The Symbolism & Metaphysics of Sports(Esoteric Knowledge)

Masonic Football..

A few years ago I told a subscriber I believed that sports were rigged.  I did a post on this subject in the past.  But since the Super Bowl is coming up I figured I might as well do one now.  I decided I would go a little more in depth.  The big game will feature the Philadelphia  Eagles vs the New England Patriots.  I personally can’t stand the quarterback Tom Brady and the Patriots.  I hope the Eagles beat them.  But it doesn’t really matter since I strongly believe that professional sports are rigged.  I think at least the big events like the NBA finals,World Series and the Super Bowl.  I have said in the past that Freemasons created football. Most football,basketball and baseball teams are owned by Zionist Jews.  It’s basically ethnocentric tribalism.  They have an entire monopoly on sports.  And they  numbers and occult symbolism  in big games. Here’s a link about the creation of football:

Although we must keep in mind that Freemasons origins come from ancient Kemet(Egypt). The signs and symbols of ancient and modern Freemasonry are rooted in Kemet (Egypt) and the evidence is overwhelmingly obvious that Freemasonry borrowed its allegorical myths and ideological metaphors from more ancient societies that were well advanced in the philosophical mysteries.  It all began in Cush (Abyssinia or Ethiopia) were perhaps some of the wisest Nubians toiled and where civilization originated. Thus transmitting their enlightenment in compliment with how the Nile River flows from south to north. Reference Sterling Means in his book titled, “Ethiopia and the Missing Link in African History” and John G. Jackson work titled, “Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization” .
Drusilla Houston in her book titled the “Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire,” stated: “To the Cushite race belonged the oldest and purest Arabian blood. They were the original Arabians and the creators of the ancient civilization, evidences of which may be seen in the stupendous ruins in every part of the country. At the time that Ethiopians began to show power as monarchs of Egypt about 3000 to 3500 B.C. the western part of Arabia was divided into two powerful kingdoms. In those days the princes of Arabia belonged wholly to the descendants of Cushite, who ruled Yemen for thousands of years.”

The players are just millionaire puppets that they allow to play the games.  I have watched many guys on YouTube like RFG Chosen One,Zachary Hubbard,We Come in Truth,Brian Tuohy,Heath Hunt,Phuture Sports and Social Experience who I’ve learned a lot from.  Over the past fifteen years I’ve done a lot of research on numerology,astrology,metaphysics,cosmology and symbology. And in doing so I’ve come to the conclusion that sports are indeed fixed,or at least orchestrated in some way.  This time I wanted to focus on the five Super Bowl’s the Patriots have won.  I think the Patriots are a representation of white power.  Even when you look at their logo the hat the patriot is wearing looks like red devil horns.  I think this is the reason the Patriots are “allowed” to win so many Super Bowls.  I personally think Tom Brady is not very athletic.  I think he’s extremely overrated.  He is presented as the “great white hope”.  The media always say he’s the greatest quarterback of all time.  I have noticed that over the years every time the Patriots win the Super Bowl they beat a team that represents an African(Kemetic) deity.  I have seen this in all their Super Bowl wins.  Sounds far fetched?  Keep an open mind and I’ll show you.



First let’s start with the football itself.  I’ve noticed that the football is shaped like a mandorla. A mandorla symbolizes the intersection of two spheres of heaven and earth.  Although the geometric symbol of earth is the square(or cube) and the symbol of heaven is the circle,two circles are sometimes used to symbolize the Upper and Lower worlds. The union of the two worlds,or the zone of intersection and interpenetration is represented by the mandorla,an almond-shaped figure formed by two intersection circles.  It’s used a lot in religious artwork usually surrounding the entire figure of a holy person. I could be wrong but I think this is why football has a much deeper meaning to these Freemasons.

Kemet Deity...


The first Super Bowl the Patriots won was in 2002.  Right after 9-11 happened when the whole country was being “patriotic”.

Ram God...

I always wondered if the Rams logo was a representation of the ram god Khnum.

Carolina Panthers..

