Is racism really just a term for warfare?

In this excellent podcast by Onitaset, he examines the futile use of the term “Racism/White Supremacy” (RWS). He also gives illustrious analogies and metaphors as to why the common focus Black people have on “ending racism” is a dead-end road for Afrikan people, and Afrikans would be better off not only revitalizing our culture and nations to fit the threats we collectively face in the 21st century, but to actively seek power through the institutions and tools that are most useful at present.

I once read an exchange with a Neely Fuller-ite who was trying to seek sympathy for an east Eurasian woman who was allegedly being victimized by RWS. You can read the post here entitled, “The Counter-Racist Cul-De-Sac”. The commentator in opposition to this characterization mentioned that the Asian woman was indeed described correctly by the western Eurasian white woman as not being an “American” (read: white European). Furthermore, this east Eurasian woman had a west Eurasian boyfriend which is typical of these white-identified east Eurasian woman who are raised in the USA by parents who want them to be accepted by the dominate society as a member of the “model race” or an “honorary white”. The Fuller-ite couldn’t understand that the commentator was arguing that RWS only exists because it is a convenient excuse for Afrikans not organizing our own resources for achieving power, and that if the east Eurasian woman truly didn’t like RWS, she should re-patriate to an east Eurasian country which has plenty of nuclear weapons and a robust economy where she will be a first-class citizen. This obvious solution which was based in reality was rejected by the Fuller-ite because he needed to believe that “whites control everything and gave the nuclear weapons to the east Eurasians, therefore whites are still in control”, even if she decides to re-patriate. This is such a self-defeating position because it disables us, Afrikan people, from taking the initiative to secure our own survival. The west Eurasian woman went on to say that she was a supporter of Donald Trump and she voted for him so that “we can get you people out of our country”.

Sun Tzu...

A white woman like that would be regarded as a right-wing extremist or a white nationalist. Regardless of her label, I implore you to read the following article from a typical “white-leftist” whom you Afrikan people think is your friend and the last bulwark against the racist right. You can read the full article at this link.

To summarize the article, the writer basically stated that she lived in Senegal for a year as a Peace Corps volunteer, and interspersed among the references to the “brotherhood of man”, “personal fulfillment”, and “adopted family” tripe that these fake liberals routinely espouse, she states a viewpoint similar to that of a right-wing fanatic. Namely, that Afrikan and west Eurasian (American) cultures are too different to be compatible, and that the solution is to let Afrikans solve their own problems and to keep America white by not allowing Afrikan migration to the USA! This mind you after she was fully funded and welcomed by Afrikans to live for a year in their country. But, be that as it may, this statement of hers is counter-intuitive the negros who need to be part of the “Kumbaya Klan”. (pun intended) However, increasingly, with the ease of global travel, these white lefties are returning to North America and Europe disillusioned with their grand schemes of building a raceless society, and are deciding to protect the legacy of what their forbearers stole through rape, enslavement, theft, murder, and war.

Onitaset makes the brilliant insight that what is called RWS by Neely Fuller-ites is actually warfare. Therefore, any approach to solving this problem should be decidedly warlike. Now the definition of warfare is broad and takes many varied methods, from economic warfare, to psychological warfare, and most apparently conventional warfare, which is actually the least effective and most expensive in terms of energy, and manpower. It usually is the last stage of warfare once all other forms have been exhausted or proven ineffective.

I implore Afrikan nationalists, Garveyites, Pro-Blacks, Afrikan Spiritualists, Nationists, and members of the Conscious Community to consider dropping both terms “Racism” and “White Supremacy” and adopting new terms. Kamau Kambon describes it as “white world domination by terror”, others call it ethno-nationalism, I prefer the term white hegemony which I defined in my blog post “Why Mulattoes and other Hybrids are not Afrikan“. It is also in my book, ACBN: A Primer. Onitaset has written a couple of books which I also implore you to purchase, read, and consider their ideas as well. It is abundantly clear that many of the ideas of the last century have failed or been impotent in the face of the dangers we face. With these books and new concepts, it is time to reconsider the approach we are taking to gain power for Afrikan survival and sovereignty.

Article by Lumumba Afrika

15 thoughts on “Is racism really just a term for warfare?

      • So in the article the use of the word fuller-ite sounds pejorative. Any reason why that is/further reading as to why fuller is wrong about what he says? He sounds pretty reasonable to me, btw I’ve got your book as well Mr. Kumat. Just wanted some clarification is all.

      • I have Fuller’s books, I haven’t yet read them. A friend asked one of his reader’s that same question, and the reader wrote:

        Reading his book made me feel as if ‘racism/white supremacy’ is some boogie man. The way I used to talk about it based on his teachings is sad; basically, you need to fully understand what white supremacy is and what is does instead of just chalking up what whites do as abuse based on inaction. They aren’t invincible. They aren’t better than us. And they aren’t doing anything that sophisticated: we are just unorganized and dysfunctional. So many before Garvey knew that and by the time Garvey came around he was saying the solution is to leave here and become a powerful group and make everything they do a costly endeavor.

        No boogieman stuff. Just get power and you won’t have to worry about getting respect.

        [after further questions, he responded]
        . . . Stop talking to each other? Create or adhere to a codified set of words to say around the almighty supremacist that dominates us? Instead of breeding protectors we breed men who want to chalk it up to some supremacy based on genetics and date out like nasheed/griff/etc, or talk our way out instead of manhandling and destroyng this vandal. This guy at the [name of] conference said Blacks got a pink elephant problem and just need to invent a pink elephant gun. Ain’t no mystery at all.

        I read a self-described student of the code, emphasize how we must study the code, avoid our own people, and ask questions individually to achieve a sort of freedom ‘individually.’ Which is the opposite of “Organize” and “Apply Military Science.”

        Further, this student purported that ONLY whites can produce Justice in this world, so Black people must do what they can to get white people to produce Justice. This is just plain historically removed. white people HAVE Justice. What we see around us is white Justice. white people can only produce this system. They can’t produce anything else.

        The belief that Black people can not produce their own, but must rely on whites in order to; and must do it on an individual level. Those are what I would think are ridiculous. I don’t know why fuller-ite was used pejoratively. But if I had to guess, those sentiments are part of the problem.

        I hope that helps. Thanks for getting the books. I look forward to your review.

  1. Peace

    Thank you Kushite Prince! As I stated in the podcast, I only have one review for my book–and that review is from you. Because no matter what anyone says, you do the work. You even reviewed the ACBN Primer on their site. You’re always about the work and for that I am appreciative and inspired. No one can do everything, but I can see you are trying to.

    One request though, can you change the initial youtube link to the Pro-Black Perspective channel instead of the ABSiblings channel? Namely:

    The ABSiblings channel won’t have as much new content for a while.

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