Umar Johnson vs Tariq Nasheed-Manufactured feud?


Dr. Umar Johnson, was born on August 21st, 1974 in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was the eldest child of 11 children, and after attending elementary school, he enrolled in a para-military high school before going to summer school in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. There he performed mandatory JROTC (Juniors Reserves Officer’s Training Corps) duties.

After Fort Bragg, he went to Millersville University, in Pennsylvania, where he attained three degrees. One, a B.S. in political science, another in psychology, and a master’s degree in School Psychology. After this, he received an “Educational Leadership” master’s degree and “Principal’s Certificate” from Lehigh University, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Additionally, he received a PhD from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic medicine, in psychology. For a total of 6 degrees in all.
Tariq Nasheed was born on July 1st, 1974 in Detroit, Michigan. And in his early teens, he and his family moved from Detroit to Birmingham, Alabama. Needless to say, the social life a young Tariq saw in his new environs paled in comparison to the bustle he’d grown accustomed to in “Motown”.
Thus, at 17, Tariq cobbled together $125 for a bus ticket to Los Angeles. And it was there he cultivated the pimp personae that helped him curate what he called, “gaming techniques”. He came up with a technology called “G.I.C.2”, which according to him, stands for “game, intelligence, and common sense, squared”. Unfortunately, employing some of these methods resulted in him having to serve some time in prison.
After being released, Tariq continued plying his trade as a “macking mentor”, to the point where he was able to parlay his enormous street cred into an acting role on the “Bravo” cable TV network. There, he portrayed an actual pimp for the filmmaker Michael Moore, on his show called, “The Awful Truth”, which aired from 1999 until the year 2000. After appearing on the show, Tariq put his lessons of “serial flesh management” into a book he wrote in 2000 titled, “The Art of Mackin’” (TAOM), which became a New York Times bestseller.
Seeing that he struck a societal nerve with TOAM, Tariq followed up this book with one called, “Play or Be Played” in 2004. This tome catered to women wanting to know how to find Mr. Right without being a sex toy to hundreds of men in the process. Then, he followed this book up with “The Mack Within: The Holy Book of Game” in 2005. Tariq was becoming somewhat of a guru in what mainstream culture was calling the “seduction” industry, as he followed up the aforementioned book with the title, “The Elite Way: 10 Rules Men Must know in Order to Deal with Women” in 2009.

Thomas Jerome Harris, a.k.a. Tommy Sotomayor, was born on December 11th, 1975 in Atlanta, Georgia. Joanne Malone, Tom’s mother, had already separated from his father when she moved a pre-teen Tom to Phoenix, Arizona.

Now, Tom purports to being raised in a household where he lived under the tyrannies of Joanne’s abuses. He says this is the reason he’d later go on to be in an unsuccessful relationship with the mother of his own child. And when he fell behind on his child support payments for this child, he was thrown in jail.

After leaving jail and graduating college, is when Tom began his radio diatribes that scrutinized Black women, and the Black community in general, for being morally bereft. And shortly thereafter, is when Tommy moved his radio broadcasts to “YouTube”. After 2010, the following he garnered from his videotaped radio shows, had turned him into a bona-fide (half) celebrity. Much to the chagrin of Black folks.

Now, let’s talk about the term “Hegelian Dialect” which was named after the 19thcentury philosopher G.W.F. Hegel. And “Hegel’s Dialectics”, like other “dialectical” strategies, refers to the method of arriving at the truth by employing a contradictory process between opposing sides. Meaning, Hegel believed the best way for people to find out the truth, was by splitting a questionable theory into two diametrically opposed sides, looking at the discussion in between, and hoping that’s where folks could find out fact from fiction.


And in more layman’s terms, philosophers have come to call this the “problem, reaction, solution” method of elitist control. Meaning, the elites create a problem for the proletariat (us), wait for the target demographic to react, and then, they offer them a solution that furthers the (white) fascist agenda.