In 2004 the Patriots beat the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl.  The Great White Hope beats the Black Panthers???

Kemetic Eagle..

In 2005 the Patriots defeated the Philadelphia Eagles.  In ancient Kemet the eagle was used to indicate the influence of a regime. The eagle was used as the symbol for Heru(Horus). Heru eventually became a falcon the Kemetic Sun God.


Eye of Horus..

In 2015 the Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks.  Some say the Seahawks logo resembled the Eye of Horus(Ra).  That year was obviously rigged for the Patriots.  This is when the Seahawks pretty much had the Super Bowl won.  Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson should’ve thrown given the ball to Marshawn Lynch and he could’ve gotten an easy touchdown.  But Wilson throws the ball and it’s intercepted by the Patriots.  Game over and the Patriots win!  It was so obvious it was rigged! It made me sick to watch it!

Atlanta Falcons..Heru..

Then just last year the Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons.  As I said earlier,the Falcons represented the African Sun God Heru(Horus).  So every team that Tom Brady as defeated was a team that had some African symbolism.  And the upcoming Super Bowl,once again they’re facing the Philadelphia Eagles.  As I said,I would like to see the Eagles win but I think the league wants Brady to get six rings.  That way they can say he is the greatest quarterback of all time.  Brady is very unskilled and unathletic.  But when the game is rigged in your favor of course you will look better than everyone else.  Brady wasn’t even that good when he played at the University of Michigan.  Brady was pick #199 in the sixth round.  So how does a sorry ass player that like that win so many Super Bowls?  I’m not buying it!

NFL Game Time..

Before I wrap up this post I have to mention numerology in football.  In freemasonry there are certain numbers they hold sacred.  Numbers like 9,66 and 666.  And master numbers like 11,22 and 33.  They believe these numbers have special powers if a person is born on these dates or an event happens on these dates.  Which is why certain sports events and attacks(false flags) happen on certain dates.  The number 33 is a very scared number. This is one of the reasons the Super Bowl usually starts at 3:30.  In sacred numerology you don’t count the zeros.  So the number is read as 33.  Since many of these freemasons on the elite levels are satanic they like to mock Jesus Christ.  The Bible says Jesus died at the age of 33. The Bible also says Jesus performed 33 miracles.

Freemason 33...

Also it’s said that there are the highest level in Freemasonry you can achieve is 33 1/3 degrees.  The number seems to come up quite a bit.  In the NBA the Los Angeles Lakers have the longest winning streak. Back in 1972 the Lakers won 33 straight games. No one has ever beat their record.   The most points by an NBA player is held by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  He scored over 38,000 points.  His jersey number was 33.  I don’t think anyone will ever score more than him.

Bank of America..

You can find it logos as well.  The bank of America logo displays three 11’s.  All in plain sight.  Are they trying to tell you they control the economic system?

KKK Masonic..

What about the racist group the Ku Klux Klan? K is the eleventh letter in the alphabet.  You add up three 11’s and you get 33.  The Klan was formed back in 1866 in Polaski,Tennessee.  One of the Fist Imperial  Wizards was  Nathan Bedford Forrest.  He was a Freemason.  So the KKK has Masonic origins.  As a side note, do you remember the film Forrest Gump?  Well Forrest was named after this racist KKK wizard.  See how they name these characters after racist bastards.  Then make you think it’s a positive feel good film.  Sneaky bastards!

Big Baller Brand..

Then we have Lavar Ball.  The loud mouth blowhard that raised his sons to become basketball stars.  Ball calls his sports apparel company,Big Baller Brand.  If you look at the logo it’s supposed to be “BBB”  but it definitely looks like a 333 to me.  I guess we know who Lavar takes his orders from.

Chicago Cubs...I also think the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series in 2016 was rigged from the beginning.  The media kept saying that the Cubs hadn’t won the series since 1908.  They said it had been 108 years since they  won the World Series. In numerology they add up all the numbers and zeros don’t count.  So 1+0+8 =9   Nine is a very unique number. Nine is a natural number. Any natural number multiplied by nine, and the digits of the number are repeatedly added until it is just one digit,the sum will be nine.  It’s the only number that does it.  Which is why it’s sometimes called the “divine nine”.

