comics said that him and Storm,they decided to take a break in their marriage relationship!
    I am not surprise at all because the black love it is not allowed to exist too on comics!
    I always love Storm but I never liked that fact how they represented her with typical BW stereotypes,she the only X men character had numerous relationships!

    • Yes you’re correct Nubian. Having white mentors is a way to control our power. It’s to keep us in line and in step with their agenda…not our own. It is a majority black cast and I think many white fans of the comic book will go see it. I predict it will be bigger than the Blade films and Will Smith film Hancock. There is so much hype about the film it’s sure to break some records. Many film critics are already giving it great reviews. Hollywood has always said that films with black casts don’t make a lot of money overseas. But this film is said to shatter that belief. It’s kind of a double edged sword. On one hand,this could give black actors and actresses more work in Hollywood. But on the other hand, these are successful films but backed by white companies(Disney,Marvel). So although I want black children to have positive role models and see themselves as powerful…..I just wish these were black created and controlled films. We need this money going straight to black hands.
      Yes Storm and Black Panther had a love affair in the comic books. They eventually got married. But she also had interracial relationships before she got with Panther. So even in the comic book world they promote swirling. In Hollywood you have to be either into homosexuality or interracial sex. Almost every big black star has had to do at least one of those things. In some cases they’ve done both.

      • Well say Kushite,I read on black blog,that a lot people think the reason why WM are obsessed with BM this come from past and present,of course it’s about power and fear but some which I too agree as well,
        that WM have kind homo attraction for BM,you can’t imagine!
        What a learn that every time there are new movies coming out, I don’t give any single penny to them, I wait until it is available on internet!
        There are a lot free website where you can watch free movies without going to the cinema and give your money!
        The problem I have with Storm it isn’t only about IR relationship she had,but the way they represented her character,some canon said that maybe she was also bisexual!
        What they are trying to say BW isn’t serious woman,who want be single and she isn’t looking for serious relationship because the stereotypes they have!
        A part of that they are one my favourite black couple on comics!

  4. Whenever there is “backing or support” from a white individual or white-owned company behind the scenes, aside from their making money from a given project, I am immediately suspicious of their true motives.

  5. Great article brother. Anything celebrated by the establishment (Hollywood) raises some eyebrows. These white folks don’t do things for romantic reasons. Be sure there is an agenda.

    • I agree. That’s why I want to hear the early reviews. The action scenes look amazing. But of course we have to look deeper than that. I’m interested in what the main storyline will be. I’m wondering what will be the core message. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Honestly, I thought this film wasn’t going to be released until the fall of 2018. Yes, while it’s good to see us in a positive light within this film.. I still have a cautious predisposition. Simply because there’s always a catch when it comes to movies with an all black cast; especially if it’s showcasing Afrikan royalty.

  7. I’m not to thrill or hype about this “Black Panther” movie period. Also anything that deals with a non black person telling our story shouldn’t be hype up period. Too be honest I don’t care for when Hollywood in general showcase black people in film, regardless of what race the film director is because our people are never betrayed in a positive way. The Marvel comic already have a Black Panther comic book out name Black Panther: World of Wakanda that deal with black lesbians. The writer for Black Panther: World of Wakanda is a black female lesbian Roxane Gay.

  8. It looks like both Chadwick Bosman & Michael B Jordan both have white males as there mentors from the trailee. These black males I just mention white mentors will have them fighting one another another in this black superhero film. Basically white man get the black man to do his dirty work while he give instructions. This is just my prospective I’m giving from this trailer.

    • Getting the black men todo hid dirty work? That’s a good way of looking at But you might be on to something, I see that Michael B. Jordan is the main villain. I think the studios figured for Panther introduction he should fight another black man. I think white audiences make take it the wrong way if he were to defeat a powerful white man. I think that maybe that’s why he’s fighting a black man. We’ll have to see what happens in the sequel.

  9. Kushite I’m excited about the film, but I didn’t know about the wm mentor. If you go back & look at the original Roots, it was widely known that Disney put in sympathetic white characters to make whites feel less guilty about their role in slavery.

    • They always do that. It’s pretty much a requirement in a white racist society. They can’t just let the black man be the leader and make his own decisions. The “wise white man” must be there to guide the black man on the right path. I’m so sick of seeing it! It’s disgusting!

  10. Kushite, owning our stories don’t solve all the problems. Whites & Jews own all the advertising agencies, marketing firms & the FCC. We have to build our own movie studio & start building movie theatres in our communities. As I told you before, the major studios wouldn’t finance Danny Glover Haitian Revolution movie unless there was a white hero. The day will come when blacks greatness cannot be denied, but it take a word I sometimes can’t stand: Patience . Here’s another thing we can do: We get some black designers & manufacturers & buy a merchandise license from Stan Lee & sell merchandise of the Black Panther in our communities. We can do this, because black people are the most innovative people in the world. It’s time to get to work Black Family. GOD BLESS you Kushite

    • Yes I said that many years ago in a past post. I think it was the post about the film The Butler. I stated we needed our own independent studios and production companies. Own and funded by us. Anytime white/Jews are backing a “black film” they get final say so on what’s allowed and not allowed in the film. So they’ll put millions of dollars behind the film but they will slip in their agenda. Many black people wont see the agenda because they’re just amazed at seeing beautiful special effects and black people in powerful positions. But no matter how good a film looks…..if whites are funding it the agenda will always be there. With very few exceptions.

  11. I am not a Negro I will see the film when I am bored by stealing it from Seedr. Captain America Civil War turned me against paying for any Panthers movie….The White Man is a cold pimp he makes money dumbing you down and once you see to find yourself hes there to make money again. I will never understand why Blacks dont hate Whites.

  12. It’s a while I don’t post comments. But with the rage of the Black Panther movie, I would like to put my 50 cents into this matter. Even if you say that Black Panther movie is from Marvel which is bought to Walt Disney, it’s kinda like a stab in the back to millions of African American who wanted a Black Superhero Character. But Black Panther was created no other than Stan Lee and Jack Kirby who are indeed whites. Like you said, there’s a lot of Black cartoonists, writers, creators but the lack of money, non-existent influences and lots of roadblocks has made them unnoticed. It’s very hard and very painful of sorts but it is better to not support a film that actually doesn’t comes from the root and creation of Black People. It’s a great idea to have this film but it could be better if their creators weren’t white.

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