Case in point, as of late, Tariq Nasheed and Dr. Umar Johnson have developed a “beef” over differing points of view.

Now, Tariq says Umar’s been “bad-mouthing” him for the better part of two years, and has done so mainly by stating that it was his appearances in Tariq’s “Hidden Colors” documentaries, that made them popular. Conversely, Umar says Tariq’s fakin’ the Black Nationalist funk with his Hidden Colors docs, cause he’s employed an all white film crew to make them. Umar also says his history as a “playa” and “mack”, speaks to his being wholly duplicitous when it comes to Black liberation struggles.

Also, adding to the melanated melee, is (Uncle) Tom Sotomayor. Tom says he knew these “Pro-Black” brothas would show their “true colors” at some point, and in an effort to document this beef, Uncle Tom held a live show on one of his several YouTube channels, discussing the finer points of the Umar vs. Tariq battle. And for over four and a half hours, he smiled while people called and commented on these two pillars of the Black “conscious” community goin’ head-to-head.

And on a side note, I have to say that there’s a particular Blog I’ve frequented for the better part of the past two years, being curated by a brotha who’s got boatloads of knowledge on the Black Spiritual Sciences and ancient Black civilizations. Now, his latest post basically talks about brothas in the “Black conscious” community calling themselves “gods”, while (according to him) the white jewish businessman has proven himself to be something more powerful than a god—and that something is an almighty “merchant”.

And, according to this brotha, not only is the white jew a master merchant, but he also owns capital and the means of production that is able to consume the Black “god”. Thus, rendering Black conscious “deities” ineffectual at best, and neutered at worst. And this ain’t the first time this brotha has alluded to the fact that white jews maintain a dominate position over us, cause they’re using the spiritual sciences that we’ve more or less given up.

Now, let me say this: even if jews didn’t practice our spiritual sciences, they’d still be in positions of power over us, at least financially, and the reason why is…


According to a New York Times article, white jews were given a total of 90 “billion” dollars in reparations over the last decade—and that’s just from Germany. 

So here’s what I’d ask this brotha if I ever met him: how the hell can you compare Black people to white jews, when we’ve never seem dime one of reparations?

Now, to the Black men and women reading this—let me ask y’all a question: If Black people in america, or anywhere else, were to receive 90 billion dollars worth of reparations, don’t you think we’d be in a much better place financially?


So for the life of me, I don’t see how any sane Black person could compare us to them. But let me take that back—cause truthfully, I know exactly why this brotha’s comparing us to them. 

And it has to do with what Dr. Umar Johnson, Tariq Nasheed, and this bloggin’ brotha have in common—and that’s this: 

All three of these brothas are white fascist freemasons.

Now, if you’ve read this blog over the course of the last several months, you’re probably thinking, bruh—you say that about everybody. You might also be thinkin’, the better question is: are there any celebrities out there that aren’t freemasons? 


At least not at “national” or “international” celebrity levels.

Remember, the construct of celebrity was created as a means of population control to influence the masses—that’s it. And whatever’s created by these artists, is just the medium to carry out fascist messages. 

But let’s get back to talkin’ about “Hegel’s Dialectic”, or what we’ve come to know as the Hegelian Dialect (HD), as it pertains to the Umar, Tariq, and Tommy beef

Now, the old guard of Black freemasons that were in charge of keeping our people in line, namely, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, don’t have many years left to live. So their white handlers realized they’ll need replacements. And that’s the role Umar and Tariq are filling. So here’s how Umar, Tariq and Tommy fit in the infrastructure of HD’s insidious technology, using the “,problem,reaction,solution” model.

Step#1: Problem

white fascists push for an assortment of laws and initiatives designed to keep Black/indigenous americans, living under the tyrannies of their agenda(s). More specifically, Black americans are being indiscriminately killed by law enforcement, while every faction of america’s media and educational system is geared towards making us hate ourselves more than any other kind of person, cause we have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence. And to top this off, our access to every resource we need to collectively unite is continuously blocked and/or under-minded.

