10 thoughts on “What are the roots of Black on Black crime?

  1. All of the above! Abject poverty! And in my view, the worst thing that could have happened to Black people was integration. When we had our own neighborhoods and communicated with each other and did not have whites included in much of anything we did, we were better off because I remember growing up in a neighborhood that had not one white person in it and each and every Black neighbor knew and looked out for each other.

    We had cookouts that were attended by the entire neighborhood and the laughter freely flowed. We had the classic soul music blasting. And if someone lost their job, the entire neighborhood hosted a chitlin’ party and chitlin’ plates were sold to raise money for that neighbor who was having a rainy day. Those were the days! And so that right there, tells me that we could do it because it has been done. But then again, with the way things are today, with many Black people living in HUD subsidized housing, where crime, drugs and gangs are prevalent and this is done by design, I just don’t know, I guess. SIGH!

    • That is so true Shelby. I’ve said the same thing about integration. People just don’t want to admit that it weakened our communities. We were tricked! It’s just that simple. It’s the reason our neighborhoods look so bad right now. Thank you for that insightful comment.

    • Shelby,
      Thanks for bringing back a few of these memories, including getting “a whipping” from the neighbor and again, when you got home…lol!

      • LOL! That is so true! If you ‘misbehaved’, the neighbor had the go-ahead to get to ‘whipping’ and she told your mother and you got it again at home. We learned fast! LOL!

  2. Segregation was not all that great back then but I agree with the fact that integration is terrible and hurtful. Black people are still segregated but whites make up the majority of the work force in black towns due to integration. I guess integration means taking black peoples money, culture and education and terrorizing you with it.

  3. Dr. Amos Wilson explained how “Black on Black crime” is used to keep black folks subjugated and maintain the system of racism/white supremacy. I love his analysis and solutions-driven ideas.

  4. One of the worse repercussions of integration, to me, was that over the years, even when I was a child and saw it, was that many of OUR people with succeeding generations became “white identified” and in a sense, have sold out US causing this type of person to be “discriminatory” towards other blacks in a sense. Being that I have a strong demeanor, I would ask my father (a lot) WHY is this that way and so forth? Hence, today, for example, I am one of FEW that remains racially conscious in the work setting that champions other blacks with a strong work ethic and skill-set. Others in the same capacity as myself….whistling. Oh well, this is something that I have noted for a long time now and I felt that it had to be stated. And I fear that a lot of these “type” of parents are still passing this behavior on to their off-spring.

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