Happy Holidays to everyone!(Taking a Winter break)

X Mas Time...

X Mas..

Holiday season...jpg

Christmas Present...

40 thoughts on “Happy Holidays to everyone!(Taking a Winter break)

      • Thank you, Prince and today I am back in the saddle! However, since I do not celebrate Christmas and celebrate Kwanzaa, I HAVE noticed that in the past where I used to spend $$$$, I now spend the bare minimum. And, as a writer of sorts plus the artwork, I have been sending many “homemade” gifts including shea butter and candles. My family loves it! Anyway, hope to continue sharing this year as well as changing…one mind at a time.

  1. Take a rest and come back refreshed KP! I appreciate all of your hard work immensely! Don’t worry about the haters, keep doing what you do in putting that knowledge out there that our people need to hear! You have enlightened me on many things about the enemy. Thanks for all you do! Peace to you!

  2. Interesting collection!! LOL, I never once allowed my kids to believe in Santa. For me celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas are all about family. Yes, I can celebrate family year around, but both sides of my family do not have reunions, idk why but to me these times are out reunions outside of coming out for someone funeral services.

    Thanks for sharing KP!

  3. I’ll just be taking this period to rest and recharge for next year, nobody will be collecting any money off my back and it’s been that way for many years. Happy holidays to you Kushite Prince, have a pleasant and peaceful holiday.

    • Thanks a lot. It’s been a rough year for a lot of people I know. Especially in hard economic times. I’m just going to be relaxing a bit for the next few weeks. I got some changes I’m making in 2018. But for right now I’m just having fun with family and friends. Hopefully 2018 will be prosperous for black people. Lord knows we could use it. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Lol, those pics are on point!!!!!!!!! I hate Christmas and receiving those “merry Christmas” messages even worse. Enjoy your back though, Prince. Come back stronger and harder in 2018!!

  5. Kushite, let me tell you about couple of things as 2017 ends. Blacks are spending money for the holidays, but just to let you know blacks in St.Louis, Memphis & Houston told mall operators & Wal-Mart that their money will be spent on black owned businesses this Christmas. Expect that trend to continue from now on. I say to you that in 10 years all these communities will be begging for our money, because it will be our money that keeps them afloat. Be good get rest for 2018 GOD BLESS

  6. Also, @ the Prince:



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