Step#2: Reaction 

Revolts in Black communities like the ones we saw in Los Angeles, CA.(1992) and Ferguson, MO. (2014), combined with a new “conscious” Black community, dedicate themselves to organizing against white fascist forces. Especially when it comes to exposing the abuses perpetrated on our people via law enforcement, the american educational system, and the media.

Step#3: Solution
white fascists approach Tariq and Umar with offers to make them rich freemasons—and they accept. These same white fascists insert them into the Black conscious community, and promote them as “leaders” of these groups (Sa Neter). Conversely, these same white fascists set (Uncle) Tommy up as the opposition to both Tariq and Umar. So essentially, they’re controlling the radical (Black conscious community) and conservative elements (“Uncle” Tom Sotomayor) of this oppressive equation. Moreover, like I’ve said in previous posts, white fascists know that the only way to truly win any game, is to control both teams. 
Thus, Umar is beefin’ wit’ Tariq, and Uncle Tom is beefin’ wit’ both of em’. 

Now, it’s painfully obvious that whitey’s got a vested interest in throwing every resource at his disposal to keep us from unifying with each other—cause that’s the only virtue that’s gonna’ help us defeat white fascism. Economic plans (i.e. money and credit) ain’t gonna’ work—cause they control the value of that. We can amass literally hundreds of billions of dollars collectively—and we already have by the way—but if fascists devalue whatever monetary resource(s) we have, we’re broke all over again. And we can’t educate our way out of this, cause whitey controls the value of that too. Meaning, if collectively half of Black americans got Phds, fascists would just create a higher level of collegiate degree that justifies keeping us out of certain positions.

*Note: If you’re a young Black man or woman reading this, I’m not saying you shouldn’t get educated or strive to make as much money as you can. Remember, contextually, I’m talking about how the Black Diaspora collectively can get out from underneath the tyrannies of white fascism. Moreover, I’m saying that if you’re in the process of getting an education, understand the game that’s being run on you and guard your subconscious mind. Cause that’s what educational institutions must target to reinforce reasons why you should hate yourself and everyone who looks like you. Now, unity is a long-term goal, but I also understand that Black people above the age of 30 ain’t thinkin’ about changing, or doing the subconscious work required to really change. So what’s needed right now, are Black Nationalist homeschooling collectives that’ll teach our children the three “r’s” without the self-hating messages we got. And those children, with a self-loving mind-set, will be the ones to get us to some kind of real unity. And this is something I’ll write about in a future post.

But even with all the resources whitey has at their disposal, they’re still destined to fail. And here’s 3 reasons why…

Reason#3: white birthrates have fallen below replacement levels for the last several decades—and they’ll continue to fall.

Now, if you’ve been reading this Blog for a hot minute, you’ve heard me say this ad nauseum (and please don’t take my word for whitey’s birthrates falling below replacement levels, go look this up yourself). But what might be different is my saying they’ll continue to fall. 

And why do I say that?

Simple. Cause at the nucleus of white fascism are initiatives to keep Black men and women away from each other. And this is the real reason why they’ve mainstreamed homosexuality and the “#METOO” movements. It’s so Black men, who’ve got the most genetic power to breed them and their kind out of existence, won’t create any offspring with that same level of genetic power. And the #METOO movement, is really there to make femininity look more powerful and attractive to Black men, so we’ll choose that and give up our masculinity.

Now, you might be saying, what a sec’ bruh—white men are gonna’ be affected by these initiatives too. Yep, they certainly are—but whitey’s so hell-bent on keeping Black men and women apart, they don’t realize, those same initiatives are what’s gonna’ keep white birthrates below replacement levels—permanently.

