KRST Unity Center- Kwanzaa Celebration 2017


Kwanzaa Display..

Just a week ago I went to a Kwanzaa celebration.  It was held at the KRST Unity Center of Afrakan Spiritual Science in Los Angeles.  It is ran by Reverend Dr Richard Byrd and his wife Reverend Erica Byrd.  The center is dedicated to the principles and practices of MAAT. The event itself was free for all to come.  It was nice to see so many black men,women and children having a great time. There was no drama and no fighting .  There were black vendors and musicians that performed.  There was a candle lighting ceremony that highlighted the principles of Kwanzaa. They explained libation and why our ancestors did it. There was a beautiful poem  by poet Tasha Auset.  A rap performance by a young man named Jeremiah Berryman. He was a real talented brother.  He was dropping positive lyrics with no profanity.   There was comedy by Daryl Mooney the son of comedian Paul Mooney. As well as a Kwanzaa play and African dancing. At the intermission the reggae group Fountain of Roots performed. Guest speaker Michael Imhotep from the African History Network had a lecture at the end of the ceremony. I really enjoyed myself.  You could feel the love in the place. It’s nice to be around black people that are comfortable in their own skin.  Everyone I met was really positive.  The vibe was very positive.  But I had such a great time  I thought I would share some of the pictures and videos of the event.

Tony B. Conscious..

This brother(above) is Tony B. Conscious. He’s a very talented rapper and spits positive lyrics.  I was joking around with him the whole night.  He is really cool and a down to earth brother.


This is Tony’s apparel he was selling at the event.  He not only raps but makes t-shirts,beanies,hats,jewelry and is a painter.  He’s a very talented artist.  This brother does it all!  I bought a beanie and t-shirt from him.


This beautiful sista is Yendi Serwaa. She is a very talented woman in her own right. She makes all these unique crafts and is also a painter.


These are some of the products(above) she was selling.  Yendi is also on the Board of Directors at the KRST Unity Center.

Herb and Rev Richard Byrd..

This picture(above) is of Reverend Richard Byrd and Herb Alkhemyst.  Byrd is also known as Meri Ka Ra.  It was a pleasure to meet the elder.  He was a very nice man.  The lovely Alkhemyst is a singer/songwriter and herbalist.


Koshana Kweli and Kateria Knows also attended the event. Kweli is a spiritual consultant and child care provider. Kateria is an amazing astrologer and creator of the Real Family Reunion. Kateria spoke at the event about the power of purpose.  It was a great speech. They were really cool and down to earth sistas. It was a pleasure to meet them.


This picture(above) is with Herb Alkhemyst and her sister Kateria Knows.  They’re pictured with Michael Imhotep. He has a blogtalk radio program called African History Network. Imhotep gave a very powerful lecture at the event.  I got a chance to chat with Imhotep for about thirty minutes after the event.  I even bought a few of his dvd’s.




Fountain of Roots..


This was their first annual Kwanzaa event.  They say they will do more in the future. I’ll definitely try to attend the event again.  It was just a really nice way to end the year.  Black people talking about black unity,black economics,African culture,black history,black relationships,black unity and black love.  And those are the things we all need to carry on into 2018. ❤

23 thoughts on “KRST Unity Center- Kwanzaa Celebration 2017

  1. Beautiful ❤ I bought a CD from brother Tony B. Conscious at the Venice Beach boardwalk where he sometimes vends while doing his art. Thanks for sharing about your uplifting time with fam, bro KP… lovely way to transition into the New Year 🙂

    • It was Kelley! You would’ve loved it. I know you like to They had dancers,music and poetry at the event. They had great vendors and good food. I really liked the candle lighting ceremony. It was just nice to see brothers and sistas having a great time together. It was a beautiful gathering!

    • It was lovely CC! They had great food and music. It was just a real positive vibe all night. You would’ve had a great time. We need more events like this. We need more events that celebrate black love,unity and black economics. Not just talking about it…but actually doing it. It was also nice for all the black children there to see positive images of black people. There is so much negative stereotypes about black people in the media. Children are very impressionable. They need to see black love and black beauty celebrated. We should have events like this monthly all across the country. I commend places like KRST Unity Center for holding events like this.

  2. Dope! We need a network or site that post those type of events that are happening all across the country. i want to change the people I am around and don’t know where to find the people who are like minded.

    • Thanks a lot man. It was a great event! All the brothers and sistas were real positive. Great food,music,dancing,lectures etc… I really felt at home. You should check in your area for events like this. Look it up on Google or some of your social media accounts. Look up things like African festivals,Kwanzaa events,Pan African events…stuff like that. You just have to know where to look. But it’s nice to be around people who have the same mindset.

      • I can google it but we should have our own center point to search. Like if I go on just an example it has a list of all the events happening across the states and where they are at. It can be like an open ended forum where people post whats going on. I know people do that on Facebook but FUCK facebook. They are the same demons we are trying to eradicate. By using it we give them energy. I’m not saying that I have broken away because I haven’t. I know that that is where the majority of people still are so i use it to promote.
        But back to the message. It is always an uplifting feeling to be around people who think, feel and act the way you do. Hopefully I can run into some events near me.

  3. I wish i couldve been there. its not hard to find afrikan centered events in places like LA or NYC.
    I wouldve soaked up the positivity and self respect like a sea sponge.
    I bet Kateria does phone consultations, will look her up. Will also look up tonys music for sure.
    Great coverage you did KP.

    • I had a great time brother. I think you would’ve enjoyed yourself. The food and festivities was a blast. Nothing but positive energy all around. Yeah Kateria is a cool sista. A very intelligent and down to earth woman. A Tony is really cool. He has some videos on YouTube.

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