The Media loves to promote these “types” of Black Men

Negative Types..

15 thoughts on “The Media loves to promote these “types” of Black Men

  1. Yes, Kushite & what is even worse the media gets rid of black programs that are needed & informative, this why we must control our own stories & narratives. We also need to hold the black media accountable, because they are just as complicit. I hear that Issa Rae is supposed to be putting out a show that has bi-sexual black male characters. I have nothing against her, but enough please. Sterling K. Brown says we need more bm-bw in strong loving relationships on TV. GOD BLESS

    • Yeah I heard about that show Issa is making. I used to like her. But she’s a big disappointment. It’s clear she wants to further her career. And to do that you must push the interracial and/or homosexual agenda. *sigh*

  2. Kushite black people need to remember that once he negotiated to get out of his contract with Warner Bros, Prince fought with record companies until the day he died.Why is that? Prince got rid of his Jewish lawyers & got one of the top black attorneys Londell McMillan to break that contract. Trust me that the record companies were not happy with Prince for doing that. We simply have to control what is ours. GOD BLESS

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