Case in point, for decades, I’ve heard about the klansmen inspired plan of poisoning the water supply of predominately Black neighborhoods, but for several decades I’ve never seen it happen. Now, you might be like, hold up bruh—what about the Flint, Michigan “water crisis”?

Okay, let’s look at that real quick. In April of 2014, Flint, MI. stopped using it’s original water supply co., “Lake Huron” water, to save money. Within a month, complaints started coming in about Flint’s water being “undrinkable”, due to massive amounts of lead “contamination”. And the town’s water supply didn’t return to the Lake Huron co. until October of 2015. 

Now, you might say, well then, that sounds like a successful campaign by white fascists to poison waters in a Black area—and yes it does seem that way. But the reason that town returned to it’s original water supplier at all, was because too many white folks in Flint were being affected by the tainted water. Mind you, the ethnic demographics of Flint are as follows: 57% black, 37% white, 4% Latino and 4% mixed race, according to the u.s. Census. 

So understand, in terms of white fascist initiatives in america, what they do to us, is eventually gonna’ happen to them. And that’s the same reason they’re not gonna’ get into any kind of ethnic war with us either—cause at the end of the day, they know they’ll be too many casualties on their side. Furthermore, they know we’d be fighting with a ferocity we got from their years of abuses towards us. They also know, if we employ our “spiritual” sciences to that battle—it’ll be a wrap. Don’t believe me? Then read up on the Haitian Revolution (1791-1804) sometimes. That revolt was preceded by a Voodoo/Vudun ceremony officiated by a Voodoo “priest” named “Dutty Boukman” (look up “Boukman’s Prayer” sometimes). The Black people of Haiti were out-manned and outgunned by Napoleon’s mightiest army—and Haitians still won. And quiet as it’s kept, the same thing happened with Black people here in the states– just look up the “Gullah Wars” (1739-1858) when you get a chance. 

But getting back to the “water crisis”, they now understand that whatever happens to Black people behind employing any kind of white fascist initiative, will find it’s way to them. And coincidentally, a similar “water emergency” happened in my town, but after several days, the emergency was called off—and I suspect it was for much the same reason.

And that’s why whitey’s fervor to mainstream homosexuality to Black men, is having the exact opposite effect it was intended for—meaning, as more and more white men practice homosexuality, less and less white children are being born. So essentially, whitey’s shooting themselves in the foot by promoting the gay lifestyle and “transgenderism”. Thus, Don Trump is shutting down almost every abortion clinic in america, and he’s nearly banned birth control pills.

Reason#2: whitey’s overdosing on drugs and committing suicide in droves.

The suicide rate in america has risen to a “30 year high”, according to america’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC also says that middle-age whites are the ones most affected by this epidemic. Conversely, research done by a “New York Times” journalist in an article titled: “u.s. Suicide rate surges to a 30-year high”, says suicide rates only declined for one ethnic demographic: Black men.*smiles* 

And when it comes to drug use, in 2015 alone, white americans accounted for 90% of this country’s heroin and opioid overdoses. And that says what? It says that Black americans are seeing the people with the most to live for (supposedly), dying by their own hand.

And why’s this happening?

Well, to be honest, whites always consumed (and sold) 90% of illegal drugs in america. But because of their hubris, avarice, and rapacious greed, white-run pharmecutical companies were hell-bent on creating drugs that were just as addictive (if not more so) than “street drugs”. And they succeeded. Thus, we see more and more of the “superior race” imbibing and indulging in these lethal concoctions, which are killing them off.

And in more layman’s terms, it’s karma people—pure and simple.
Reason#1: “free energy” 

And the number one reason white fascists will fail, especially regarding them and their Black freemasonic brethren—is free energy. Now, what exactly do I mean by that? I mean this: irregardless of how many traitorous negro leaders white fascists put into our communities, and how fake their messages are, the Black Nationalist energies most of them are forced to emit are very real. 

