Is being transphobic a bad thing?(More sexual confusion)


Are you transphobic?  You might be.  If you’re a heterosexual man and you’re not attracted to transgender women….then you are transphobic?  Sounds ridiculous right?  But that’s what these European social scientists are trying to teach the masses.  Last week there was a lot of talk on social media about washed up R&B singer Ginuwine. I saw washed up because he is currently on the UK reality show Celebrity Big Brother.  In the video(above) is shows an exchange between Ginuwine and transgender “woman” India Willoughby. India asked him whether he would date “her”.   Ginuwine said “Not if you told me you was trans”.  India then tried to kiss Ginuwine on the cheek and he pulled away.  And the militant transgender community went haywire!  They are saying he’s transphobic because he didn’t want to kiss a man.  This is a clear sign of insanity!  He has every right to reject India.  The funny thing is there’s all this talk about sexual harassment against women.  All these famous men are being accused of sexual advances against women.  But where are these women from the #Metoo movement?  Why aren’t they defending Ginuwine?  You can’t have it both ways.  Wrong is wrong.Trans2...


I want you to take a good look at this picture(above).  Look at all these damn symbols. Why are there so many gender and sexual orientation symbols? Third gender? Pangender?  Genderqueer?  What the hell is a demigirl?  They’re just making up terms now.  And the mindless sheep are just going along with it.  I’m going to make this plain.  There are only TWO genders.  I repeat TWO.  All this nonsense about third genders and ten different sexual orientations is absolute rubbish!  Nothing but gibberish from these demonic people in the media.  They use all these big words to confuse everyone. I call it articulate nonsense.  Nothing but uneducated fools.  This is not the way of African people.  This is anti-life and anti-nature.  It goes against the ways of our ancestors.  This is not good for the black community. This is European pseudoscience garbage!  And should be rejected anytime you see it.

Gender Unicorn..

This picture(above) is the Gender Unicorn.  This is a carton character that teaches children about the gender identity.  You’ll notice on the chart that it says “sex assigned at birth” Assigned??  You are born a boy or girl.  You are NOT assigned a gender!  And this is the sick agenda at hand.  They want to start confusing children at a very early age.  The next generation will see transgender people as just a normal lifestyle.  They’ve already normalized homosexuals and lesbian.  So transgenders are the next logical step. There is a concerted effort to make sexual perversion seen as normal.  We must protect black children from this onslaught on their young minds. In African culture we understand the importance of masculine and feminine energy.  We know that in Maat there has to be balance.  Men are seen as the provider,protector and comforter to his woman and children.  The women are valued as great mothers,teachers and being great spiritual figures.  But this wicked European culture wants to destroy all of that.  They want to create chaos and destroy the natural order of things.  And to do that they must create confusion so they people can not get in tune with nature and their natural selves.  They want to annihilate the divine masculine and feminine principles.  And we can’t allow that to happen.

I love this video(above).  It’s a video clip of R&B singer Bobby Brown putting some homosexual in check!  It looks like an old reality show from a few years ago. Say what you want about Brown but I give him major props for this.  He was about to beat give this man a serious beating.  And I can’t say I blame him.  These homosexuals think they’re so funny making advances at straight men.  But they wont be laughing after their teeth get punched in.  And the media wants all black men to be seen as soft and feminine.  This is a clear attack on black manhood.  And the #Metoo movement is supporting a double standard.   If it’s wrong for a man to make unwanted sexual advances to a woman…then it should be wrong for a transgender person or gay man to make unwanted sexual advances towards a straight man. What is so complicated about that?  The definition of transphobic is a “person with an irrational fear or hostility towards people who are transgender,or who otherwise transgress traditional gender norms”. Well I’m not afraid of them.  I just prefer to date real women.  I’m attracted to women that were born women. I love the way women walk,talk and smell.  I love the softness of their bodies.  Does that make me a bad person?  I have a right to like what I want.  Here’s the truth  about this agenda.  These sick social scientists want to disrupt nature.  They know that they’re only two genders.  But they want to change the definition of everything.  These transgender “women”  want to be seen as real women.  And they are offended if you don’t view them as such.  Well  that’s too bad.  They can’t change reality. If you’re born a man you can change your penis to a vagina and get breast implants…..but biologically you’re still a man.  And I don’t care what any so-called sexual psychologist,therapist or celebrity has to say about it.  If that makes me transphobic…..then so be it.

28 thoughts on “Is being transphobic a bad thing?(More sexual confusion)

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Prince. All of this nonsense is just there to confuse people and totally disrupt nature nothing else. It’s just a bunch of contradictory garbage and it is such a shame how people make lose their common sense and simply accept these new gender classifications that make no freaking sense at all!!!!!!! These people are really sick in the head and society should stop enabling and blindly following this rubbish.

    But this is was great post though, KP. Like the new changes you’ve made to the the blog.

