WARNING: To Black Men


6 thoughts on “WARNING: To Black Men

  1. Well Kushite, The tide is slowly turning just a little bit. White women are now starting to get charged for falsely accusing bm of rape. 15 bm just got exonerated in Chicago for crimes they didn’t commit. We still have ways to go. We must implore African countries to withdraw from the UN. The CIA & FBI can admit to committing crimes in our communities, but Law Enforcement arrests no one.Blacks need to tell both parties where to go. It’s time to hold the UN,NAACP & The Urban League & The Congressional Black Caucus accountable. Just to let you Black Men are having Summit Meeting in Washington DC April 18-21. I won’t be able to make it, but I hope they have meetings every year. GOD BLESS

  2. Well, they’d better hop to it or our numbers will dwindle down to that of the Indians. And you’ve got to know that there are hardly enough Indians around since when have you heard a politician needing the ‘Indian’ vote to win?

    • Shelby:

      I think that WHY the Democraps are fighting for hard the for illegal aliens, immigrants and DACA, for example, is because the Democraps (and the Repulsicans, quiet as it’s kept) know that they are looking at “possible” future voters. That IS the motive and why so many “perks” are being given to these groups vs. the LEGAL citizens in this country. Since this year, 2018 began, I have been totalllly out there with how I perceive this. And Hispanics will serve the plantation well for “they have the numbers now” and we, as a core racial group do not. However, more and more of our black people are learning HOW to be on code. And that’s a good thing. Because we are at war and as Sun Tzu has stated, “never go into battle with a known enemy before you learn everything that you can about them.

      This is economic war, war period. And these sub-humans are not playing and neither are we. Either we are all going to be about the business or a casualty. Peace be to you!

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