20 thoughts on “Times sure have changed(Sexual confusion)

  1. Thats some deep ish (no sarcasm).

    Very true. And the so-called fuckboy has been normalized.

    Were so confused.

    OAN, i miss Cree!!! Just listening to the travis keeton episode. She had an antenna for anti-blackness like no other. #comeback

  2. I know I’m gonna get a lot of flack for this but what does this have to do with racism? It seems like hating gay/trans folk just comes with the territory when discussing racism or white hegemony but my question is why? Yeah, I’ve read plenty of conspiracies about the gay agenda but it doesn’t take because it’s not as if there haven’t been gay people since the dawn of time. Trans, now that’s a different story, that one I’m not too solid on. In every pro black book or blog I’ve ever come across I always run into homophobia, which sounds oddly similar to what baby boomer white Americans believe in. Your blog of course, I’m not telling you what to say or think Sir but on this one I’m lost.

    • Sounds like you will continue to be lost! Look at your comment itself, you’re not too solid on tranny’s, but the gays are fine. Huh? There is no hating of gays involved on KP’s blog sir! He’s just telling it like it is!

      • Considering the fact that you have to have an actual operation to transition, yeah. Not too sure how “natural” that is while people are literally born gay. This again has nothing to do with combating racism and everything to do with not accepting people based on uncontrollable factors (except in the case of people who choose to transition) The gay “agenda” as it were. Whites dominate the globe and there are plenty of gays and tranpeople within their number. If “the problem” with black people were gay and transfolk we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in right now seeing as how you couldn’t be trans 300 years ago, and coming out could get you killed long ago. I’ve thought long and hard about this; my goal is uplifting all black people, not just those of us who are straight/binary.

    • It’s not about hate. At least from my perspective. I just see it as an abnormal lifestyle. Less than 3% of the population is transgender..so why is it promoted so much? This is not something for black children to consume. It’s anti-life and anti-nature. I try to promote a healthy lifestyle and mentality for black people. And I don’t think it’s good for our people.That’s why I post on these subjects. And homophobia means you fear gay and lesbians. I’m not scared of gay people. I’ve had gay coworkers and gay neighbors. I just don’t agree with the lifestyle they lead. I hope this explains my stance a little better.

  3. I don’t understand why we should be always involved in some blacks who every shits wp do,we should embrace? For what? For seek some white shit validation because without we can’t breath! This is European culture no black or African culture!
    Every time it’s coming their celebration, I am tired and sick to see black people who are holding a rainbow flag and see stupid smile on their face, celebrate something that doesn’t belong to us!
    I have my own opinion,this staff is going too far what we are thinking!
    These insane wp want to teach at nursery,elementary and middle schools what mean be “gay”! How they lost their damn mind? If you are born or you feel in that way that’s your damn personal business, I don’t want see these drag clowns dress teach in the future to my kids!
    My opinion kids shouldn’t be involved in these mass!
    Kushite don’t feel sorry for someone doesn’t think like you and don’t try to explain yourself,you are free man and you have all right to have your own opinion!
    Unfortunately we live in the world where the black voice is big headache for a lot people,so we should be quiet and accept every shits,they do or say to us!
    Hell not,I am not gonna be quiet,there are a lot things is this world that I don’t like and I refuse to accept!

      • I agree as well. I don’t fear gay or transgender. I WILL have an issue if one attempts to “make” me see/accept their life-style. Respect my boundaries and I’ll accept yours. That’s it.

    • Thanks Nubian. I just wanted to explain my position. I didn’t want there to be any confusion. But anyone who follows this blog knows I’m not afraid to speak my mind. No matter who gets offended.

  4. … Then we scream cultural appropriation. When I’ve seen more negroes w/Italian Rap-monikers than in any genre of music. All the well known criminals/standup guys in your vicinity and you’re a gotti or Luciano? They don’t eeeeeem like black folk. What’s eeeeeem funnier is that some of these clowns come from areas that don’t have an Italian population or representatives of the major Italian crime families. And on top of that bs U wanna stick your Crow-foot, Bunyan having ass in a high-heel?
    Swoop down and save us white jesus.

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