Meaning, if Umar and/or Tariq were to hold some kind of lecture in my town tomorrow, I’d definitely go—knowing they’re frauds. Now, you might say, bruh—that don’t make sense—why would you waste good time and money seeing these freemasonic fakes? 

Here’s why… 

Like I said in a previous post, the great thing about energy is, it’s neither good or bad, it just is. Thus, what I’d be doing is harnessing the Black Nationalist energies these two give out. Then, I’d take that energy, and do something positive for the Black Diaspora with it. Such as curating a video, a piece of graphic art, donating some time or money to a Black Nationalist homeschooling collective, or, I’d write a Blog post—like I’m doing now. 

So, I’ve said all that to say this: nothing will stop the ascension of indigenous Black people, and the precipitous fall of whites.


When we see whitey not only tanning excessively, but injecting silicon in their lips and butts to look like us, and/or doing everything they can to dress, dance, talk and sing like we do. And when we see every national chain store (i.e. Wallmart, Target, Old Navy, etc.) using Hip-Hop vernacular to sell their wares—and we see white folks actively cannibalizing their communities, we know they’re “goners”.

Now, like I’ve said previously, whitey’s not gonna’ go quietly–but it’s when we see them fighting hardest (like they are now) that we know they’re in their death throes. And like I’ve also said so many times in the past: the devil’s time is up!

And it’s about time.


Article written by MontUHURU Mimia

41 thoughts on “Umar Johnson vs Tariq Nasheed-Manufactured feud?

  1. There is another militant who claims to be an African Nationalist who wants to be a “saving grace for the USA” and also deliberately mispronouncing Boule’. I have dealt with these Black Boule/Free Mason demons personally and can tell you the Boule does exist and they are our enemies.

    Ive been saying from the beginning that Umar just didn’t past the smell test. I have heard Dr. Umar Johnson PLAGiARISE the works of Dr. Clarke. Dr Wilson. Tariq Nasheed works are all stolen from the works of Dr. John Henrike CLarke but he waters it down with that moorish/european focused shit.

    Tommy Agentmayor is such an agent its not even a question with that clown.

    These guys are controlled opposition. If you google Amos Magazine you see a weak attack on my blog that makes no sense and Goggle makes sure to keep that bs attached to me.

    I have also noticed the free mason hand signs and other stuff.

    Dr. Amos N Wilson said ” The White man plans to never give up social control over Black people. Dr. Bobby E. Wright said ” The White man is working on a way of giving you want and still controlling you”. The irony of this popping up was that Black American Homeland stuff..

    Also, notice when Floyd Mayweather goes overseas to places like Russia and Chechneya notice the possessive mentality of these people. How could Floyd go talk to the President of Chechneya who could give Floyd a place to invest and make billions.

    Also, many of these Black Preachers are saying cracker in their church and saying revolutionary things to get US young black men back in. I gave up on the church and christianity because it did not address racism, neo colonialism or the issues that concerned me.

    I heard this Black minister talking about Black Self Preservations but said he is not in compeititon with Whites and Asians. When their is a competition going on for survival and you got grown Black men who want to hide in the bible and not compete as if the creator will bless them for this which is utter non sense.

    Its so many Black people who want to mislead and hurt Black people. They say some good things but they do not are about you and hell I wonder if most Blacks care about themselves at this point.

    Anyone that teaches you not to compete is not your friend. They want you to be dominated. The bible has a part in it about the parables of the talents where god has given servants talents and gifts and those who dont use it are not his children. Thats how I look at us Blacks we have so many gifts which have been born with but we are not using them. We are denying it for a feel good religion. Youtube is so watered down its hard to find good videos.

    Umar, Tariq and Tommy are paid opposition they are not of the same ilk of Dr. Wright, Dr. Wilson or others. And they give lots of misinformation.