Number 9...

Another reason these secret societies like the number nine is because it seems like it can be found throughout nature.  In plants,insects,hurricanes and the universe.  Some say that African people have “9 ether” hair because our hair is tightly coiled that looks like the number nine. But I also noticed that the Willis Tower in Chicago has 108 floors. I also thought it was interesting that it was the 112 World Series and the day they won was on November 2.  Which looks like 11/2.  Coincidence??  You make the call.

Michael Jordan 6 rings..

I know a lot of people consider Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time. His speed,jumping and shooting ability is undeniable.  But I think his ascension is most likely orchestrated.  I think these owners of the NBA pick and choose who will win championships. They can easily buy off referees to give certain players the good calls.  And give penalties to the opposing players they don’t favor.  Coincidentally Jordan has been associated with the number 6 quite a bit.  He won six championships.  He also won six NBA Finals MVP awards.  Jordan played in the NBA for 15 seasons. 1+5= 6.   And many people may not realize but the zip code for Chicago is 60606.  You don’t count the zeros so the number 666,  The satanic number of the biblical beast(satan).

Evil Patriots...

The Super Bowl is this coming Sunday.  I think the NFL wants Tom Brady to get his sixth ring.  That way he will have six rings just like Michael Jordan.  And the media will say he’s the greatest quarterback of all time.  Like I said,I hope Brady loses..but he looks destined to win again.  I hope you learned something from this post.  I try to give out information that you may not have heard before.    I think it’s good to have a better understanding of symbology and numerology.  That way we know the symbols and messages that are right in front of us.  I don’t think ignorance is bliss.  Who wants to be a happy idiot?  Knowledge is power.  We have to always remember that.  It also helps you decipher the real from the unreal.  I know a lot of people love sports and they use it for escapism.  I enjoy watching sports myself.  That’s fine,as long as you know what’s going on. I think it’s time we hear with our eyes and see with our ears.  I heard someone once say that a picture can speak a thousand words.  That may be true but not everyone can hear them.  Hopefully this post helps a bit. Peace.


18 thoughts on “The Symbolism & Metaphysics of Sports(Esoteric Knowledge)

  1. Thanks for this breakdown, bro KP. It makes me wonder whether there are any money-making industries [sports… music… movie… news… knowledge… politics… health… etc.] that aren’t manipulated and run by the same fraudulent elite and their gatekeepers?

    • Well I know a lot of people enjoy sports. And I hate to burst their But I think we have to be aware of these things. Sports can be fun at times. But we have to be mindful of distractions like this. Most of these things are hidden in plain sight. And they pretty much control all the things you listed. It would be a very short list if I were to name what these gatekeepers don’t Thanks for the comment Empress Malaika. I always appreciate your input.

    • I didn’t want to go too far I could’ve went deeper. But I didn’t want to go over peoples heads. I just wanted to give a basic introduction for those that aren’t too aware of what’s going on. Also I know this is new information for many. But I’m glad you liked the post. It’s important we know what’s going on with these sports. But who do you think will win on Sunday? You think Eagles can pull an upset? Should be interesting.

      • Patriots will win. Tom Brady will “win” (be gifted) his sixth ring this season. And hopefully fall off the scene forever! I swear if they could pull it off, it would have been a white Caucasian to be considered the greatest basketball player, not Michael Jordan or Lebron James. They can’t hid the lack of talent and athletic ability that well in basketball as they can in football. Can you imagine how “great” Tom Brady would be without the fix i.e. playing against defensive scheme that magically don’t test his weaknesses, a superb offensive line, etc? Let’s not forget your boy Bill Belicheck is made out to be the greatest football coach of all-time as well. Like he invented the game himself. Can you imagine a Black coach having that title in this paradigm? HELL NO!