    • It’s horrible AfroDaisy. This is a clear attack on young minds. I really fear for black children right now. We must teach them that this is abnormal behavior. We can’t let these evil people in Hollywood and the mainstream media destroy their minds. They are brainwashing the masses. That’s why I had to speak out about this. This is an attack on the masculine and feminine principles. I find it very disgusting what they are doing! I tried to be as honest as possible in this post.
      I’m glad you liked the changes. I was trying some different background images to see what worked best. I found some nice images to use. I like to change it up every once in awhile. I get tired of the same background after a few months.

  2. @ Kushite:

    Great post! I agree!

    Here is a video by Harvey about this very thing. No I do not agree with Harvey on everything, but I agree with him on this issue. We warned — this video contains a lot of profanity and is about an hour long.

    Enjoy! And Happy MLK Day! 😀

  3. Can’t say I like Bobby based on what I heard about Whitney, but it’s a good ass thing his target isn’t a beautiful Black woman but a low-life cracker.

    That demi-girl nonsense is wild tho! A “demi-girl?” WTF?!?

    It’s MAN and WOMAN. I’ll accept ‘intersex’ as a possibility only because I don’t know the science behind that, but that’s as far as I’d draw the line. Transgender is just men wanting to play dress up.

    • That’s what I’m saying. How do they come up with these terms? They’re just making them up. I’m not buying it. All this gender fluid nonsense is a disruption of the natural order. This is not Maat. This is not a representation of African culture. WE have to reject this abnormal behavior disguised as a another “lifestyle choice”. My main concern is the children. They must know this is sick,deranged and perverted.

  4. Interestingly I find Brown very attractive in the clip lol. All jokes aside, the issue I have is that the white man seems determined to paint Brown as the oppressor which is very problematic. That’s my issue with intersectional others, it’s like a battle to seem more oppressed than blacks—where their “choice” only matters because they are white.

  5. Great post, KP. Disagreeing with and refusing to accept this behavior as normal is seen as devilish. What happened to freedom of speech? I say as along as you’re not hurting anyone, don’t worry about how I feel about who’s kissing who or having sex with who/what. But when you’re shoving it down people’s throats, it makes me wonder why anyone is taking such measures to get everyone on this wave. If it were normal, it would take little to no convincing. But it’s just not. It’s dumb, confusing and unnecessary.

    And I really really really appreciate that term “articulate nonsense.” I’ll definitely be using it.

  6. These homosexuals are trying to force/make heterosexuals be confuse just like them with there homosexual lifestyle. But these homosexuals get made when heterosexuals tell them there lifestyle isn’t normal, two people of the same sex shouldn’t be dating, and etc.

  7. Transgendered people love forcing their illness down peoples throats so they can convince people that there depraved sickness is normal. Being transgender was and still is a mental illness, the corrupt government just came and said it’s not a mental illness anymore, and let same sex marriages happen. This is just a sickness and it should not be treated as normal.

  8. So what is the consensus brothers and sisters? We can all agree not to agree with the lifestyle, but let’s not become the next gestapo on a witch hunt for trangendered people. White supreme doesn’t care whether you’re a boy girl or whatever, so it is of no interest to me either. Agree with the post KP. But let’s not get too distracted.

  9. A lab experiment cannot and should not be classified as a woman. These transformers are mad at “god” or nature for making them a particular gender. The best way to show your protest in front of “god” or nature is to remove yur Dan self from tell gene pool and ask fr a do over. It is not to risk getting me going all “hulk smash”…on a mother sucker stepping to me out of pocket. I don’t fear these failed experiments and they disgust me. Bit what really irks me is kneegrows supporting their own demise by giving these failed experiments life and reason to see the next day.

    • Yes they really do seem mad at God. They’re pissed at the whole world! And you’re right,we got black people supporting them. They have fooled a lot of people into thinking this is normal. Lab experiments??? I like that one! Lol!!!

      • Believe me brother…working in the social service field for almost 2 decades has given me a birds eye view of this mess. And it ain’t pretty. I had cats wanting to fight me because I called him a he and not a she. Even though he as dressed as a man. Not that it mattered, because if he was dressed as a woman, I would have called him something else entirely. And he was damn lucky that he never stepped into my personal space. Cause no job is so sacred that i have to give up my manhood willingly. That’s one of the reasons they got rid of my rebellious ass. I refuse to give these jokers any recognition for being wing nuts

    • That’s true Sparks! The agenda is very real. People need to take off the blinders. This type of behavior is not normal. This is pure sexual confusion for the consumption of the masses. Thanks for the comment.

  10. The things are getting serious Kushite,they went more far that you think!
    The scientists and doctors are trying to give womb transplantation to transgender women so they can have kids like real women!
    I believe that WW have never been the real standard of beauty but it was WM,
    and BM who engage relationship with WW think they won lottery,they are unconsciously gay!
    I advice black folk to stay away as possible from Christianity,because the churches are joining in this madness as well!

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