20 thoughts on “Organic vs GMO

      • I believe it was real. The picture is from her walking down the street and a paparazzi took the pic. She also wore braids for a music video. I don’t think the video ever came out. She’s nothing but a culture vulture. A sad imitation of the real thing.

      • Some people will do anything for fame and fortune. They desperately want to be “somebody”. They feel they’re worthless unless people recognize them on the street. Which is why so many of them sell their souls to get it. It’s really sad.

    • Yes she did!!! Her sister even did Bantu knots or mini buns as these crackers call them and captioned the photo, “melanin babe.” And the other llittle sister had cornrows on one side of her head and some stupid publication named her the inventor of the style. Like how?!??!??! They’re just a stupid and disrespectful family!!!!!

  1. I guess that I am just TOO discerning and discriminating. I never liked, nor do I support this wigger OR the psedo- “brotha” that she is married to. There is a lonnnng line of them, both male AND female. Spirit, we HAVE to save our people!

  2. You Americans should study history. Braids like those where used by Greek and Semite people several thousands years ago. Likely influenced by Egyptian culture, which was very influential at that time. Just like they also influenced sub-sahara tribes/kingdoms. With your reasoning, sub-saharan Africans are culture vultures aswell? Stealing the Egyptian culture?

    • What?? Are you serious?? You are a damn clown!!! Africans have been wearing braids,corn rows and Bantu knots for thousands of years. Africans had their own unique hairstyles with no European influence. Africans were isolated from Europeans for thousand of years. And the original Egyptians were African people. The Arabs in Kemet(Egypt) at the moment are not the original people of Africa. They along with Europeans are invaders and colonizers. You’re lucky I’m even allowing you to comment with that garbage!

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