      • Yeah you’re right about that. A black coach getting those accolades??? No way! I think it will be a close game. I don’t think it will be a huge blowout. I’ve had some people tell me the rigging is getting too obvious. It may be one of the reasons the NFL ratings have been going down. I think the only thing that would make it interesting is if the Eagles actually won. But also check out the Super Bowl commercials. I’ve noticed they sometimes have commercials of upcoming “events”. Things that shouldn’t be able to be predicted. If you catch my drift. Go Eagles lol

  2. Living in Georgia, you know fans went crazy when the Falcons lost. The sun didn’t shine for weeks! But I’m like c’mon, people! We might as well be watching WWE. It’s just disheartening that people go so hard for these sports but not their community or learning + understanding how they’re being manipulated.

    Great post, KP. Thank you

    • I heard they took it pretty hard in I was rooting for the Falcons to pull it off. But something told me that Tom Brady would win in the end. But I knew a lot of people were upset at the Patriots winning again. I’ve seen grown men almost get in fist fights over their team losing. I seen it happen years ago with two coworkers. It was a sad sight. It’s really pathetic when you think about it. But this shows that some people have no lives. There’s no reason for adults to be consumed with things like sports,reality shows and celebrity gossip. The powers that be use these things as distractions to keep our minds off of important world issues. Our community has much more pressing issues to deal with other than who will win a Super Bowl. But I do hope the Eagles

      • haha I feel you! You’re so right. Watch the game. Have fun. Go to the game, I don’t care. I just want people to look at it for what it is! People that can listen to, watch or talk sports every day after day, I can’t deal with them.

      • I got invited to three different Super Bowl parties. Haven’t decided which one I’ll go to yet. But I just have fun with it. I don’t take it to seriously like other people. But rooting for your favorite sports team is really just a form of tribalism. It’s just a way for people to feel a part of something bigger than themselves. If your team wins you feel as though YOU actually A lot of people feel that way. But hopefully it’s a close game and somewhat entertaining. I just hope it’s not a lop-sided victory for Patriots. If nothing else you can laugh at the silly

      • Yea I like the energy and excitement (even though I don’t know what’s going on besides a field goal and a touchdown). And it’s cool being around your folks. But don’t let a “loss” change your whole dang mood lol

  3. Kushite, I don’t have a problem with Tom Brady, but they want him to win, so they can stack him against MJ. Imo, the Patriots cheated for spy gate against the Rams. Pete Carroll screwed the Seahawks with that play call & if you look at that interception, the Patriots look like they knew that play was coming. The Falcons gave that game away. I think the Patriots are going to win, but I’m rooting for the Eagles. The NFL is rigged, they will never allow a black coach or black qb to be the golden boys. Btw, the best basketball player to me is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. GOD BLESS

    • Right SevenKing. They want Brady to be seen as the white golden boy of the league. There’s always that double standard. I hope the Eagles can win it. I really don’t want Brady to get another ring. *fingers crossed*

  4. The Connection Of Numerological Dots On This Post, Is Spot On Fam! A Thoroughly Enjoyed Read…..& Will Be (((WATCHING))) The Game This Sunday, For A Masonic Rabbit To Be Pulled Out The Hat! Lol….

    • So true Wyzedome! I had people ask me numerous times to do something about numerology in sports. So I felt since the Super Bowl was coming up the timing was perfect. I just wanted people to realize how deep this rabbit hole goes. I know it’s a fact that some people can’t accept. It kind of destroys their view of reality. But I just don’t want people to be confused anymore. I hope this post helped to pen some eyes. Thanks for the comment.

  5. @ Kushite Prince
    ” Brady was even that good when he played at the University of Michigan. Brady was pick #199 in the sixth round. So how does a sorry ass player that like that win so many Super Bowls?”

    I always felt that these games were rigged. “Brady went from a no good football “QUATERBACK” player in college to the too becoming the best “QUARTERBACK” in NFL. Well this is very strange are better yet they are rigging the game for him to look the best. The reason why is black “QUARTERBACK” are praise for being players in college but once they enter the NFL they are no longer good nor hold up to the expectations on how they played in college. Furthermore, the black players that play other positions in football are never giving credit for the hard work they do for making the “QUARTERBACK” look good.

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