    • Man you said a lot! And you make some valid points. I covered the Boule years ago. These people are the enemy to black progress. They do not want to see black people get ahead. These white groups(Masons,Skulls & Bones) promise these black puppets fame and fortune. All they have to do is mislead the black community in the wrong direction. It started way back with W.E. Du Bois when he attacked Marcus Garvey. Du Bois worked for white folks and called Garvey an ugly gorilla. That’s why I suspect that Tariq and Umar could be doing the same thing. They both give black people information and say they’re conscious. So now their beef has black people in the conscious community taking sides. These “feuds” cause division among us. And I think that’s the objective. They don’t want real black power and black unity. Black unity is a threat to this racist(warfare) society. Even though Umar is very articulate and sounds educated we have to be smarter. We have to look past the conscious talk and look beneath the surface. I have seen the Hidden Colors films by Tariq. He had some decent information in them. But I knew 90% of the information in those films. I have over 300 books in my library so it wasn’t deep knowledge for me. But for people that don’t read books they were blown away by the Hidden Colors films. But Tariq also says he loves white women. This clown is a so-called conscious wannabe pimp. And Tommy is a self hating coon. And he hates black women with a passion. And I agree they aren’t in the same class as people like Clarke,Wilson or Wright. Thanks for that great comment.

      • There is division among Black people and it always will be. The problem with Umar and Tariq there objective is to undermine the image of the Black man as a Ruler/Leader. The main goal of Slavery and Colonialism was to eliminate The Ones. The Africans who could lead their people to power like the Meiji did for Japan, like Mao did for China or like Washington did for the European Atlantic. Did you ever see Dr. Clarke, Dr. Wilson or any other great behave like these pseudo scholars. Infact we have not produce another Dr. JHC or Dr. Wilson you have seen a rise of the anti-Black Integrationist who want Black culture, Black socities completely overrran by non-Blacks.

      • That is a very good point. Clarke said he only debates his equals. He would never stoop to this. And Tariq created a walrus puppet named after Umar. Could imagine Wilson creating a sock puppet to insult another man? Why can’t they agree to disagree? They’re both acting childish. And it makes black men look like we can’t settle our differences in a professional manner. If the beef is real,why not settle it behind closed doors? Why so much in the public eye? That’s a bad look! It looks bad all around. That’s why the way they’re behaving looked suspicious to me. You get the feeling it’s being done on purpose to make the Black people look bad as a whole. Grown men shouldn’t be acting this way. It’s really embarrassing in my opinion.

  2. I never really followed the mason narrative but this is a good article. Most everyone was having a feud. Ta-Nahesi Coates and Cornel West; Umar and Nasheed; and even trump and bannon. And all the feuds were at premise pretty similar: background character versus foreground character.

    • After September 11 happened I was in shock. How do buildings fall from a fire?? After some extensive research I found out some higher ups knew about this “attack” in advance. After that I never looked back. I began research on ancient secret societies from all over the world. I began studying signs,symbols and numerology. I began to connect the dots. There really is a “new world order” if you will. But it’s really just well organized Europeans. Like you said it’s all warfare. They have to have a way to keep black people in line. And they pay people Michael Eric Dyson,West,Al Sharpton,Jesse Jackson to be keep black people in check. Most of them are Boule negroes. Just like Black Lives Matter was funded by George Soros. They’ve been using these same tactics for years. The best way to stop a revolution is to control it yourself. These powers that be stay hidden in the shadows while their puppets do the dirty work. I’m not saying that I know 100% that Umar and Tariq are undercover agents. But I just wanted to provide some food for thought.

      • You provide ample food! I can skip a meal and just read your posts.

        My only problem with what’s known as “Conspiracy Theorists” is that they often portray “Conspiracies” as negative. white folk conspire as they are supposed to. In war the generals and so forth conspire together–they meet secretly not openly. We as Black people are supposed to conspire too.

      • That’s exactly my point. Everything doesn’t have to be out in the open. In warfare you must be strategic. That’s how we need to move. I always say we need our own Black Illuminati. We need to make moves to counter attack. It’s clear they’ll do whatever they need to do. We should be developing that same type of mentality. Thanks for the comments. Always appreciated.

    • The Bannon vs Trump feud was about Bannon getting too big for his britches. He actually thought he could control and put himself on an equal status with a man of Trumps stature that was his first mistake his 2nd mistake was stating that North Korea could kill 20 million people in South KOrea the first 10 minutes if the USA invades or bomb N Korea and that Trump could not really do anything with them because it would be a blood bath.

      Bannon upset White Billionaires within his circle and did not stay in his place thus they put him in his place.

  3. Though I have learned, at length, about these suspects, I will withhold opinion–for now. But I will state that:

    “A well-paid slave is a well-behaved slave. “

  4. WOW! This post was a mouthful! I have watched quite a few YT videos about this so-called, and all of them have been interesting in one way or another.

    Here are some others, and thank you for this post!

    P.S.: You may or may not agree with these videos, but they all do provide some perspective. Thanks.

  5. Tariq Nasheed & Omar Johnson are dangerous con-artist that are pimping the black community through black consciousness. I have always had questions about Omar Johnson as a psychologistis. I always wonder how many people he has work with actually benefited from him as there psychologist. I even side eye Omar Johnson more when he a relationship with a stripper. He’s out here talking about the wrongs in the community but sleeping with a stripper. Also I knew Tariq was a con-artist when I found out about those ignorant books about the art of macking and etc. These two men as well as many more liking are trying to find ways to make money off of black people.

  6. Tariq is a snake and a hypocrite. Although as a black woman, I did enjoy POBP. He drops some jewels but he doesnt care a lick about black women, and he encourages brothas to date out. And his following largely consists of bitch ass niggas (you can always tell a tree by its fruit). He’s got the elders fooled, they all respect him.

    I really dont understand why people hate Umar. The stripper scandal?? I mean….so just eff the great book he wrote on the school to prison pipeline. We needed that book really bad, have you read it KP??
    I get he can be arrogant, although my brief interactions with him didnt reflect that. He loves his people (unlike tariq and tommy).
    And yeah, the school money. I get that. But alot of the people complaining didnt even donate. That makes me question the motives of the outraged.

    Ewww, Tommys bday is one day after mine. Ewwww!!!! Just cant beleive he’s a sagg.

    • I feel what you’re saying KJ. They all have different personalities. People ten d to gravitate towards the personality similar to their own. Umar and Tariq have both given black people some good information. But we have to use discernment with many of these guys. Some of them have self interest over group interest. I did this post to make black people examine the people that are given the spotlight. Thanks for the comment.

  7. To be fair, Umar met the stripper at a book signing. Maybe he knew she was a stripper, maybe he didnt. It rings of cointelpro to me. Yall need to get off this messiah shit. So-called leaders will never be perfect, they will never be Jesus Christ.

  8. Umar has been spot on with his observations and the information that he has shared concerning the educational system and in particular the over-medication of our children. Therefore, it’s very difficult for me to disqualify him because of the much need information he has provided to the masses.

    I am saying basically the same about Tariq. He has repackaged some great information in the form of the hidden colors series. … BUT he has provided a lot of conflicting information when it comes to his game sessions. some good and some bad.

    Where I’m really at odds with them both is the fact that they are squabbling and arguing in public like idiots. From, I’m gonna beat you up… to you made me feel bad because you didn’t speak for me. Give me a break. If you are going to argue about something in public, argue about the way you think things should be done. Not about this petty childish crap.

    The Hegelian Dialectic, uh! This is a shameless plug, but I am a big fan and I want to put it out there that I put a video out on youtube using the Hegelian Dialectic to expose the bedwench agenda as the predetermined swirling solution. check out my video at

  9. Tariq Nasheed is a pathetic fraud . He worships white women as much as the negro that his mulatto wife calls father.
    Again the problem is white men but their daughters are the ultimate prize.
    Negroes and their original ideias.

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